Amandaluvsya's Request Bulletin


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Amandaluvsya's Request Bulletin
You can request Signatures, Avatars, and Banners from me. Don't have as much experience with wallpapers but if you request, I'll do my best to your liking.
Rules and Requierments
  • You must have at least 50 posts
  • Don't need to use a render it can also be a normal image too, I will render it.
  • +Like after everything is done
  • Wait at least 5 days before requesting another sig/avy/banner
Preset for Requesting
  • Username
  • The Type of request: (i.e. signature + avy; banner; signature)
  • Size of request
  • Render/Image: (Post in a spoiler)
  • Text: optional if you would like me to put your username in or something else
*I will try to get these out as fast as possible but be patient as I am a full time college student.
Examples of Signatures I've made:
Examples of Banners I've made: