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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Krahe @ Oct 30 2006, 12:22 PM) 569</div> I meant online ;)
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    I put college even though it's not technically true...but it was the closest; I'm out of high school, but not done with school forever...just haven't started college yet :P
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    Broken links??

    Aww :(
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    Broken links??

    I went to the fan art place and whenever I click on a link to see something, it just takes me to the home page...what's going on?? :huh:
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    Best Game

    Cool I'll have to go find it and Kings Quest... And I have Oblivion, but my computer isn't good enough to handle it, even though it's not that old...Kinda sucks, it just sits around unplayed, and I had been anticipating its release for so long :(
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    Pluto Not a Planet!?

    I don't think the question is whether or not people should be wasting their time on this, how much it will cost to replace text books, whether or not you've believed it is and all that junk, if it's not really a planet then so be it. The science people (whoever they are lol) are the ones who...
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    How old are you guys?

    18 years young ^_^
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    Yeah I agree with the people who say myspace sucks...and yet, I still have one...but I don't feel like posting it why am I here lol
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    ^ < v Game

    ^Nope, because idk how :( <Should be sleeping v is secretly a monkey
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    Snakes on a Plane - Movie

    I never saw it, I actually laughed my head off when I heard the title of it...what are movie people coming to nowadays????
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    I saw the first one. I thought it sucked, but everyone else I talked to thought it was soooo good. I just laughed through the entire thing :P It was just so absurd...
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    What are you listening to now?

    Elliott Smith here...Awesome singer :)
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    what did you do today that was exciting?

    Today I had to go to work :( No excitement there
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    First anime you ever saw.

    This probably sounds so lame, but I used to love Pokemon back when it first came out...I think that was my first one...or maybe DBZ
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    If I could find it in Japanese, I think I might like it...but the English voices just bug me, but that's all I can find it in >_<
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    I fell in love with this favorite episode is number 12, I've watched it time and time again, and it never gets old...I don't think the ending sucked...I don't know, maybe I was too into it and in love with it to see it sucked :P but IMO it was really good, definitely one of my faves.
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    ZOMG!!! The battle of the browsers!

    Wow, I'm apparently all alone in my hatred of is unbelievably slow, I hate not being able to scroll with the side of my mouse on my laptop, and most of all, it is a NIGHTMARE for web design, which I'm very fond of...I used to try to make my pages compatible with Firefox, but it's...
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    Best Game

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (JPHulen2 @ Oct 23 2006, 10:08 PM) 506</div> I remember those from way back in the day, I wish it were possible to still play's not, is it? But anyway, the best game ever is ES3:Morrowind...yeah...I've had it for like four years and still have fun, and...
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    Bleach Dubbed

    I always tend to think things are better in their original versions...Bleach isn't excluded from that, I like the Japanese version a lot more...although with the English I don't have to sit there and read :P But still, overall, I like the Japanese...