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    And that's now 8 posts! I'll be in the download area from now on if you need me for anything.... Sorry I'm so much of a leech...but i can help with roleplay or if you decide to make fan clubs...
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    Full Metal Alchemist RP

    Sloth at your service, though i don't know what i look like, so I'll choose the green haired look for now...
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    Post Your Pic!

    you want the pic, you're going to have to know me better than that... or pass my thousand questions quiz...all anime questions.
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    *bows down to Nori* Nice to meet you, Nori-sama. You are the first member and creator of this forum, am i correct?
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    Who would win? Ichigo or Naruto?

    Ichigo would win.....Naruto may have the nine tailed fox, but Ichigo has his hollow side. I'm not sure which would win if both were released though.... Nine-tailed fox or Ichigo's Hollow?
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    How to play internet games through a firewall?

    Depends on the games. I can help with creating proxies...
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    If i am allowed to join, I will be Haku from Naruto.
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    My name's Kane........i think.... Nice to meet you people.......maybe.... My gender is........well you'll find out later..... any other questions? If you already know me then tell me here....
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    Anyone know how much it costs to play it and where to download it?
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    One word Story GAME

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    Dubs vs. Subs

    Subs are usually better, since the english voices tend to not be that good. I prefer subs, because of that reason.