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  • lol glad u liked the game then kristi
    you can try them out by all means, you will find them a lot different then persona i can assure that
    >...................................................... Well, that's the same anywhere. Look at how dead my thread was for a while
    Nah, it's because i have something due tonight, so my activity is limited. Don't worry, it'll pick back up when i'm less busy and Pimp returns.
    i started about a month ago... but... now i have no dependable internet it seems...

    whats ur username tho?
    :| i only just started mmos with LoL , do you play?

    ofc... not counting runescape which i played, then quit... long ago
    Well i need some sleep, so i'll stop bothering you.
    Nice to meet you, was a pleasure :smile: hope to see you post more often around :peace:
    See ya~~
    LOL yeah i understand your style now ^^ my stamina is for bossting my attack so i need those potions too...
    totally agree with you, but the fact is that with the gunlance you are quite limited when you want to move or avoid attacks ( ofc that's why you got the shield ) but well if i remember well each guard takes some stamina... and i prefer to move freely and use less stamina to avoid and then counter attack when i can. But well it's also cause i'm playing longsword...
    Yeah, I don't want to be hasty though and set the stakes just yet, but sure, lets make a wager. I say it will last longer than a week, and if it lasts past day 3, I'll tell you the stakes
    Hmmmmmm, I don't want a fan club though. Although hearing that you'll be in it will be flattering. How about we make the stakes after it passes day 3?
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