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  • Woo! You will have to be both my hands because sadly I lost mine in a fight with a crocodile... Though I still won. See these handsome crocodile skin boots I have?
    Right, something evil... Let's take all the food from the orphanage and use it for the lavish party we are hosting. And then make them go solo skydiving so we can take pictures of their terrified faces! Mwaaaahahahahaha!
    scary...? Well, you are in luck. The owner is me! Congrats, you're hired! Now let's start scheming about what sorts of horrible things we will do.
    At the evil orphanage owner association, of course! Their office is just over there in that sleek, expensive building, constructed with money stolen from orphans. A successful applicant will demonstrate just how awful they can be to the orphans.. :)
    Nah, it's okay. In fact, I am not trying to help the orphans at all, rather I am the cruel orphanage owner who only wants to deprive the little brats of cake... Care to assist me? >:3
    Hey! That cake was meant to be for the poor orphans who have no cake! But still *hugs* :3
    Hi Rinaaaa~! Sorry I don't think I can do Skype for a while longer but when I get back home :3
    XD woot for the time.

    I can't wait to get my laptop next week. <.< Then we can do all the updates on the world.Cos i ll have free hands to be online any time i want. :P
    kk. I ll be here :P I hope.
    <.< I am waiting for my parents to come home so they ll gimme a ride to the hospital.
    And lol. I did?
    Don't worry. All is well.
    I didn't tell Emmie. Cos i forgot. o.o If she asks tell her i didn't vanish O.O
    Rina. I am back. Tell me when you are ready to that thingy, ;)


    Today afternoon i need to leave to the hospital for two days observation period.
    I am back in monday. :P No worry nothing serious. ;)
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