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  • you are invited of course.
    don't worry i will. =) We just have to see if the rp's are gonna continue here or somewhere else. But they are going to last 100%.
    Not so sure. Holidays are nearly over so I'll have to see if I still have spare time leftover to spend in stretching out. o.o
    Mostly because I manage like a zillion (ten) characters and move left and right at the same time somehow. o-o
    Naww. That sucks. :<
    And how life is treating me... I'm not so sure, but I can say I'm pretty bored right now. D:
    Nothing to do until Diva Elly posts in Valkyrie and try to screw us over. >o<
    Yeah, well, I was involved during its original incarnation as well, and it was one of my favorites. I want to see it as good as or better than the first time around.
    Hm. I foresee rocky dealings at such point as Sol encounters my character for much length of time. <_<
    Hm. Since Joey is leading us. I don't think Nailo has anything to say really. Nothing at least of the high importance.

    And sure. Btw. Are you gonna join this new Vampire rp?
    I ll check out the one you made in the RP.

    And actually you are quite right. The biggest problem right now is the fact there is a lot of same people playing 3 or 4 RP. So it happens they can't write posts so fast.Or they do not have time to maintain their story's in all 3/4 in the same way.
    I can tell you what i did observe. People here are fan of the fantasy and sci fi story's. It seems. The most replyed ones are Wolf mountain.Fantasy rp.
    And Valkyra. By Jest. I was actually planning to start my rp's here. But until we have new players getting involved i am not sure people would join.
    Check the rp called the "Game" and "Mirror" rp. Right now they are on hold. Cos of the missing interest and activity.
    I am talkative. When i have something to say.
    And i know. I am working on it. Gonna post it today.
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