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    Berserker Fights

    So yeah, I was checking the content of Fate/Extra when I suddenly saw this: So it suddenly comes to me, Who would win between the battles of all four servants, including Hercules and Lancelot Scenario 1: Each of them are pitted 1v1: Arc vs Lu Bu Arc vs Herc Arc vs Lancelot Lu Bu vs Herc Lu...
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    So yeah, Anyone read the manga version cause I only have one reaction:
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    Sanada Yukimura (Sengoku Basara) vs Lu Bu (Dynasty Warrior)

    I was playing both Sengoku Basara and Dynasty Warrior when suddenly, it occurred to me. What would happen if Yukimura really did meet with Lu Bu and duel. Both are at their highest spirit and blood-lust. Yukimura got his ultimate spear "Sparda" (Yeah, Capcom really do make cameo) and Lu Bu...
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    ~Fanclub Directory~

    Dynasty Warrior FC Legend of Zelda FC Monster Hunter Nintendo DS FC Resident Evil FC Shadow Heart FC Silent Hill FC Sengoku Basara FC The Minecraft Cave ~*~ Victory Road ~*~
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    Sengoka Basara

    So, anyone play Sengoku Basara? I only played the third one but damn its freaking awesome xD and since I'm still noob at GFX, i just post youtube instead xd qyhtR6-tcUk
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    ~Fanclub Directory~

    Here is a directory of all the FCs that have been made up to date, so that you don't end up repeating any threads Bakemonogatari FC Bleach FC Death Note FC Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Graham Aker FC ~Holy Britannian Empire~ Hot Anime/Manga Girls FC Hot Anime Guys FC Kamen rider FC! Katekyo...
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    Profile Song Suggestion

    So guys, Which song do you think would fit perfectly for my profile? 1. My Song - Kugimiya Rie -Lck3Nn49JU 2. Karakoi~ Dakara Shoujo wa Koi wo suru - Kugimiya Rie feat. Shirashi Ryoko nx7QKkjglTc 3. Hell March 3 6nFKPVfDrgU 4. After 0:00 - Kugimiya Rie feat. Tanaka Rie I3TTgnVK--c...
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    F/Z Berserker vs F/SN Berserker

    So I am currently reading F/Z and amazed at Lancelot capabilities. So I wonder, who would win between these two berserkers xD
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    Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Waiting Room

    Well then, Lets find Homura to restart the match so we can nominate them!!!!!
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    Battle-dome Section Moderators

    Guys, I think we should have someone who overseer the OBD section. I think its mainly because the mods usually check that section is someone who rarely goes to OBD section (such as MF OBD or Outskirt Battle-dome) and thus, lacking experience needed. So I think someone with pure OBD section...
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    Archer vs Sayaka Miki

    Since Miki is something thought to be a rip-off of Archer, just gender-flip and yandere, I was wondering, what would happen if they fight each other? Scenario 1: No restriction, both of them are blood-lusted, Archer can trace any weapon. Scenario 2: Archer can't trace any Marble Phantasm...
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    Plotkai Tite Kubo vs Any fictional character ever existed

    It is my believe that this is perhaps the most OP'd character ever existed in fiction as not only he can defeat an omni-potence, he can also create a new one and can destroy the fourth wall easily. So, who do you guys THINK can beat this guy xD
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    [Voting Thread] Tsundere vs Yandere

    Rules of Voting Thread: 1. No Discussing on the voting thread 2. The Majority of the votes will be the one who is lynched. 3. In case of a tie, both of them are lynch 4. Certain days may have something in effect so it might be double lynch or no lynch day 5. RNG will decide on lynches if...
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    [Discussion Thread] Tsundere vs Yandere [GAME OVER]

    Welcome to Tsundere vs Yandere AG RULES & GAMEPLAY: 1. Every day the players debate the identities of the “Assassins” in the discussion thread, and decide on who they will evening that evening via lynch. The player with the majority of votes from all players at the end of the day gets...
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    Dream & Wishes

    So guys, I was wondering. What is the difference between dreams and wishes... And I don't meant by sleeping dream..... What is the difference. What is the similarities. What is it actually. Those all are the questions
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    [Sign ups] Tsundere vs Yandere

    Welcome to Tsundere vs Yandere AG RULES & GAMEPLAY: - This AG is basically similar to basic AG, like Cult AG. The only difference is that instead of cult or werewolves, its yandere...... - There are neutral roles that might provide benefits for either the tsundere or yandere. Choose you...
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    Astarotte no Omocha!! So guys, Anyone watching this show? I am currently watching it and its hilarious and moe xD Plot: In the medieval fantasy world of Alfheimr, succubus princess Astarotte Ygvar, the first princess of the kingdom of Ygvar, has just...
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    Yo, siapa Malaysian????
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    Chuck Norris vs Tite Kubo

    One has plotkai, which can even solo Marvel-verse. One is extremely badass. Who do you think will win? Tite Kubo with Plotkai or Chuck Norris xD Sorry, no wiki for you, Chuck xD EDIT: this is also an lol match xD
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    Hayate no Gotoku! Discussion

    Yeah, I know someone has to create this thread someday or later. Anyway, is the new chapter 315 already out? Cause the ending of Chapter 314 is quite hilarious xD "everyone stares at trap baka butler xD"