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  • I haven't played a large variety of heroes yet lol, so far I've played Annie, Cait, Garen, Kayle and Veigar. Annie and Veigar was mostly to know my opponents better.
    I never knew playing LoL involved so much math @_@ I remember killing someone using E through walls lol
    Lol, I think the one time I played Kayle I got rageblade together with tooth. So yeah, that might have been it :/
    I haven't bought Cait yet actually xD Too expensive, but I did get Kayle. <3 Her E + Guinsoo

    I have a friend who plays Vlad/Noc, and another who plays XZ and is a epic carry
    It was autocorrect's fault. I typed gath then they changed it to gate and I didn't check.
    It was a 4v5, cait Mao some poison guy and gangplank I think VS annie noc ezreal cho gate and one other guy... Can't remember who. I had a leaver Annie on my team.
    Yea, well, though I've been always matchmaking together with a level 30 friend of mine, so I always have been playing against higher level opponents. Then when I went matchmaking on my own my first game they FED ANNIE and I was like FUUUUUUUUUUUU because I was zoning and harassing noc/ezreal really well on my lane, once Annie came I had to ghost ._.
    I got no choice but to play SEA here ._. The server of no jungle warwicks, where people autoattack minions instead of running around last hitting and other insensible stuff.
    I see, I think I know what I'm not doing right now (hiding behind a tank in team fights) Thanks :3
    Hey, you got any tips on playing Caitlyn (other than masteries and such because I'm only level 8)
    You are lucky, you know. I wanted to buy all of the six tankobons, but not even one manga is available here. It's my favourite Manga.

    By the way, Viva threatened to post ponies if the Cherry Spam thread turned into a debate about debating.

    DO EET
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