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  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! D8 I love you ∞ times this pic --> :*love: and ∞ times more than that~ <3

    LOL, we must! :yesh: xD
    Nooo mommyyyy you must stay!!! Don't die! :waah::runaway:

    Oh I see! Well have fun and go :coool: before you have to :study: again~ :3
    I missed you chu~ <3 Well I'm going to :nainai: now~
    Nevah! I love you wayy more! <3333 :*love::*love::*love:

    LOL! And yes, we must! :smart: jk~ xD
    Yeah that's true...

    Nothing much, just studying. v_v You? :3
    No, impossible~ I <3 <3 <3 <3 mommy more~ <3 xD

    LOL, and of course~! I'll stay with daddy, though I do wish he would go on soon... :3
    Ok~ C:
    Yep~ =D
    LOL, well it's better than having too much to do~ :3
    No me more! D< xD

    Oh... awwww... A new daddy? D: LOL, jk(:
    I see... well I hope daddy does go on eventually~ <3
    ;A; Ok... I guess I'll just have to deal with them. >3<
    I hope so... xD
    You did? =DD Yay, mommy has more time naoo!! <3
    I miss chu too mommy~ :3

    What happened to Daddy, btw? He's never on. ;___;
    Why did you havta need braces mommy! D: LOL, :3
    Oh, darn, I wonder how long I'll have them since I just got them before 10th grade... Dx
    I see(: I'm sure you'll be a great nurse mommy! =D
    I miss you too mommy! <3
    Ok, you too~ :3
    I got braces. D;
    Oh I see, going to be a children's doctor, right? :3 I wish you well in your studies then(:
    I'm good actually, been busy and can't go on as often. >_____<
    So you just assume I'm forgiving just like that? O.O
    Oh you mean like you work for school credit or something?

    Yea onii-chan will be happier :) Nah JK JK haha :) I will be really sad and upset if you don't go online anymore :(

    Aw......... :( OK imouto-chan :( Oh that makes sense :)

    Stop lying to me imouto-chan :( You know very much that I love you way more even at worst :) *hugs and kisses on the cheek* :)

    Well if I didn't love you more I wouldn't even be here hahahaha :)
    Well the first time they said I had multiple accounts, the second was IDK, why really. >___> But it's ok, I'm good here, like it here better anyways.(:
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