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  • ;) I ll be expecting it. And i promise i ll be active. :P

    And np. ;) You are playing her perfectly. Even i don't think i could play her better. ;) Carry on. ;) <3
    I really like how you are playing the chara i made in the game. I hope you do like it. And i am here to say sorry cos of the AG. I couldn't help it in any case.
    I am dead right? With all means should I be dead. I am terrebly sorry for dissappearing. So much happened D; I thought I would only be gone for one day. Sorry for being trouble for your AG.
    I was checking your cleverbot combat and I saw this:

    User: Stack overflow error.
    Instant win.
    Asdfjkl, I was about to post in the discussion thread and then your post appeared xD

    Sorry for the other half of being active. I went out suddenly and didn't get a chance to do anything before D=
    That makes two of us then. But yeah, i remember the days when Cartoon Network used to show DBZ and TMNT
    Hello~ I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for showing interest in my roleplay^^! And Also to inform, incase you missed it;

    The roleplay will start next week some time^^ This means that youll have around a week to make your character, no stress^^
    Theres a character limit of one per person, since its acharacter swap, between players with varried playing skills.

    I hope youll have fun when this really does take off~~ Yay~! //Xiga
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