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    League of Legends

    This thread was created due to corruption and bribes not enough Demacia shouts. League of Legends is a F2P dota style game. Dota is an old mod that was created to Warcraft III back in the old days, and was the inspiration to games such as LoL and HoN (heroes of newerth). In addition the Dota 2...
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    Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad vs Cú Chulainn

    It had to be done. Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad vs Cú Chulainn
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    Sent Messages

    Not sure if it's only I who have the problem, but when I send a PM it's not saved in my "Sent messages" folder. Kinda sucks since I use it a lot when I'm playing Assassin games
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    Twilight Sparkle VS Edward Cullen

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    Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Remake Nyah

    We'll continue on from the previous one. We'll start off the first match tomorrow, since its almost midnight here atm. Gmt 2+ A match will last 48 hours, it can end earlier or be extended depending if I'm busy that day or so. Prepare for domination I guess ? Extra guests appearing due to...
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    Heya o.o/)

    Might as well make one of these, dont usually do it so your in for a treat ^^ Nice to meet ya all, for those who dont know I'm a Xavy from MF