Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney


turnabout moderation
Jan 28, 2008
Heres my review of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS.

i wont go through a full summary for spoilers sake. but long story short its been seven years since the end of trials and tribulations and our favorite attorney, Phoenix wright has lost his attorney's badge and been reduced to playing the piano and being a poker champion. the game itself focuses on a new attorney on the scene, Apollo Justice who throughout the course of the cases unravels the mystery of how phoenix lost his badge.

Gameplay- still with the classic ace attorney charm, this installment has intergrated the touch screen into many new aspects during the game. this new interactive system gives the gameplay a bump up even more so when you reach the final case of the game. in this one, you move between the past and present.

Graphics- they have been re-done from the previous games and are visibly better in this department, but at the same time maintain the ace attorney feel.

Characters- even with the majority of the characters we all know and love from the earlier games, this one brings on a whole new host of quirky witnesses and other characters. of coures the game isnt without phoenix wright himself and a few old friends from his series.

Storyline- these games are notorious for having good storylines in my opinion, and this one is no exception. the pieces of the puzzle slowly reveal themselves and come together throughout the game regarding the events of seven years ago.

overall rating- 8.5/10

great game and story, definately worth buying if youre a fan of ace attorney. otherwise it might be best for you to play through the first three games beforehand (though not entirely necessary).