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    Is there anything you would never, ever eat?

    ^But head cheese is awesome I will eat almost anything though something I would rather found out what I ate after I already had it down, but the one thing I will never eat is peas and this goes beyond just distaste I have a true phobia of them. I can't stand to be in the same room as them and I...
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    Easiest excuse is that I have other plans gets me out of almost anything or if it is too late for that I usually use "something important that I don't feel the need to explain came up, just trust me you would understand"
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    Might as well reintroduce myself

    Unless I'm just completely missing it still, it wasn't there when I got back just because it had been that long., either way good to be back love see that we I have 2 pages of posts would have been lucky to get 4 posts at all before.
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    I don't ask for much in a woman...

    There are Only a few things I ask for 1: Not care that I am short 2: Can cook, because I can't cook for myself. In short if it takes longer than Ramen then I'm not making it 3: Isn't Obese. I don't mind a little girth, just not obese. 4: Probably the most important one will support my Anime and...
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    Might as well reintroduce myself

    No problem doing that the majority of my posts are in Spam, though that did have a lot to do with being about the only place that was posted on regularly by anyone...
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    Might as well reintroduce myself

    Nothing much been trying to get into my account for the last 4 days because I never read the e-mails.
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    Might as well reintroduce myself

    I've been gone for a month and a half or so just been real busy, those of you who know me from the days with more or less 0 active members nice to see you again to everyone else, howdy nice to meet you. (And you will never see me say howdy again I feel dirty just for saying it)
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    Count to 10,000: All Your Stuffs R Belong To Me~

    The Hell I'm gone for a month and a half and this thread is twice as far as when I left having worked on it for months and the board as a whole explodes 4881
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    Welcome back we could really use the activity.
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    Bleach Magma Discussion D:

    Knowing Kubo I wouldn't doubt it though last I heard it was going to be 2 more arcs over 3-5 years.
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    What's in your pocket?

    yes I lost one and got a new one made then I found the old one and I happened to be carrying both at the time I was posting
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    List the anime that you have on your PC

    Maybe it's just me but I personally like Welcome to the NHK a lot. But Iron Man is no surprise as Canabary pointed out. To me putting stark as an anime character is kind of like making the Bebop Crew into live action.