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    Snakes on a Plane - Movie

    Its quite a decent movie actually, although it did get quite a bad reputation before it was released as all over the internet rating for it were incredibly low. But after seeing it its worth watching.
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    I really dun understand the whole thing about myspace, its just soo 'girly' it seem to me. I mean who wants to read about someone elses life? Honestly seems like a waste of time to me so thats why i dun do it but oh well dunno why people like it so much.
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    ZOMG!!! The battle of the browsers!

    Firefox seems to the most popular these days, although i've started to see some of my friends start to use opera, as it does have handy features that firefox doesn't support. Such as holding down the mouse and moving it right goes to next page, moving it back goes back a page, moving up =...
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    Naruto or Bleach - Which is better?

    Obviously Naruto as it has more episodes :P
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    Coke vs. Pepsi - Which is better?

    They taste like the same thing IMO. although pepsi seems more sugary and coke seems to burn ur teeth more.
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    How old are you guys?

    I was born 5 days after Nori... figure that one out ;)
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    ^ < v Game

    ^ Seems like posts in every single topic < Doesn't know how to download Naruto on this site cause it doesn't seem to work. v Will teach me how to DL it!
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    Favorite Game Consoles

    Sega Megadrive... most classic, good old Sonic 1,2 games
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    Best Game

    I'd have to agree with some of the others and say FF7 takes it easily. For something made in 1996, it ownz hardcore