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  • Nooooo mai kpops!!!

    The one I had tonight was white though... but the all you can eat place had pink ones. I guess it depends on the restaurant?

    Did it taste a bit like melon soda or calpico? Lol. It says plum wine on the label o__O

    Not even sure on the heater part... how does a college not have AC though? That is... shocking...
    A massive bar or like the ones you buy individually from the store? "Bag of snakes" hahaha. It shouldn't be too bad if you share? Lol

    I'd say a lot are from there, yes lol.
    I mean the case your computer parts are in lol. You never know... I guess some people like them better than LCD monitors

    Really? I thought most of her songs from Monster were pretty good. And there's like 20 haha. Guess you're used to Korean mini-albums?
    Yeah, and it'd be easier to walk around after you take it off too >__>

    I have to charge up my power Dragonball style before I attempt to unfold it. ka boom

    You never know... well it is gridlock for a reason lol.

    Thanks granny. I still have it... I'll bring it with me if I go to NZ. Then I'll split half with you lmao

    Nah my feet are bigger but these barely fit.
    Oh yeah? Nice to know you stalk both the picture thread and my FB. xP

    And yes it is! Are you opposed to it?
    Haha, no worries. I haven't been terribly open about it either. Surprisingly, Aidan noticed me first, though I wonder if he wasn't tipped off by Emmie. ~

    Don't die in a corner! You're shame-bound to chat with me now. =P
    So... It seems that ihoneyjoo isn't providing DL links anymore... It's only linking it to places you can buy songs. Do you has anymore sites? D;

    Pickled ginger is the one that comes with sushi right? ... my parents love that stuff lol. Old people

    I find the taste of alcohol to be unappealing... except rum. And wine? That sounds like a wrestling move! Lol. What did it taste like? and the wine was very sweet.

    Well... that sucks <_< Is there at least AC? Or heater?
    What kind of candies and how much of it have you been eating?

    Uh.... yeah... a lot are illegal too.
    So like the tower right? So I guess you don't have one anymore? XD

    Oh well? ... yup

    You gonna sing more Lady Gaga? Ahahaha
    Mostly towards other people... spikes are dangerous!?

    And then I'll end up failing!

    I think their power source is called legs! I don't think riding a bike in a high traffic city is a good idea though. Drivers kinda wanna hit bikers... Not me of course cough cough.

    Like maybe if I eat some really spicy chicken wings I will forget about the taste!

    Apparently they were my dad's. But not anymore! hehe. I'll probably get some cheap sporty insoles from Target...
    Such a cryptic response...

    You like pickles?

    Yeah, and it's just a popularity contest

    Lol, do you drink much? I've taken a liking to this certain wine...

    Our school is like 50 years old and they barely renovated it a few years ago. What parts of your university are old?
    It's like a very sweet lollipop with chocolate in the middle! Of course... lol

    The melting pot of races? And I dunno, it's just what it seems like...
    The case...? CRT... like the white monitors with a big behind lol

    Yeah, I think I remember that part lol... who won?

    So if you get a scrunchy face I'll know you're trying to trick me!
    They look very dangerous o:

    I'll probably be like "What is this black magic!?!?!" when I try to open it..

    I hear they are very fuel efficient lolol.

    You never know!!! I'll eat it with a bunch of other stuff to mask it

    Yeah, pretty much exactly my size. Insoles... hadn't thought of that lol. But I like feeling taller! Noooo
    Were you referring to origami? Lol.

    Yeah, I don't like pickles in general. Maybe... I blame the pickle. I would pick it out when my friend would give me some sushi.

    Yup, note who's hosting it. I bet Michelle pretty much copied the threads from aE

    Do you get one?

    Wow... and I thought our school was ghetto lol! We got AC after our first year
    Yeah, a bit. But it's chocolate flavored. And more like the chewy kind.
    America is the place where all the races meet after all...
    You mean the frame around it? You use a CRT monitor? ... don't fry any more graphics cards D;

    No, I didn't pay attention lol. Nice to see Scott was technically a "bad" guy again though. I think. I might have misread.
    But until I meet them, YOU are the most obsessed "interested" one XD

    Your face is gonna end up like ó__ò from holding it in
    Yah, I see people wearing spikes for every day activities lol

    What do you mean by open? Is there a risk that I might destroy them accidentally???

    "Flash" lol... well maybe because poor people own them? And then the bike is important to them... Uh... give me a few mins to get the hang of it. I haven't ridden one in like 7 years now. But yeah I should

    Sigh... fine.
    Yes, but it might give you bad bowel movements o__O "Best before 20 AUG 11" I guess I could have a very interesting snack on my birthday then...

    I found a pair of Converse in my house. I took them and started wearing them lol. There's barely any cushioning on the soles though... I can feel the pavement
    So how long do you have until the holidays?? :/
    Went to the beach and stayed at a camping ground, at some place in the UK called Swanage =D
    Blizzard :troll: I guess bird? How about a flower instead? O:

    Yes... and with most of the baby boomers about to retire, there's gonna be a lot more depending on Social Security. We're screwed!
    Seriously? I don't like the pickle ... and for some reason it tastes a bit weird to me. I would totally eat Japanese sushi any day though ... and sashimi is always good!

    It's in the Tournaments section. Last I checked I was barely winning, only because you can't vote for staff XD

    It's like this week or two in March/April where college kids get off and they go party like nuts or something. But yeah I don't get one lmao

    No AC in your classrooms? I'm so glad that the math/science sections of our school are super new and always have AC blasting in the summer
    But they have this http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a7/Tootsie_roll_small.jpg in the middle! No, it's not shit...
    So basically everything except for like Canadians? And Southern Americans and Native Americans. Lol
    I bet your monitor looks like a flower with all those post its o___ô What would you play? Fiesta? haha

    But ... I read the day posts... D: Lol. To each their own. I thought it was weird the mafiosos didn't know each other... didn't know the villagers were in the minority.
    Who would be more intensely interested than you???

    I think I would notice if you couldn't stop laughing every time I said it or something... -__-
    I would hope you don't wear them to school... I find it weird when I'm at the market and there's some chick in like 5 inch heels. Just like... wtf...


    How is getting a bike stolen funny! D; I've never had one though. Only ever had a tricycle.

    Where's the pic! At least you didn't remember after you had finished the whole thing lol
    It doesn't expire?! ... magic. Uh... it might be 6 months old? I forgot when you sent it <_< >_>
    Man, we're not gonna see the returns on tax until like 50 years later ... maybe 40 if we're retired? XD
    Oh! I thought you meant like sashimi. Lol. My Korean friend has brought Korean sushi to school before... it really is different. They have like... ground meat, yellow pickle, and carrot I think...

    I got revenge for you! I magically found a gun right after you died hahaha
    I post if I see like, Scott post something about me... like about the Skype AG. And checking if I'm still winning greatest lurker >__>

    Unless I'm counting wrong, December + January + February makes 3 months XD My winter break is like a month though. Since we have no spring break later.

    I think I judge humidity just by how "icky" it feels? Lol. Hate humidity...
    http://emmamaree.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/0_foodandedibles_suckers_-_candy_-_pops_tootsie_-_pop_lg.jpg So damn good!
    What other ethnicities are there?
    Sigh... do you keep a list of what you wanna download or something? XD I think online gaming would use internet faster than downloading MVs ..

    Welll I mostly ignore the discussion soooo ... unlucky you! Reading through spam haha
    I know that photobooks are books with photos! Dammit... -__- Very "intense interest" as you would say. Lol

    I remember one of my friends asked how to say something in Korean to the dude who brings the Korean sushi (I forget what though), and the sushi dude taught him to say "I star in a porno" ... the other guy didn't know though
    High heels? Feet killer... I wear my tennis shoes all day/every day

    make meh some!

    Because they don't wanna sit in the traffic? XD And it's easier to maneuver in the back alleys and shortcuts I guess

    Korean rice? o_O Is it the stone pot kind? Lol
    Plus it's like 8 months old now lol... I think I'll give it to Scott if he come here! huhuhuhu
    Hmm if you count our tax plus tip, it's like 25%. But that's only when you eat at a restaurant lol. SO I suppose every thing else is less taxed in comparison. Like fast food joints! $1.59 hot dog + soda yay...
    What's Korean sushi like? I've never had it

    I think you were killed by luluyuyu...
    -__- I just lurk the AG section on MF. Easy lol

    Summer break for me is like 2 months long ... if I don't have classes lol.

    Wow, 28C is pretty low o__O Sounds nice, as long as the humidity isn't like 100% ...
    Excessive cake is bad for you anyway... and I've become addicted to tootsie pops lately lol

    Natural born or immigrants? There's lots of Asians here too...
    Downloading vids?

    Lol. They don't really use them much in the AG section do they? It's funny to use them with sarcasm..
    Wtf ... that's so much stuff ... photo books?

    Uh... you can teach me both! cough cough
    It doesn't look very practical to wear around though... It seems hard to get on/off and stuff. Might be uncomfortable to wear too?

    Like what kind of stuff do you make?

    Lots of cars too.

    It's like "dammit!" and then you feel unsatisfied.
    I bet it would taste delicious in that case..
    You mean that you don't see the tax portion on your bill? Or that the tax is already worked into the price on the menu...? Lol, the tax rates even differ from city to city where I live. It's like 9% here where I live and 8.75% or something one city over.
    What do you mean by "scout" ...?

    You died on the first day >_> So sad...
    Same... I don't log in anymore. Just when I really have to post. And I noticed you don't post anymore..

    Well, it's a break, and it's during winter ... XD
    Yeah, the Asian countries are all really humid.. What's the average highs? It's fine to say in C
    Just when you run out of cake, more cake comes along o__o

    Maybe because you don't have that many immigrants?
    That's a lot of MVs and stuff ... cough cough

    Uh... some are different. Like ;hello; is different from ;^.^; I think the first one is okay.
    How much Super Junior stuff do you have? It sounds like a lot ...

    Better than none I guess? XD teach me sometime lol
    "Fashion" in those shows and fashion on the streets seems to differ very greatly ... basically whatever is weirdest looks the best in those shows? o_O

    You do origami?

    I hear that they have passed us in terms of pollution. Lol.

    I hate it when there's a lot of bread and not much of the paste/spread or whatever the filling is lol.
    It's okay. The other ones made up for it! And I have a snack in case if I'm super hungry and there is absolutely no food for miles haha
    Yeah, totally worth it! And you don't need to tip there? Is it worked into your bill or something? I don't think I can eat sushi again for a month <__<

    It was ... not quite as fun as playing. But still fun knowing everything.
    Yeah, I needed an animated one XD Too lazy to make one and didn't want to recycle a Bom or CL one.. And do you even go on MF anymore?

    The only breaks we have are winter and summer. Nothing in between, except maybe like major holidays lol.

    Isn't it really humid in NZ? But still, it's more than like just sweat smell. It's like they just ... stink. XD
    Did you run out of the cake with peaches? haha
    What?? How!? ... whaaaaa??
    What's your current monthly allowance? And $1 a GB sounds... reasonable? Depends on the speed I guess.

    You mean the red foxes like the ones on MF? Or the ones they have here?
    ... I guess your desk has been consumed by "stuff" o__O

    Do you know how to cuss in Korean?!
    Why was he wearing a long wig? And why does it look like the black side of that outfit looks like it has a bunch of holes in it? UI'm sure it'd be cool to wear at a fashion show but it would get you lots of stares on the streets ... lol.

    Yeah, I guess so. I don't know about the wife lol. Oh yeah... "wrinkles." You got what I meant though..

    Lucky. The air here is fantastic...

    Hmm, I thought they might look like this http://www.tastyislandhawaii.com/images/bunmeido_mikasayama_cut.jpg
    Me too! I still have the black licorice one... I don't think anyone wants it. Lol.
    You're already back at uni? I see... Well I'm on holidays right now, in fact, have been for quite a while... So mostly doing nothing I guess
    Other than that, just got back from a family trip recently, t'was nice ^^
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