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  • Lol Same for me xD
    Hello you ^^
    Manga Wolf
    haha same, the spilt is a load of BS
    i just got home like an hour back from a family meal
    you been working or something or generally tired?
    WTF? I just realized that your set's of a young okami looooooooooooooooooool.
    Pfft. Hahahaha definitely. But still it's hard to see you as a cute one xD
    You don't seem cute in your picture lol more to the cool type :^)
    Still I can't wait to see it : D
    eh I just got back from a bath because, guess what, I think I've got a stomachflu OTL I'm seriously sick all nauseous, not to tell about the crazy-making pain in my stomach.
    Just seeing if I was needed before dropping dead in bed.
    And sorry for leaving again without telling. I suddenly felt the urge to puke >> no worries didnt puke I cant puke, which actually isnt really a good thing,
    Anyways sorry for the not so great text above >.>
    I hope you are doing much better XD
    No not even the weekend XD I have to work from 8am till 6pm on saturday and sunday ^^"

    *sigh* I feel terrible already, sickisch >.<" last time I had a day of was last saturday XD after that just running from one place to another >.<" But ohwell atleast for half of it I get paid ^^"

    And thank you ^^ I'm back already :D
    Yups surely argument, I hope they get the hint that I think it's best if they close it and lock it up.. Just too embarressing for words >.<"

    Thank you for the title of the song 8D Me like it~~

    Yeah I'm busy too. my next, completly free day will be next week saturday (if I'm lucky else it won't be till the 15th of october OTL) belh I either have to work or go to school lately XD

    Ooh what's the song on ya profile :o tell me *_*
    And yeah haven't seen you in a while T_T (but figured it best not to spam the wotf suggestion thread XD)
    i see but still really doubtful with that low amount :D
    haha you have?
    and night bro I do enjoy my dad :) jk I know what you meant :p sleep good
    like its my first choice, if i can, ill do it pop out style yeah ... its starting to make my entries obvious for sotw.... speaking of which i really should start doing sigs that actually fit the theme OTL
    well, im not too proud to say that i liked ur pop out tags so much that now its my main thing
    ur a nice guy :| i abandoned my request thread even tho i said id do it OTL

    now i mostly just gfx when i feel like it although im sensing an ego :| u boasting mate?
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