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  • Lovely-chaaaan! ;____;

    I missed the pic you posted in the Show Yourself thread because I was asleep! Q_____Q
    haha I knew what you were saying though :p
    *still follows you*
    *walks in without you noticing*
    *starts laughing to self as you dont know what your doing*
    sorry for the late reply haah i loooooooooove u wayyy way more haha:)this pic-------------->:*love::*love: times infinity+1 hahaha:)

    yes we must haha:)

    haha k i wont die i will stay for u haha:)

    haha k i will tough i dont wanna study hahah:)

    k me more haah so how r u these days haha:) i hope that good haha:)
    nope , it doesn't turn on lol ... she is so innocent but kind of airhead Lmao xD
    I see xD ... not much people nowadays are free with that much of duties and studies :\ ... it is my first ever anime forum xD ... it was a pretty cool place , until it became dead for the last two years sadly :\
    yup yup , hoping I can pass a good year ^^
    I see xD ... you should enjoy your free time before being even more busier by time :P
    *snuggleshugglessnugglesglomps* <3
    Hahahaha. But seriously, girls always find them fat no matter what xD
    You're pretty tall for your age : O Actually I am lol. You just don't know how fat I am ._.
    They need to know some fun lol >.>
    yeah they're soooooo adorable~ and yeah sorry didn't go on fb cuz i went to my uncles which was like an hour or 2 away soo and yeah i think asian things are taking over but i'll still be in touch with my Salvadorean culture, being mixed with possible european culture is pretty awesome :D and 28 pages?! watch i come in hte middle of the night watching if ur studying x3 and........BOO! xD
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