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  • this new profile system/layout confuses me, as does whatever the hell happened in the day or so I was gone @_@
    and yes, the hairy guy really freaked me out. like wolf man.
    anyway why were you feeling lazy?
    Well I more looked at the pictures, some of the text too. But that hairy guy really freaked me out. Anyway it's generally not good advice for women...I shouldn't say anymore than that ^^''

    Always the feminist eh
    ...yes. Even if it makes people think I burn my bras, don't shave and hate men. I really liked BB, even with all the disasters Walt gets himself into, somehow I still like him. How do you like the Wire?
    And I like the Wire very much its very interesting to see how the system works and all. Gives you an equal perspective on how it is for criminals and officers, also the politics involved in it.
    hahaha my curiosity at that age went into stealing and reading my parents' copy of The Joy of Sex... I was so misinformed by that book ><

    errrrr....yeah. I shouldn't have asked. I like Don okay so far, except for the way he treats Betty (and how oblivious he is about what's going on with her.) But in the office I do like him, especially how he sees that Peggy can be useful. OH...I also caught up somewhat on Breaking Bad.
    no I saw that episode as a teenager and I was simultaneously fascinated and repulsed. So I guess since there wasn't enough sex for you then you wanted to be watching something even more racy...as a kid? o____O

    it's okay, I want to hear it. morbid curiosity. I'm at the beginning of season 2, I really like it, although I still cringe at all the blatant sexism, but I love Peggy and Joan :)
    how was it misleading? lol I had to wait for a while, my parents were very controlling with TV. With that show I can see why, though. I mean, in one episode one of the characters got a great vibrator and refused to leave her apartment for days...what is a kid supposed to think about that?

    I don't know who would want that. I don't want to be too judgmental, but at the same time I just don't understand it at all. Oh yeah...unrelated to bestiality, I started watching Mad Men from the beginning. It's so good.
    I see... all easier said than done of course : ) I don't think I've been with anyone like that either. Maybe you and I should form our own Sex and the City type show where we dish about the people we date and wonder if we can 'have it all' in the big city.
    Yes, it does seem men were more open then, and people were more comfortable with sexuality in general. I don't know if they performed it themselves...Although if they did it makes me kind of uncomfortable, because how can any animal ever give consent?
    by great, I really just mean someone I get along with, can talk to easily, in depth or be silly with, and who I'm attracted to. I don't have a laundry list of things like 'must be blond, tall, like wine and long walks on the beach'. basically someone I connect with, but that is few and far between. anyway now I'm curious, what do you look for?
    back then apparently the penis was a symbol of prosperity and fertility, so it was just kind of posted around towns and stuff, like a good luck charm. The other depraved stuff was for entertainment, because they thought bestiality and such was really funny? @_@
    Is it like Raiders of the Lost Ark? Can I be Indiana Jones?! And no, they aren't all bad around here, just not great either..I'm probably not looking hard enough.
    You sound so cultured. Some paintings are naughty, I guess? Many have nudity, but the things in the secret room were like sculptures of penises and Satyr-on-goat action, depicted very explicitly.
    OH, do you? There must not be a California chapter in my area :/

    Need to go out? Do you have a going out quota to fulfill? And was the museum fun? One museum I went to in Italy had a secret collection of naughty paintings and sculptures >:3
    I do, but at the same time there are parts that I miss that I can't replicate here. Mostly that men are more charming :P
    why lazy? are you still working?
    dunno someone linked me, i think it was noex or ryka
    haha no worries, gonna sleep now, said that like half hour ago
    night bro, enjoy your dad
    (OMG I just noticed I spelled clock instead of cloak, my bad)
    *looks around before preceding*
    *walks into ship and closes door*
    *pushes random buttons and picks up a receipt, looking for directions*
    proclivities...like all the kinky stuff you're into? your preferences, I guess.
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