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  • I have a feeling he was the one that stole her heart.... xD But, wait have you read the latest chappy? 8D
    Still finding it, it was somewhere in MF forums, lol. Almost got it, BUT I've recently read this manga: Obaka-chan, Koigatariki. And I absolutely love it, lol. And I'm pretty sure you'll like it too... There were quite a few funny parts, at least to me. =3

    I'm doing great today! :D A bit hyper at the moment... :3 You?
    LOL, well if you've read Barajou no Kiss, I suppose you've also read Stray Love Hearts? Um, and I have more, I have to find my list though, because I'm horrid with names. xD;

    Aye, that's true <-- Always wanted to say that... LOL :3
    Ok, well I have to find my list... But off the top of my head: Charming Junkie, Skip Beat, Barajou no Kiss, Reimei no Arcana, Love so Life, Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :3
    LOL, maybe I should then. :P xD
    LOL, xD
    I never watch much anime anyways. :P But manga... I could give u a bunch of recommendations for~ :333 Sadly I haven't been able to read much lately, but still. Oh and 99% of what I read is shoujo, so do u want shoujo recommendations? :D
    LOL, I should. :P Though my dad would attack them before they reach me. :P
    How did you finish them all in such a short time? You need at least 3 days to finish an RPG game, or even weeks if you don't use the walkthrough xD
    Oh, aw, but I'm sure u still passed! :3
    Then go read manga/watch anime! >D
    If only if only, but I don't really work at a shop, more of a charity thing and most of the customers are like 27+ :(
    LOL. c:
    That's too bad, sis ^^;
    wkwkwkwk, nonton aja online. Rada suram si kualitasnya >__>
    Km maen game apa dulu? o.0
    LOL, I almost got confused for a sec. xD
    LOL and yay! *glomps*

    To be honest, I don't remember... We were talking about how some ppl don't reply back and something....
    So let's start over... xD

    So how are you? I'm selling coffee at the moment, and it's extremely boring... :3
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