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  • Btw, bout my ava... if you like the style, you should check DOGS Bullets and Carnage. It comes from this manga... ( quite a good one i think ^^ )

    I'm on your list
    I quite like the style. It's smooth comic grind. I like that.
    Lol not for now, i'm woke up since an hour !! last night was a bit too long ;) but i'm on it... do you have some tunes to recommend to me ??
    i've listened :
    Free your hate => good
    WWIII => not bad, good text
    A drug against war => good
    Megalomaniac => good
    Anarchy => good
    Krank => hmmm not fan
    Hmhm dacht al wel dat dat handig zou zijn, ogen in je achterhoofd XD
    Soort van samenwerken tegen de mosntertjes ^^ samenwerkend samenwerken met Satoru lol
    Waiting for alot of people there. It will take time due to this being the school season and all, I myself have college to take care of. All that is needed is patience.
    Hadriel is what you call a trap. There is no specific gender... look around you'll see some people calling HAdriel a she and others a he. He mostly plays with male characters in Rp, therefore I decided on a he :) But really I don't care what his gender is :/ just that calling him "it" would be mean XD He/She is nice to talk to, that's all that matters :) Oh I once saw a picture of his eyes... but even that was not enough to point out the gender lool just that he wears glasses and is somewhere a bit asian like ^^
    Harnas schild.. en pot nat XD
    sorry ik bedoelde harnas.. XD
    Lol beschermend mannetje is het :3

    OTL Ik poste dit net eerst op mijn eigen profile OTL
    Link me to them, I never visit that section, since there are 2 or 3 mods responsible for such things.
    Ehm well writing articles is complelty different from uploading manga. I can tell as I do both lol.
    Manga-uploading is just something you need to learn and then even a kid can do it XD Just picking a manga (add it to the database) and then upload it. Easy-Peasy~~

    But ohwell you dont need to if you dont want too ^^" I jsut got a new pack of uploaders not THAT long ago... and atleast one of them seems pretty active lol so i cant complain ^^" Eh wel lI'm not in charge of the manga-uiploaders or something btw >.>" just feel like the most active uploader thats all XD Ryka is in charge but she doesnt upload.. I think :/
    Eh that's boring indeed. =(
    Lol wish I could give you some of my working load XD
    Hmm well I guess we can always use some more manga-uploaders :/ You interested? Lol it's not much work though... just download and upload~~
    Busy >< I had lots to do, and I still need to make a Wallpaper post for here (doing that now)
    Really I need my movie time to relax and have my family moment xD else I dont have time to relax or see my parents and lil bro XD Ahaha
    Whaha well just make sure you don't have to test it out ^^" fleeing away from interrogetions, usually ends up wrong XD
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