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    The Shimapan Closet

    The Shimapan Closet Welcome to the closet of your dreams! Packed with delicious shimapans, and of course, the girls attached to them hehehe.It's the paradise for every shimapan lover! Come, enjoy and share your shimapan loveliness!! Shimapan: Japanese name for panties with strip pattern. Rules...
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    Wireless wall charger for iDevices

    Now, look at those pics and just imagine owning one of those sweet wireless wall charges. Around U$20.00 at the moment of writting. I want one!Available on Bluelounge
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    Look where I am playing the PS2!

    Howdy! Posting here because it's just for lulz. Have a look where I play my PS2!Haha, what a geek XD(ignore the mess of my room anyway)
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    Minus, the image gallery I was waiting XD.50 100 pics per gallery, infinite galleries!Without account, galleries are stored in cookies.Even perfect if you want to share Ecchi pics! They allow adult content!Extremely minimalist, simple to use, very clean conceptYou also may do batch uploads!Here...
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    Lolilism Welcome loli lovers, to Lolilism, the Loli Religion, where you can adore and praise your lolis around! To avoid confusions, here, lolis are all about lookings, and not age specific.So, that's it!Rules All members must follow G2Anime rules No topics beside lolis The member must know...
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    Sweet Lounge

    Sweet Lounge This club is for everyone who likes Shoujo-ai/Yuri softcore style. No hentai will be put here.For the ones that doesnt know, Shoujo-ai and Yuri are terms that define a relationship (most of times, romantic) of one girl for another. Rules All members must follow...
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    Fate/Stay Night A.OST

    >>> Tracklistdisillusion (TV Size)SenreiUnmei no YoruKagayake Shounen ShoujoFuji-nee no ThemeKodoku na JunreiMajutsushiInga RutenSeihaiEirei ChinkonKumo wa Somari YukuKasei Otto wa Seigi no MikataAintsuberun no MoriIe nu KizuatoFuyuki EnkeiUketsugareshi KokuinKuchi Ta KettouShikkoku no...
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    Firefox/Chrome Addon -- AutoPager

    Meet AutoPager and never hit a Next button againAutoPagerSo have you guys heard about AutoPager? It's an awesome extension, for Firefox and Chrome.Here is the description, from the developers site: The extension works with rules for the sites. So, after you install it, it will start to show a...
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    The Alphabet challenge

    So simple. Just write a word with the last letter used by the previous poster.Example: Start
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    ^ < V (top, yourself, bottom)

    He, that's is another one really nice.So, you use the three symbols ^ < V to point who the statement belongs to.In order, it's top poster, yourself, and the next poster.Example: Well, then let's start^ lul wat?< is filling up the game threadV is a geek!
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    Anime chain

    Oh, I am really into it huh?Here is another one. The Anime Chain game!Simply, type an Anime Title, using the last word from the previous poster's TitleExample: You can make the last letter different or not. It's not matter, just make the chain go on!Fate/Stay Night
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    The 3-word story

    Hey, it's me again!This time we are going to tell stories.How?With 3-word per poster! HeheheThe rules are simple: Try to make something that have a sense using 3 words that completes the previous poster statement, or starts a new statement, so the story continues on.Here is an example: So...
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    Hell yeah! I am here too!

    Wow, what is that, my 10th, 100th forum?! Hahahahaha.As far as I know this one will kick-asses!! Let's rock everybody!Oh yeah, so at least there is a guideline. So let's see: Nah, I didn't find it. I was told to join it hehehe Hum... it's hard to have only one fav. Let's see I love the horror...