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  • Hahahah! Right, my sig really catches attention.
    Denuo Prince
    Denuo Prince
    You can call me Prince, Prince and hold on while i remember my other name. O yea its Prince. :)
    This may be a game to you but I've got better things to do than baby sit you. You're half an inch away now. Keep it up and you'll be past the line.
    >.< my prince, sometimes i think u are quite emo.
    :| but yeah, ill try to enjoy it XD
    Look at some of your earlier statements; 'No matter what I do, people like Crom or Noex will be higher than me'?! Truly, it didn't sound like you normally. I figured your 'festival' was a way to somehow make-up for this, and I knew you'd come around eventually and note that it didn't matter.
    There we fucking go. This is the Chad I know and recognize. I was waiting to see if you would realize this.
    It could be along the lines of:

    1) The intention is skewered, and thus reconsidering the project overall is logical.

    2) Level of commitment from members is too low to construct this thoroughly.

    3) The G2 Member's demeanor's and their likeliness to adhere to this 'festival'. This could include many of reason, though I'm not sure what specifically. Possibly their 'insolence' or another notorious factor.

    4) Judging from the turn-around this quickly, it could be due to the mod's 'time-frame' for doing this.

    I could probably guess a few more, though I think these will suffice.
    The most obvious question here would be 'why'? Though after knowing you for this long, I can make an educated guess.
    Glad to hear it. I know little of the incident between you and Crom but if that particular issue or another troubles you, you can always contact me. I may not be the most "friendly" person but I never turn away someone in need.
    If you want to introduce this festival for fun, fine. But don't do in hopes of trying to get people to like you or respect you. You need to like, love, and respect yourself, then it doesn't matter how other people see you. Let them do what they do. You need to be you. Be you. Be real.
    If your objective is to, excuse me for chuckling, create this new attraction in hopes of impressing the masses and getting them to respect you, please, spare yourself. You only need to be satisfied with "you." One thing I learned, and what I keep learning each day is that no matter how much you cry for people, pray for people, bleed for people, people who don't give a f#ck about you just won't. More often than not, the people who hated you yesterday will hate you today, and tomorrow, for no reason other than the fact that they can. Look at the situation between me and that bitch Xiga. No matter how hard I tried to be friends with her, reconcile with her, I'm still made out to be the bad guy and the people who have their heads up her ass buy it hook, line, and sinker.
    I see. Of course the issue in that logic is the assumption that you're doing people a favor which, in and of itself is an assumption that everyone will want to partake. No offense, I just found something logically unhinged and felt need to comment.
    A detailed description of what you plan to do would be helpful for the members. I see you've created a thread so I'll check it out.
    Festival idea? Was any of this disclosed with me in the past? I am aware of the idea you had to assist "n00bz" in the HSL but this project is foreign to me.
    Simon Cowell, I believe, is simply one of the most entertaining talent searchers in the world. I haven't seen American Idol since the Fantasia season, though, so I cannot judge completely. Though I've heard the new judges fail utterly. I've never fathomed something such as a trick season. That's fairly controversial; do you recall which season it was specifically?

    Yea; not on G2, but on MangaFox. I'm not in it for the Multi Persona's; I couldn't care less about that. I want to discern for myself, to see if I can re-build my reputation, or re-build my status outside of the Naruto Forums; just to reliably evaluate my prowess and see what with I evidently need to improve on. Whilst I could do this easily with ZUKQ, I think a fresh start would be more effective, as I'd have absolutely nothing to lose. I'm going to be, more often than not, 95% in the Coffeehouse. However not immediately, simply because I don't have the time. Did you ever change your IP at all? Or do you happen to be just that good with maksing your identity?
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