Chronicles of Siriko - Reborn [OOC]

Andre Valias

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Jul 9, 2011

Chronicles of Siriko - Reborn

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~In a land where betrayal is paramount and evil is at it's darkest, the light of heroes will appear to burn a path through the shadows...

Chronicles of Siriko is set in the war torn lands of Azadia and Eradia, on the Isle of Siriko. Already has it been ravaged by almost two centuries of blood and strife, whispers of rebellion, curses of war and screams of civil unrest...
It's here! It's here! At long last, Chronicles of Siriko is back, and it's better than ever!
But first... The firm laws of proper roleplaying, also known as "Rules".

1. Try to be as descriptive and thorough as possible. What is an uber strong hero without an uber strong description?
2. Try to be neat and tidy. Spell check is suggested. It is kind of tedious I admit, but then no one can clearly see the right picture if words are spelt wrong.
3. Please try and get around to making time for your next post. Because when it gets to your turn, if you hold up the roleplay for too long, I'll righteously godmod your character myself.
4. Avoid major Godmodding at all times. It's fun to say your character shot another player and "flawlessly" killed them, but then that would be cheating wouldn't it?
5. Have fun with it!

And of course, if you fail to abide these laws, you will be smote by the demons of the Fade and your useless corpse used for very creepy things by @Supremacy Kills .
But fortunately, that won't happen, will it?

Anyways, enough with the boring stuff, on with the show!
"Let's get this show on the road! Wait, what road?"
This Roleplay is OPEN and ABSOLUTELY free to JOIN! Just make a character sheet and you're in!

@Andre Valias - Andre Valias & Thalene Siraphe / Raieon Echimarus / Sylph Silvershadows & Solaril / Erisalia / Gaius Prentius & Erlin Denford
@Xiga - Marfince Xenthel Neonzyn
@Arachna -
@Supremacy Kills - Kardos Galas & Shadefall
Angron - Ser Roderick Hammersfeldt & Jorgun Hlaftun
@EnderAlpha - Thalion Syranas

You should know what these are. If not, shame on you!
Check below for Character Creation Information for the base CS Template and other cool stuff.

Andre Valias - Andre Valias & Thalene Siraphe
Name: Andre Valias
Age: 17
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Starsign: Steed


Height: 5"4'
Weight: 128 lb
Background: Seventeen-Year-Old Andre Valias is a street urchin living on the streets of Valanastre. His life on the streets revolves around pickpocketing, thievery and causing trouble, along with his friend Thalene Siraphe, of whom is also an orphan.

Andre's life wasn't always on the streets. Where or when he was born, he does not know. He has little memory of his parents, only a crystal shard of which looks important. The one object that he has kept all his life on the treacherous streets of Valanastre.

Andre and Thalene are two of the many street urchins living on the streets, trying to grab at life. Many of these street urchins, are young orphans as well. These street urchins walk the streets during the day, pickpocketing and stealing gold and food. After the day has passed, they would meet underneath the city, in the Valanastian Waterways to share and distribute their earnings amongst the poor beggars of the city.

Andre doesn't believe that there is only a life of petty thievery ahead of him. He looks to the sky everyday, wishing he could be able to travel to the skies of Aeva Sora to see the sky pirates of Amik Pahi Ka. He wishes to become a sky pirate.

But Andre knows that he will never get there with the road ahead providing little chance. But what he doesn't know is that it isn't hero who chooses fate, it is fate that chooses the hero.
Equipment: Has a steel shortsword and dagger on his waist. He wears light steel vest, greaves, bracers and boots over only blue leather pants. He also wears the crystal shard around his neck.

Skills: Andre is skilled with a blade, is able to use it for eficcient blocks and parries. Rather an athletic sort, good at jumping and climbing, Andre is also skilled with light armor. He is very able to sneak around and pick locks and is able to use his fists should a battle arise and he is without a sword or any other weapon.
Class: Street Urchin (Custom*)
Faction: Street Urchins (Custom Faction*)
Theme: Tidus' Theme
Mount: None
Location: Eradia - Valanastre


Name: Thalene Siraphe
Age: 17
Race: Sea Lizardman
Gender: Female
Starsign: Chameleon

(Ignore the annoying interface at the bottom)
Height: 5"3'
Weight: 121 lb
Background: Thalene Siraphe, a sea argonian only a few months younger than Andre, is also a street urchin living on the streets of Valanastre. She roams the streets with Andre, pickpocketing and causing trouble.

Thalene is, more or less, an orphan like Andre. But the means she means to explain being like Andre's is only an illusion. Her parents never died like Andre's did. In reality, her parents disowned her. She was betrayed somewhere in her childhood and was then cast out. Such painful memories does Thalene keep locked away from the waking sun.

Andre and Thalene are two of the many street urchins living on the streets, trying to grab at life. Many of these street urchins, are young orphans as well. These street urchins walk the streets during the day, pickpocketing and stealing gold and food. After the day has passed, they would meet underneath the city, in the Valanastian Waterways to share and distribute their earnings amongst the poor beggars of the city.

Thalene doesn't share the dreams of Andre, to walk the skies of Aeva Sora. She finds her current line of work fine in her opinion. But her dreams are only to be accepted by a family, a dream she believes has already faded away.

But she doesn't know that what fate has in store for Andre, might be in store for her as well, for as long as she stays at Andre's side, her life will change in many ways.
Equipment: Thalene has twin steel daggers on her belt and a steel shortsword slung over her back. She wears a leather vest, some leather greaves, a pair of leather gloves and boots.

Skills: Thalene is skilled at almost all the skills Andre is. She can wield daggers and blades and can use them to block well. She is a very fast runner/swimmer, good at climbing and jumping across distances and is very comfortable in light armor. She too can remain unseen, albeit a bit more than Andre, and is good at picking locks too. She isn't good with using her fists but can ensure that conversations go her way.
Class: Street Urchin (Custom)
Faction: Street Urchins (Custom Faction)
Theme: Rikku's Theme
Mount: None
Location: With Andre

Andre Valias - Raieon Echimarus
Name: Raieon Echimarus
Age: 18
Race: Hume - Imperial
Gender: Male
Starsign: Wolf

Height: 5 '3" ft
Weight: 121 lbs
Equipment: Raieon wears tattered green clothing and leather boots and gloves. He usually wields the ornate shortblade he has always had since childhood, along with a steel dagger off-hand. He also carries three steel throwing knives.

Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Blade, Light Armour, Hand-To-Hand, Sneak, Security, Hunting
Class: Street Urchin
Faction: Independent
Theme: N/A
Mount: None
Location: Azadia - Varuna City

Andre Valias - Sylph Silvershadows & Solaril

Sylph Silvershadows
Wood Elf

Not my art, I only used the name because it's on the pic and I like it.

5' 8"
132 lbs (without armor and etc xD)
Sylph was born 83 years after the devastation of Irrolai. Her parents had barely survived that day, fleeing for their lives into the forest. A small camp had been set up for survivors of that dreadful day to camp in as Irrolai was rebuilt. 83 years later and Irrolai is once again standing proudly in the middle of the Deepening Forest. This was where Sylph was born. She was able to be born into the great elven city of Irrolai a few decades after its reconstruction. She lived and grew up here as a child. She showed great capabilities and a love for the bow and arrow. It was obvious she was to become a great Marksman with being born under the Eagle starsign. Thus, at a young and tender age of 15, she was sent to train with the Rangers Brotherhood to be taught how to be a ranger. There she grew into a fine Ranger of brilliance.

During her training, she actually came upon a rare sight in the forest. It was a wounded unicorn and Eradians had somehow snuck into the forest and were now about to kill the poor creature. Knocking some arrows, she shot with masterful precision three arrows, each into the neck of all three men, thus saving the unicorn. Gathering some herbs, she helped heal the Unicorn and the Unicorn was grateful enough to give her some of its silky hair to use as her drawstring on her bow. Sylph thanked the Unicorn and allowed it to disappear into the wilds of the Deepening Forest. This would only be the first of many battles, however, they would not be so easy.

Seeing the Unicorn hair, they knew it was time for her to become a full fledged Ranger in the Rangers Brotherhood. She was enacted and she quickly rose through the ranks to Elite Ranger despite her young age. She was just that quick of a learner. Troubles didn't end in the Deepening Forest and she swore to protect it. She shot down all kinds of creatures who intended to disturb the peace of the Deepening Forest. Through her time, she came upon plenty of injured animals and would take care of them. Some of them orphans which she gave as companions to other Rangers or pets to those in Irrolai.

One she found though was a small injured wolf cub who laid curled up with his mother. The mother was bigger than most normal wolves and more ferocious looking than others. It had to be a dire wolf. The small wolf pup was afraid of her and tried to defend itself. She merely stayed with it the whole time, never leaving, always bringing food as it was just old enough to eat meat. The wolf cub finally grew to trust her after a few months of this and decided to go with her, leaving his dead mother behind whom Sylph could finally bury to rest in peace, along with other wolf cubs. She named the cub Soliral and they have been together for the past sixteen years, working greatly as a team. Both refuse to leave the forest and join the uprising against Eradians despite how much they despise them for causing this chaos. They can't bear to leave their home unprotected without them.
Shortsword - Made out of the most durable and strongest Steel. When stricken by another steel weapon, it makes a beautiful ringing noise that sounds like music. It can also fight off most magical attacks because of an enchantment but her armor takes over that job if she can't block or dodge it. She still usually gets hurt from the brunt of the force though.

Dagger - Made out of durable Iron. Used only when needed and kept hidden on her person. Pointed enough to stab through all but heavy armor (unless chain mail).

Recurve Bow - Made by the finest crafters of Dryad Wood. The string is made of Unicorn Hair and is practically unbreakable due to the magic of the Unicorn that gave it to her as a gift. She keeps it looking polished with a honey glaze smoothed over (and made unsticky with an addition of water) and her aim is deadly enough that if she misses, it was most likely on purpose, or the enemy was way too fast.

Arrows - Shaft created from Dryad Wood and Arrow Tip created from Steel. The Steel is lightweight but heavy and pointed enough to pierce an enemy dead on the mark.

Quiver - Basic quiver that goes on her back, made of leather and cloth with a viney design pattern on it. Used to hold both arrows and her bow.

Light Armor - Not much I really need to say here since we all know it's capabilities. However, it does tend to be able to block/absorb most magic possibly due to an enchantment put onto it.

Blade - Very skilled with her Shortsword when need be. She rarely ever chooses to use it unless forced to.
Block - This allows her to block and parry with her sword. She's quite adept at it but prefers to dodge though will block or parry when needed.
Marksman - As her starsign says, an excellent shot. She can hit you in the heart from a hiding spot or even out in the open if you're a sneaky individual and spying on her. She can hit her mark from as far as she can see. She can also shoot horizontally or vertically and can shoot as many as three-five arrows from it depending on situation.
Light Armor - Not sure what you're going for in this skill but she is much faster in Light than Heavy Armor. She knows how to move well with it, being taught from a small girl how to do everything she can do now.
Athletics - She has very good stamina. This allows her to outrun most anyone as she is also fast and agile. She can quite easily lose her opponent among the trees but caught in the city or in the open, she relies on her speed to flee if need be or on improvising, though she rarely ever does.
Medicinal - She knows how to take care of the wounded. By gathering herbs, she can make up antidotes and the like to help heal the injured. She is also practicing how to use Restoration magic since it's more helpful than Herbs on the battlefield
Sneak - Also very good at sneaking around. She can do it like any other rogue or assassin, concealing herself in the leaves of trees or bushes or walking silently along the ground. The only thing you'd be able to hear if she is sneaking is probably her breathing or smelling her scent.
Acrobatics - She is very agile, allowing her to dodge most attacks though close combat is a bit harder. Dodging hand-to-hand is easy for her. She also loves to run through the treetops at top speed, leaping from one branch to the next quickly and even doing acrobatic things, improvising when trees aren't around.
Rangers Brotherhood- Prefers to be neutral in these turmoiled times
Somewhere in the Deepening Forest


Dire Wolf

This image is not mine and therefore ignore the name/personality.

3' 4"
153 lbs.
While Soliral was just a cub and just learning to hunt and eat meat, some Eradians came into the forest and killed his mother and the rest of his siblings merely for trying to defend her children and territory. He was left injured and thought to be dead as he lay away from his mother. He crawled to her and lay be her side, shivering and whimpering, in pain and hungry. He detested these bipedal creatures so when a beautiful bipedal fell upon him, he did not trust her at all.

In time, after she kept returning and staying by his side and feeding him and taking care of him, he finally began to realize that this bipedal was not like the ones that had killed his mother. He watched her no longer with an angry face but with a curious one, wondering why she was so different. He knew he had no where else to go and that if she left, he would surely die. So as she left one day to go gather some more food for him, he finally stood up and followed her, much to the cramping in his legs from not moving around so much because of not wanting to leave his mother's side.

The bipedal, seeing this, had gone over to his mother and he growled, not wanting her to touch it. However, he stopped as she gave him a kind but sad look that meant she was not going to desecrate her body but merely give her a proper burial. He allowed her to, standing next to her the whole time. From there, he decided to dedicate his life to this bipedal as he felt he could trust no one else. He was taught how to hunt, he was taught how to kill and even taught how to be stealthy and acrobatic at a young age.

He trained alongside Sylph, gaining courage and a loyalty no dire wolf would ever possess for another bipedal. He became strong, healthy and fearsome in battle and a great scout. He now goes on patrols with Sylph around Deepening Forest. He does not forgive those who trespass and cause chaos in his home and he definitely does not forgive those who hurt Sylph or try to hurt her. He is 110% loyal to her and would do anything to avenge her injuries or death.
Herb Pouches - Simple. It's pouches that carry herbs. He wears them strapped to his back on either side and are made of leather. Herbs don't weigh much and neither does leather so don't expect this to weigh him down in battle.

Hand-to-hand - Though not exactly hand-to-hand, he is useful in hand-to-hand combat. He's a tough fighter, using his claws, weight, jaws and other things to turn the tide of a battle. So I would technically call this hand-to-hand since I have no other name at the moment. In power I would have to say he can probably match a werewolf.
Athletics - Very fast runner and with excellent stamina, he can outrun the fastest creature there is, though perhaps I shouldn't say outrun, but possibly match or just be a bit better in speed. This is because he's not a normal wolf but a dire wolf. Plus, he has the stamina of a marathon runner, perhaps better and could run for mile on end if need be to evade an enemy. If you give chase to him, prepare to run a marathon!
Sneak - Though not usually very good at sneaking, he was taught by Sylph to sneak around and scout and be quiet. He has mastered it so that he can do his duty for Sylph as he feels he owes her his life.
Acrobatics - This has increased his running, jumping, and landing capabilities. Training with Sylph has taught him to be fast or be killed. He can perform certain stunts like doing a flip in the air, almost as if he is a hume but it took him some time to master it. He has learned to fight against an armed opponent whether they be mage, barbarian, ranger/archer or knight (just to name the classes with the different weapon types).
Acute Senses - This allows him to detect the faintest whiff of any smell or the faintest sound of even a heartbeat or breathing. He's a great protection against rogues and assassins as he can detect them before they even think about striking.
Strong Will - Even against a formidable opponent, he will never give up. He fights to the death no matter how weak or injured he is. He has come close to death a few times and he has learned not to accept death at any rate unless it is completely hopeless (as in he is unconscious).
Scout Duelist (Custom class that allows him to scout and battle)
Sylph as he only trusts her. He does everything he does for her and no one else.

Xiga - Marfince Xenthel Neonzyn
Name: Marfince Xenthel Neonzyn
Nickname: Mar, Xen, Te-Ne.
Age: 19
Race: Netixel*
Gender: Female

Starsign: Serpent
Personality: Although Marfince was born in the Starsign of the Serpent, she is nothing like it. She acts more like a mix between the signs of the Dragon and Thunder. She stands proud for who she is and whatever flaws she has, and is a loyal friend to those she befriends, however she is also a trouble magnet, impatient and quite unpredictable. This makes her a quite different type of a Netixel, seeing how Netixel's are usually a thieving type of race who live off other people's work and valuables. So in general, Mar is a nice type of person who likes to help people over all.
Appearance: Marfince is quite small for being a Netixel. She stands at only 5'1'' compared to the average hight of a Netixel her age, who stands at 5'9''. Her body is based like a humans except for the fact that she's not. Her eyes are big and of a luminescent green and the pupil is like an owls. Beneeth the eyes runs a thin line of greyish-black feathers, just along the cheekbones, as well as over the back of her nose. The feathers then fuse together with the hair lining feathers which then turns into a blend of hair and feathers till it completely becomes hair only. Mar's hair is of the same color as her feathers but is fading to a brighter tone, almost white at the ends of the hair strands and the top of the head is decorated by four slightly curved horns. Her back carries the wings, with resemblance of a Crow, and a medium long tail that is filled with feathers as well. The legs are like any humans, but the feet are like a dragons in the same pale gray tone that her skin has.
Of course she isn't naked, and seeing as it's harder times in Azadia she wears a protective leather trench-coat and beneath that she wears a nature green t-shirt and a pair of baggy skin pants for pants. She also wears a forest green bandana over her feathered forehead and hair. This leaves her with a total weight of 103.6 lbs + whatever she carries in her bag at the moment.
Height: 5'1'' ft
Weight: 103.6 lb

Background: Being born as a mute in a society where the one who yelled louder got the most attention and respect, she knew that she needed to learn a way of how to make people understand what she wanted. At first she started with gesticulations and by making noise by hitting hollow trees and branches with sticks, but that didn't make her noticed. Not enough. Soon she was underweight and sick, and as a sick one Netixle's are the race who will abandon the weak, quick. Left to die at only 4 years a researcher Mage passed by and saw Marfince, abandoned and in bad shape in what was left of the camp of her clan. He had never seen her kind, and that wasn't so weird actually. Netixel's are a stealthy, steadily moving type of people, with close resemblance to nomads. And that makes them rare.

Equipment: Mar always carries a bag with her containing most of the things needed to survive as a traveling race. A small cooking knife, flint-stone, some dry grass, a water canteen, some fishing hooks and some herbs and plants. She wears it across her shoulders and in addition to that she also carries a fishing rod made out of oak.
As for weapons she has twin swords attached to her belt and some throwing knifes as well as a slingshot.
Skills: Marfince holds great skills with the slingshot and flying maneuvers. She also is a good fisher, when she doesn't mess up or gets in trouble or is in a too impatient mood to fish. She's a really good listener and wields some types of magic, such as wind and illusion magic quite well.
Class: Freelancer. Does whatever comes across, which isn't much because of her untrusted race.
Faction: Anyone.
Theme: N/A
Location: Sedonia, Iruit Village.
Weakness: Mar is a mute, and can't speak. This is a weakness for almost no one understands that she wants a job or understands her at all. This creates a communication barrier for her, and is in some cases even dangerous for her. And then theres the weakness of being unfortunate.
Angron - Ser Roderick Hammersfeldt & Jorgun Hlaftun
Name: Ser Roderick Hammersfeldt

Age: 22

Race: Imperial

Gender: Male

Starsign: Griffin

Appearance: Roderick is about six feet tall when standing on his own feet, but more often he can be found on the back of his twenty-hand-tall horse, Drytchnath. He weighs approximately two hundred pounds in full armour, which is barely registered by his massive charger. Short, unruly, dark brown hair, emotionless grey eyes, and his angular, rough features are all usually concealed beneath his full-face helmet, and his well-tanned, battle-scarred body is kept hidden by protective layers of armour, which is in turn, covered by his surplice, bearing the heraldry of the Barony of Hammersfeldt, a purple field with a gold griffon rampant, and two crossed red hammers.

Background: Roderick was born and raised on the plains of Piras, where his father ruled, and directed the greatest of the armies competing in the Errantry wars. The younger Roderick was assumed to be joining the war as soon as possible, so his father had the greatest of his men teach the boy to ride, fight, shoot, and lead. Only the last of these gave him trouble, but it was no trouble at all considering the plights of others. And after twenty years of training, the newly-knighted Roderick set off to make a name for himself. Mageblight was all the name he got in the Errantry wars, where his fearsome skill with the jezail made him the scariest man in sight, or out of sight, depending on how kind he was feeling that day. But after a year of brutal and unrelenting success, the knight felt he would never make more of a name for himself, and he left the young Hammersfeldtan nobles to fight their war, wandering off to find new things to do. Being a knight, and having no particular goal, many a weary traveller found themselves suddenly no longer accosted by highwaymen, and very grateful were they. Should he ever take a throne, the people of Piras are sure to be with him.

Equipment: Roderick wields a lance of white oak, replaced regularly as it shatters in combat, a broadsword, specially crafted for him by the smiths at his father's castle, a dirk, to match the broadsword, a shield, bearing the heraldry of hammersfeldt, and his jezail, the only one of its kind, a fearsome rifle made for long-ranged combat.

Skills: Mounted combat, one-handed weapon proficiency, paired-weapon proficiency, superior marksmanship, superior horsemanship, light-, heavy-, and mixed- armour proficiency.

Class: Knight-Errant

Faction: Knightly Order of the Hammersfeldtan Errantry


Mount: Drytchnath, a palomino charger, appears almost golden in most light.

Location: Pirasian border

Name: Jorgun Hlaftun

Age: 28

Race: Imperial

Gender: Male

Starsign: Eagle

Appearance: Jorgun, in contrast to his lord, is only just over five feet tall, and weights just barely enough to armour the man each day. How much he actually weighs is entirely debatable. Having lived a good deal longer than his lord, Jorgun is a good deal rougher around the edges, but one might not notice this at first. He looks the very image of average and unremarkable, save for his stature, though his brown eyes reveal an intelligence that seems almost hungry in nature.

Background: Jorgun wandered in to the castle at Hammersfeldt one day and was mistaken for someone else. Eventually, given his natural affinity for things intelligent, he managed to use his mistaken identity to get a job as Roderick's squire. This he put to good use, and he privately taught himself all about tactics and generalship while his charge learned other things, and it is he who aided the knight in leadership and tactics, otherwise he might not have been given a knighthood.

Equipment: Jorgun bears a shield very similar to Roderick's, along with a shortsword and spear, all gifted to him by the baron in order to better keep his son safe.

Skills: mounted combat, hand weapon and shield proficiency, horsemanship, light armour proficiency, tactical proficiency, hunting, cooking, repair.

Class: Squire

Faction: Technically neutral


Mount: Bastion, a horse almost as large as Drytchnath, though trained to be steadfast, rather than vicious, bay in colour.

Location: with Roderick.

Thalion Syranas
In the beginning of everything, so it is decided our own DESTINY.

Name: Thalion Syranas.
Age: Seventeen.
Race: Hume.
Gender: Male.
Starsign: Ice starsign.

The present day that Will not last more than a SECOND...

Appearance: Under the appearance of a vagrant, this teenager hold a ravaged-by-the-streets body, ridden by scars and tanned by the hours below the sun's heavy punishment. Wherever you look, you will find scars, although majoritarily small and unnoticeable unless you're searching for them. There are only a few really noticeable ones: A long, thin scar on his right thigh, and the remaindings of a sword that once pierced through his left forearm. His face, though, still holds the structure and shape of a teenager turning into an adult, with slightly prominent cheeks, a flat nose and big, almond eyes, probably the most noticeable trait of his body, eyes that make any noble family in Varuna city be jealous of a little vagrant. This scheme gives him a serious look by default, and a face that makes it hard to stare back at when its rage shows. Miraculously, all of his teeth are still in place even after being a vagrant, although dirtied and riddened with filth. Small ears complete his face, alongside with his lips, slightly flat, with a little cut on the upper right part of his lip. As for his hair, the purest obsidian seems to have taken its home into this youngster's hair, making it the most pure black colour possible.

As a vagrant, his clothes are very limited. Ragged, chipped, and destroyed by the unstoppable time, Old greens, yellows, reds have taken a brown-ish, plaint colour. His outfit is basically made of Rags, old pieces of clothes joined together by precarious sewings. A sleeve-less vest covers his chest, with the ripped sleeves remnants on his shoulder, small strips of cloth sticking out of the black vest. The essential clothes are completed by really long and wide pants, riddened with holes here and there, ragged by time's cruel advance. He has a small more amount of properties: A belt, dirtied and barely standing, holding a purse, empty (of course), and even though it may seem like a commodity for a vagrant, he can say he wears shoes, although another piece of clothing that barely stands. The only thing that conserves a shade of colour is a handkerchief, pink, wrapped around his left forearm, hiding the spot where a dagger went through. Hidden behind the purse, a chipped copper dagger makes up for this youngster's defense.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170lb

It is one footsteps on the trail of time that make OURSELVES.

Background: Almond eyes. A trait not so common in Azadia nor in Varuna city. None of the lower families in the city have it. It is usually a trait reserved to nobles and privileged people... yet no one knows why this young vagrant has these firy, passionate eyes. It may just be a coincidence, who knows; it may just mean this boy came from a noble family, and now is wandering the streets. Thalion can't really remember which one of these two is the true option... after being left, abandoned, it's not like he really cares anymore. The first years of his life passed going from orphanage to orphanage, waiting, doing nothing, watching time eat his life. There was not really much anyone could do... his eyes were the problem. Any family that would come to adopt a kid would be scared to be accused of stealing that kid from a noble family. And so, he waited for the family that never came, watching how kids passed by and learning a few household skills while spending his time there. After the first twelve years of his life his through, his time was gone. He had to leave the orphanage again... and this time there was no new orphanage, just the streets. He thought he would be alone, that there was nothing more for him, that it was the end of his life...

Hera. A teenager, maybe two years older than him. She could give him the home he needed, or better said, a place to call home.. .But, how? she was just another vagrant, covered in the same rags as him, although wearing some cheap jewelry made of bronze or iron. She still had the spirit of a goddess for him. She gave him a place to go... that little dead end on the outskirts of Varuna city, what slowly became the hideout of a bunch of friends, always coming there for her help... she became kind of like their mother, even though she was barely two years older than them. At least, she had a job, and did her best to help the other people survive. She became Thalion's main support, the only pole that holded his life up and prevented him from sinking down. He started getting used to the life of a vagrant, wandering the streets, cutting purses, taking what he needed, leaving what he didn't. It was the life of a street child... Thalion Syranas. Nothing much changed, people came and went with time, but him and Hera still resisted, together with the changing people. Before anyone could notice, Thalion reached seventeen years old. He didn't really know which day he had been born... but Hera had given him a birthday.

And that birthday couldn't have been worse, as the javelin thrown by an Eradian soldier cleanly pierced through Hera's stomach, from side to side. What she did to anger him, nobody knows: it was all erased as a theft attempt gone wrong. As for Thalion... this changed his life, and no longer he was a vagrant, a street kid, just surviving. For once, his life had a purpose, different to living for the next day: vengeance. But, not by himself, no... Hera. He wanted her back, he was going to get her back... he was sure of that. Even if he had to go to the deepest pits of hell, she was coming with him. And then, the Eradians would know vengeance. How...

Well, that is up for all of us to soon discover.

-Chipped copper dagger, hidden on his belt.

-Small theft.
-Running away from the ones he small-thefts.

Class: Survivor...

Faction: No one.

Mount: None.

Location: Varuna city.​

(Note: Different Flags will be used on occasion, just like in the old roleplay.
"RETIRED" Flag marks a character who's owner has officially left the roleplay and is being godmodded by me to their end.
"SUSPENDED" Flag marks a character who's owner has not established ANY contact with me and is being godmodded until the owner returns or I deem it necessary to mark the character as RETIRED.​

Essential NPCs (Generic):
Generic Essential NPCs are particular NPCs that are controlled by me and are part of the general storyline progression and side campaigns and quests. They are made to be unlike mook NPCs and basic cannon fodder NPCs, and are more like Characters. Their end is only when I decree it. They can only be created by me.

Essential NPCs (Specific):
Specific Essential NPCs are particular NPCs that are controlled by me or their respected owner and are part of specific storylines that relate to a particular character or group of characters. They are made to be unlike mook NPCs and basic cannon fodder NPCs, and are more like Characters, only they have an extended temporary life span. Their end is only when their owner decrees it. They can only be created by me or requested by a player.

Roleplay and Systems Information:
Events and Development:
Time (Roleplay):
3:00 PM, 4th Lady's Seed, 1E399
Future Events:
4th Lady's Seed:
Varuna City's newly appointed Consul arrives in Varuna City. A Parade is to be held in celebration of his coming.
On the same night, a revolt is planned by the rebellion, hoping to catch the new Consul unawares and hopefully cut him down.

Bounty and Reputation:
Who are you seen as in Siriko? Who are you that walks around in the public eye? Are you a criminal with a bounty that is bound to set every guard off edge? Are you a traitor to your kingdom hunted down ruthlessly by your kin? Or are you a hero, whose name is spoken amongst the musing of the minstrels and bards? Whichever one, you are bound to be noticed.

This system is, what you can call, a beta. It is likely to change or disappear in the future. This is going to be used by me to rate the actions and ideals of your characters in the form of bounties and fame or infamy levels. This will likely influence the talk of the newspapers as well as IC rumors that can be overheard from time to time, to add more to posts.
Bounties will mean how much gold is put on your head. Logically, you can pay off the money if it is only a small fine under Five-Hundred Gold Pieces, otherwise it is to jail. But if it's over Five-Hundred Gold Pieces, you are a highly wanted criminal that must either be put down or hauled to jail.
(Note: The number is likely to be pushed up to 1000, but we'll test run it from here)
Fame and Infamy is how the people of Siriko and/or people of specific regions and other places will see you. Good or Bad. Simple context.
You may gain both. You could be a highly-wanted master thief that must be captured and be favored by the beggars for your ideals of, "Stealing from the rich to give to the poor".
Gaining Fame doesn't necessarily require saving the world, which WOULD earn you a lot of fame. To gain Fame, your actions must merit to helping the people of Siriko, as a whole, or in just specific place, such as cities, towns, villages and so on. Surely enough, news of your good deeds will perhaps reach the ears of minstrels, and you would have just made yourself notable.
Gaining Infamy doesn't necessarily require conquering the world, which WOULD earn you a lot of infamy. To gain Infamy, your actions must reflect yourself as being seen as bad, or someone that must be locked away or killed. Perhaps a series of grand theft scenes or mass killings about the land will cause the people to whisper an allias for you, passing it on quiet rumors, and soon enough, you would be seen as infamous.

Andre Valias:

Bounty: 50 GPs (50 GPs - Valanastre - Valanastian City Guard Order)
Fame: 0 (Unknown)
Infamy: 1 (Valanastre - Troublemaker)

Thalene Siraphe:
Bounty: 50 GPs (50 GPs - Valanastre - Valanastian City Guard Order)
Fame: 0 (Unknown)
Infamy: 1 (Valanastre - Troublemaker)

Sylph Silvershadows:
Bounty: 0 GPs (Unknown)
Fame: 10 (Sedonia - High Ranking Ranger)
Infamy: 0 (Unknown)

Raieon Echimarus:
Bounty: 50 GPs (50 GPs - Varuna City - Varuna City Guard Order)
Fame: 0 (Unknown)
Infamy: 1 (Piras - Varuna City - Trouble Maker)

Bounty: Kill On Sight (Kill on Sight - Valanastian Council - Banishment Decree)
Fame: 0 (Infamous)
Infamy: 10 (Eradia - Valanastre - Exile)

Shaper Gaius Prentius:
Bounty: 0 GPs (Unknown)
Fame: 10 (Velenca - Exalted Mentor)
Infamy: 0 (Unknown)

Erlin Denford:
Bounty: 0 GPs (Unknown)
Fame: 3 (Velenca - Apprentice to Gaius Prentius)
Infamy: 0 (Unknown)

Kardos Galas:
Bounty: 3000 GPs (2000 GPs - Sedonia - Sedonian Law Order | 1000 GPs - Azadia - Mages Guild Decree)
Fame: 0 (Infamous)
Infamy: 15 (Sedonia/Azadia - Dangerous Practitioner of Banned Magicks)

Ser Roderick Hammersfeldt:
Bounty: 0 GPs (Unknown)
Fame: 10 (Piras - Knight Errant of Hammersfeldt)
Infamy: 0 (Unknown)

Jorgun Hlaftun:
Bounty: 0 GPs (Unknown)
Fame: 3 (Piras - Squire to Roderick Hammersfeldt)
Infamy: 0 (Unknown)

Note: Ratings will be recorded as soon as the first post In Character is made.

Campaigns and Quests:
There a lot of things to be done in Siriko, which is only one small isle in a greater world. It is perhaps, a taste of what's out there.

This is also a beta system that is starting up. If it fails (Which I believe will be likely), then it will be trashed and left alone until it finds a more appropriate time, such as when we get more people interested.

Campaigns and Quests are different terms in this roleplay. But they will both require Essential NPCs to run, with real characters (Players) to influence the outcome. They will both also have a sort of deadline for it to be completed.

Campaigns are a string of events that can be considered Major versions of quests. They proceed through stages with lots of different Essentials, providing roleplayers with adquete places to enter. The roleplayers that enter them also have good enough chance to leave them as well. Campaigns will continue to the end, roleplayers or not, and the outcome will have various effects on Siriko.

Quests are small tasks provided by NPCs or objects (Letters, Points-Of-Interest, etc.) that roleplayers can run through. They will have Essentials in them and these quests will run about from time to time (Meaning that one quest may disappear one minute and another will pop up the next). I will provide some basic quests to go about, and perhaps, job boards in major cities and towns for roleplayers to find. They can also be started by the Roleplayers themselves with permission from me and some NPCs, essential or not. All that is needed is logical IC working towards starting the quest to finishing it. Meaning, no sudden, "Some random is in trouble, must go and help."

There are two types of Campaigns and Quests. Generic and Specific.
Generic is open to any roleplayers interested. They will either influence all of Siriko or just the people involved. An example of a Generic Campaign that influences all of Siriko is the Main Campaign.
Specific requires certain parameters to be met, such as Race, Class, Faction. They will only influence the NPCs and roleplayers involved, and not the whole of Siriko. An example is a job given by the Fighters' Guild.
Quests can be listed in both. An example would be a Specific Campaign for the Shapers that need other Shapers to join, and a Generic Campaign for the Shapers where they are hiring mercenaries and all.
Campaigns and Quests can also trigger other campaigns and quests.

Note: Campaigns and Quests will start as soon as all first posts are done.

Andre Valias

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Jul 9, 2011
Historical Information

Azadia is one of two kingdoms on the Continent of Siriko in the world of Vana Diel. The neighboring kingdom is Eradia, of which has been warring with Azadia for a time, but it has not always been so. Before the start of the war between Azadia and Eradia, the two kingdoms each had their own kings. King Tidas of Eradia and King Cyrus of Azadia, both of whom were very good friends. Their kingdoms had lived peacefully with each other, sharing the land and its resources with each other. The thought of war never existed. It was the perfect world of peace.
It was about to be turned upside down. In 187 during the 1st Era, King Tidas was assassinated. Things had began to descend into chaos. The Eradians quickly placed their blame upon Azadia, already raising legions of soldiers to attack Azadia. King Cyrus declared it blasphemy, saying that he had always been on good terms with King Tidas. The Azadians saw it that way too, knowing that King Cyrus would never backstab the king of Eradia. But there was no convincing Eradia. They're Eradian Legion had already set up forts on the borderline that divided the two kingdoms. Azadia had no choice but to raise their defences. Armies were created and fortresses were raised. By then, the Eradians had been convinced that Azadia was out to destroy them. They were beyond the point of diplomatic interaction. It was war.

199 of the 1st Era, the Azadian City of Irrolai in the Deepening Forest is devastated by the Eradian Legion. King Cyrus grows tired of the pointless warring. He sends out a plea of ceasefire to the Valanastian High Council (At which point were declared the regents of Eradia after King Tidas' Death), in which the council said that they'd only accept if "certain" conditions were met. Such conditions meant Azadia surrendoring to Eradia and all points of Azadia's Military be dissolved. King Cyrus declared such terms to be blasphemous and then had no choice but to continue the war.

202 of the 1st Era, King Cyrus rides out with his elite guard and trusted generals, the Judges of the High Azadian Magistrate. The Judges of Azadia were trained to keep the peace and uphold the law. At times of war, they made excellent generals to lead armed forces against the enemy. King Cyrus lead his great army towards the Barrens, which was a grey wasteland sitting on the borderline that divided the two kingdoms. On that day, the wind was blowing fierce. The clouds had formed, covering the sky in a mass of greyish-white. A dull day to begin a battle. The elite regiment of the Eradian Legion had set out towards the Barrens as well. King Cyrus had hoped to demoralise and stop the Eradian Legion at the Barrens. As the saying goes, cut the head off the snake, and then the tail dies with it. In cutting down the Royal Regiment of the Eradian Legion, the Legion would be distraught in cast into disarray, leaving Eradia's Military frozen. And that is all Cyrus had hoped to do. He did not desire to conquer Eradia, only to convince them of the futility of war. This did not go well.
King Cyrus rode out into the middle of the field with his Judges to meet his rival. When he saw his enemy, he noticed how battle-worn he was. Evident scratches and dents in his armour showed that this man had seen many battles. His name was General Azaron. King Cyrus couldn't learn much of his foe, only that he lead the armed force against Irrolai. He couldn't help but feel hatred towards the man. His foe was a man who had lead an army to the slaughter of innocent civilians and the destruction of a city.
The leaders returned to their armies before the battle started. The Eradian Riders had already began moving in with their lances. King Cyrus ordered the spearmen up front and archers right behind.
The Eradian Riders were a mix of heavy and light cavalry. At the time, they were charging at the same pace.
The spearmen formed a traditional shield wall with their spears sticking out. The archers lit their arrows with emerald fire, placing their bows' firing points in between the shields of the spearmen. As the riders neared, the orders to fire were given and a rain of emerald flaming arrows was unleashed. Then, the Eradian Riders broke up, heavy cavalry slowing down and the light cavalry charging forward with blinding speed. They then threw their spears like javelins at the archers. Some of the riders weren't quick enough, and were hit by the many arrows. Most of the spears landed their mark though, devastating the archer line of the Azadian force. This was but a taste of General Azaron's tactical work.
The battle continued in the favor of the Eradian Forces. King Cyrus then saw it was inevitable that he would lose this battle. But still, he held strong. All that remained of the Azadian force were King Cyrus' Judges and Elite Guard. But the Eradians still had many troops at their disposal. King Cyrus gave one last speech to his forces to raise morale. His words were:
"My friends, this may be the last battle we fight together. The odds are not in favor of Azadia and it is obviously so shown by the outcome of this battle. But know this, should I fall, don't hesitate to flee for your lives. I know what I say is strange, but then cowardice may be for the better part of valour. A man's strength is not measured by how many enemies he killls, only how far he gets in his life. If I fall, then there is no point in continuing battle. My Comrades, it has been my pleasure serving Azadia's people. I ride to either victory, or my death. For Azadia!"
After that speech, Cyrus charged into the fray, his noble judges and guard behind him. The outcome was however inevitable. King Cyrus was killed and most of the Judges and his guard. What remained of them heeded Cyrus' words and fled for their lives. The Eradians were at that time able to fire upon the fleeing soldiers, but the General called for them to be let go. Eradia had won.

After that battle, Azadia was the one forced into submission, its military disbanded, its people fallen into disarray over the death of their great ruler. The war was over, and their reward was failure. After Azadia declared its surrender, Eradia delivered the body of King Cyrus to Azadia's great temple, or the Temple of the Ancients. It was there, a great funeral was held for King Cyrus. All of Azadia's people committed themselves to travelling to the temple to mourn the death of their king. From there after, Azadia descended into chaos.

From there leading to the present time, Azadia was slowly torn apart by civil war, rebellion and hatred for the Eradians. From between the year of 202 to the present time of the year 399, Azadia has been in the custody of Eradia. Imperial Outposts and forts had been built to prevent uprisings. The Azadians were held like prisoners in their own kingdom. The Temple of the Ancients was closed and many sacred landmarks had become desolate.

It is at this present day in the year 399 of the 1st Era that heroes, good and evil alike will rise to put the isle of Siriko to right. This is where the Chronicles of Siriko begin...

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Maps and Geographical Information: [WIP]


Azadian Geography:
Base Description: The kingdom of Azadia is split up into various regions, each different and unique in their terrain, symbol and element. The people themselves are quite different in where they come from, but together as a whole, Azadia is quite a strong and proud kingdom.

Caruda is located on the north western part of the kingdom, with the Ca' Azi Sea along the edge of the region to the north west. In this region, many mountains covy the region side. The only clear way to the region's settlements is the established roads that snake in between the cliffs. Caruda's City, Taz' Kor, sits on a cliff on the near north of the region overlooking the Ca' Azi Sea. A notable figure in this region is Mount Cades, which stands higher than any mountain in the Stone Region.

Sivania is located adjacent to Caruda, sitting on the northern part of the kingdom. Vast white ranges of snow can be seen covering the region, with towering mountain peaks holding Sivania's city of Ishida nestled inside. The snowy wastes can be treacherous, especially the infamous White Dunes, sitting on the edge of Sivania's easterly borders.

Thia' Akari:
Thia' Akari is situated south easterly adjacent to Sivania. The snow of Sivania can be seen melting into sandy dunes as one travels along the road across the borders of the two regions. Thia' Akari's city, Shadiya, sits in the center of the vast desert. Nomadic settlement sites sit scattered around in the desert. There isn't much of any landmarks to see on the surface of the desert, but the Strix Caverns situated under Shadiya is quite the sight to see.

Azinak is placed adjacent to both Sivania and Thia' Akari, on the north eastern part of the kingdom. Black, charred land can be seen up to the Burning Bay to the east. Azinak's City of Kirikai sits close to the great Korsch Volcano. Few minor settlements can be seen, with more outposts dominating the landscape.

Sedonia is a forest land that sits next to Thia' Akari and Azinak, with the Burning Bay to the north. It sits next to the borderline that divides Azadia and Eradia. Cliffs to the north fall downwards into the Burning Bay. The region of Sedonia is covered in what is the Deepening Forest, a mass of mystical trees that radiate a lot of Mystira, magical energy. The head of this forest, the Elder Oak, on which Sedonia's city of Irrolai sits upon, sits on the northern part of the region, roads splitting out from it leading to different places.

Aeva Sora:
The barren region of Aeva Sora lies to the south of Sedonia, adjacent to the other Regions of Thia' Akari, Piras, Zakaia and Misarillia. It too sits next to the borderline that divides the two kindoms. The land in Aeva Sora is known as the Barrens, for its empty and grey landscape. However, high above sit flying cities and forts that a kept floating by Aero Mystira. The great flying city of Amik Pahi Ka is literally a city of crossroads. Paths made of shining white clouds errupt from it, leading to other floating settlements and defences that then lead to the ground, on the borders of the region. The great Floating Citadel is the greatest achievement of Aeva Sora. A military wonder floating in the sky is ominous for any enemy.

Situated on the south-eastern part of Azadia, Misarillia is mainly of tropical appearance, but with few outposts and settlements. Misarillia's city of Vachelous does not sit on the surface, but below, under the sea. Vachelous lies underwater, under the Sapphire Sea. An underwater tunnel entrance on the surface provides access to the underwater city. Along with that, the Mishi Caverns are a sight to behold. They too, are located underwater.

Sitting on thhe southern side of Azadia, next to Misarillia, Aeva Sora and Piras, is the lightning plains of Zakaia. The plains of Zakaia are filled with constant flashes of lightning and thunder. If it weren't for esteemed inventor Cadius Phirius, these plains would be impassable. With his wit, he invented the Lightning Pylons, crystaline looking structures that sit along the roads of the lighning plains, absorbing stray lightning. With the plains being utterly difficult to populise, the only settlement in Zakaia is its city, Altiera. The same goes for forts and outposts. The only fort standing on the plains of Zakaia is Stormhold Castle. Above Altiera hovers a great ominous black cloud and unlike the other masses of clouds eternally covering Zakaia's Skyline, this one is said to contain all of thunder's wrath.

Finally, the region of Piras, which lies adjacent to all the regions of Caruda, Sivania, Thia Akari, Aeva Sora and Zakaia, is unlike the other regions of Azadia, unique. It does not hold one special element, but all of the elements of Azadia, multicultural to be exact. It is here that Azadia's City Capital sits, in the near lower center of the kingdom. The western part of Piras is dominated by farmland, woodland and settlements. One could imagine it clearly, bright green meadows, flowing blue rivers and peaceful small towns is the picture.

All of these regions are governed by their individual cities, with the exception of the Piras Region, which holds Azadia's Capital.
The center of Azadia's worship, the Temple of the Ancients, lies on a small island north of Sivania, in the Scythe Bay. It is there the people make journeys towards to offer their prayers to the divine spirits.

Taz' Kor:
Located in Caruda, the stone region, Taz' Kor is the home of great artisans of many different races. The artisans of Taz' Kor are unparalelled in their carving of stone. They are the ones who built the solid strong walls of Caruda, about 30 ft thick. This is a strategic advantage that adds to the point that Taz' Kor is placed on a cliff overlooking the Ca' Azi Sea.
Another known point of Carudian work is the castle on the edge, behind the actual town. It is shaped as a cone, curved walls at the front and a diagonal edge going towards the point, where a great stone tower stands erect. Well fortified, and with such strong enduring soldiers, there isn't too much worry for the citizens of Taz' Kor. The Castle Barracks and Armory is located inside the castle, as well as the dungeon.
But then being on a cliff isn't always good of a standing point. Such advantages it gives also have disadvantages. If an enemy was to siege the city and succeed in penetrating the walls, there would be no escape.
A trait that Carudians have is resillience, like the stone they worship. The Shrine of Tashor in the city stands as a point of worship for the ancient enduring stone. Like him, the people of Caruda, Taz' Kor in particular, make the greatest of artisans.
To the layout of the city, it is also like the castle, cone shaped with the diagonal cliffside heading up to the castle. There is the outer wall with the city inside. Architect Guilds and Craftsman Houses are scattered throughout the city towards the inner wall that guards the castle. Other than that, there are stores and stalls in the market square, the center of Taz' Kor's trade. Various items can be bought there, weapons, armour, food, all the basic things of life and sometimes the rare objects lifetimes have been spent obtaining.
Civilian structures such as housing and inns are placed around the City Square, which has a great statue of Caruda's Lord, Taru Kai in the center. north of it, is the Shrine of Tashor in all its brilliance. It had taken years, perhaps a few decades, to fashion the shrine perfectly. It is maintained regularly by priests and priestesses dedicated to Tashor. Another notable building in the City Square is the Roaring Rock Inn, good service, low prices. It is definitely an inn to stay at. Other than that, there is the Taz' Kor City Guard Barracks, which is also located in the City Square. Citizens generally gather in the City Square to share the news of the day.

Located in Sivania, the Ice Region, Ishida is the center of known scholars and mages. A library erected in the shape of a tower is where the many Sivanian scholars and magisters go to study arcana. When it comes to their magical power, they are without match in their power of controlling magic.
The castle of Ishida is placed in a small niche in the mountains around it, making it only accessible by the stone platform built by hand that goes down to the city. Stairs with a portcullis at the top that lead down to the platform where the Arcane Library, City Guard Barracks and Armory are located, from there, down the stairs on the side and then one will end up in the city. The walls surrounding the city are high enough, but not as high as the stone platform. There is the East Gate leading to Cryo Caves, the South Gate leading to road to either Thia' Akari, or Azinak, the West Gate leading to the road to Caruda or Piras, and finally, the North West Gate that leads to the small fishing village of Canter.
The City Square is located near the North West Gate, civillian buildings and the Shrine to Indra is located, built around an ice sculpted statue of Ishida's late ruler, Lydia Farheart. Houses and two inns are built in the City Square, one inn known as the "Silver Plains" and another known as "Crying Crystal", both of excellent service and good prices.
Down south along the street are stores littered along the wayside, each selling their particular and common items. There are a few book stores as well, but one particular one known as "Sage's Knowledge" is particularly good. The store sells many different books one won't find anywhere else for reasonable prices.
This is a trait of Sivanians, they are knowledgeable, ready to learn and teach. They are quite the bookworms but this intense level of studying many books leads to their powerful intellect and power in magic. Such is the trait that Indra is said to posess.
In the castle of Ishida is where the current lord and lady live. Up until now, Lydia Farheart was Ishida's ruler, until she died mysteriously. Since then, her eldest nephew took the seat of Count. The civilians of Ishida don't take to badly to his sudden taking of the throne, but are still suspicious.
Back to the layout of the castle, inside is a great hall, kitchen, castle barracks and dungeon, living quarters and treasury. It is also said that beneath the castle lies the ruined catacombs of Old Ishida.

The great earthen city of Shadiya is located in the sandy dunes of Thia' Akari. The many warriors and soldiers of Azadia were mostly built from Thia' Akari blood, making them quite formidable. The greatest Fighters Guild Chapter is centered in the city of Shadiya, warriors working for the good of Azadia for gold. You can say hired pest killers in short. Nethertheless, the warriors in Shadiya and everywhere else habitable in the desert are quite strong and prove great a challenge.
The city of Shadiya is really a great chasm in the middle of the desert, walls surrounding the chasm to protect from stray siege projectiles. In the center of the chasm is a great stair well connected by the bridge that leads across over the chasm to the West Gate and East Gate. The stairwell goes down and down until it reaches the bottom of the chasm. As it goes down, rock bridges are built from the cliff walls of the chasm to the stairwell, leading into the underground parts of the city.
At the bottom of the chasm is the castle of Shadiya. The only defensive thing about it is that it is only safely accessible by the stair well. The usual things of a castle is located inside, great hall, kitchens, treasury, castle barracks and living quarters. But then there is the dungeon, the castle keeps prisoners in minor cells, but if the crime was perhaps serious, the prisoner would be thrown down into the Strix Caverns. This method is considered execution, as no prisoner that gets thrown down there ever find their way back up. Something down there gets them before starvation or disease does.
But something is missing from Shadiya, a shrine to their elemental spirit, Shagoroth. The architect of Shadiya never built a shrine in Shadiya. But some say he built the shrine beneath the earth, where he ventured last before never being seen again. That place was the Strix Caverns.
Perhaps to a fault, you'd think that if it proves the only way, defensively, to reach Shadiya's glory, it is also a key point that if destroyed, could mean Shadiya's death. The Architect devised an escape route just in case. It leads to the Shifting Fortress of which was also built long ago by the Architect.

Located in the barren burning wastes of Azinak, Kirikai is the city of its region, perhaps the only settlement on the barren wastes. The Azinaki people have natural talent with magical fire and fighting uncontrollably. Many barbarians come to Azinak to train in the Azinaki techniques, mostly orcs, though few pass the initiation.
Not much defense to be involved, but Kirikai is surrounded by an outer wall, albeit a thin one made of obsidian. The Castle is located in the center of the city, surrounded by not walls, but a moat of boiling lava, a drawbridge at the castle gate allows people into the castle. The castle has the usual areas, but the dungeon is a hell hole. It doesn't feel good to be locked inside a cell full of hot steam, unless you're a Dragonian, where it would probably feel really good.
The city layout isn't much to look at, you have most of the houses scattered along the streets, the stores and shops at the market area and perhaps the shrine of Sheoth placed specially next to the castle gate, in the City Square. The City Square is where all the noble houses, however they look a bit tad dirty to be noble, reside along with the local guild chapters and inns. A great statue of Sadik Xaeves is placed in the center of the square.
Sadik Xaeves was the late Count Kirikai, whom died in the Battle of The Barrens. Sadik was one of the Judge Magisters that layed their lives down for King Cyrus. Sadik served King Cyrus to the end. Since his death, Sadik's son, Visiroth Xaeves, took the seat of Count Kirikai. The people love Visiroth as much as they loved his father, but Visiroth feels he has to live up to his father. He trains hard everyday with the court pyromancer and castle guard, trying to be like his father. But the people still adore him for his determination.

The great city of Irrolai, located in the region of Sedonia. It is placed upon the branches of the Elder Oak, the biggest and oldest tree in the Deepening Forest. It is also known as the First Tree. It is said that Thalia, mother of nature, gave birth to the tree, where then it grew and grew from the Mystirica and Arcana she gave to it. Then, it scattered its seeds to the many parts of Sedonia where the Deepening Forest began. The Elder Oak is surrounded by a great lake, and is only accessibly by ferries or the great wooden bridge spanning across. A Garrison is placed at the entrance of the bridge.
Amongst the branches of the Elder Oak, the many parts of the City are reachable by wooden bridges and branches. These parts include the market, the Ranger's Guild Chapter, the Druidic Circle, the civilian buildings and City Square. The shrine to Thalia itself is placed inside the castle, which is build at the very top of the Elder Oak, where the Daughter of Thalia resides as Countess Irrolai.
The City Square is where the famed Cherrywood Manors are located, as well as the local inns. Unlike other cities, the City Square has a fountain of Mystirica in the center of the Square. The City Square is the last civilian area to go before heading up the many steps to the castle.
The castle is made of vine fortified, magically enchanted mahogany. The Daughter of Thalia was the very elf who enchanted it. She is blessed by Thalia, hence her title. No one knows her real name though. It is said in Mythology and Lore that a young Elven girl was crying in the woods. That's when Thalia found her. She was blessed, so when she walked passed the trees and flowers, they grew. When she walked past the animals of the woods, they knew. When she walked with Thalia, she smiled. That's when Thalia adopted her as her child.
The castle has the usual workings, nothing special, only that the city's shrine to Thalia is placed inside the castle.
Sedonian people, such as elves and beastmen all had a deep connection for Mother Nature's creations, taking care of the forests and animals they lived with. Many end up to be druids, caretakers of nature's children.
Irrolai was ravaged by the Eradian forces long ago. The Eradians marched through the Deepening Forest, leaving a trail of fire and pain. As they did, Thalia cried as the forest screamed. The Daughter of Thalia heard it too, a painful cry of nature. She armed herself, ready to do battle to protect nature's children. But when the time came, they lost, and most of Irrolai burned. As it did, the Oak itself began to weep, as the Daughter of Thalia had died. Thalia could not bear it, and brought Thalia back from death's clutches, but for a price. Her Daughter, would be eaten away by an eternal illness, living immortal, but dying on the inside.

Amik Pahi Ka:
The famed city of the sky, placed high above the ground in Aeva Sora, the Air Region. The city is built upon a great rock that is filled with an everlasting fountain of Aeva Arcana, or air energy. The city of Amik Pahi Ka follows a sort of tropical fashion, golden-topped white buildings can be seen everywhere in Amik Pahi Ka. Palm trees, tropical desert buildings placed upon a magical flying rock in the sky, it is known as the Silver City of Aeva Sora.
It is said that there was once a great stone in the middle of the Barrens, a giant piece of sandstone. It then split into a variety of large and small pieces. One by one, they began to float off and then be arranged into a pattern, connected by cloud roads. The smaller pieces laying along the roads to provide a solid rest, the larger pieces acting as land for settlements and forts.
The city of Amik Pahi Ka is arranged in a circular manner, with the castle standing the highest in the middle of the city. The city also has four other Sectors floating around it.
The Castle Sector is surrounded by an inner wall with gates in the North, South, East and West. The City has roads in those corresponding directions leading from the Castle Sector. They all lead to the gates of the outer wall, the East Gate goes onto the cloud road that leads to either Sedonia or Eradia, passing the Floating Citadel. The South Gate leading to the floating township of Theta Skith before heading to Misarillia. Finally, the East Gate leading to the floating township of Arcades Demati, before heading to Zakaia. There is no North Gate on the outer wall. Instead, there is the famed sky docks of Amik Pahi Ka, where the many sky ships dock before sailing the skies. Many of these ships are sky pirate ships. Sky ships, follow almost the same principle as the floating pieces of sandstone, running on the essence of Aeva Arcana, Air Energy.
There is no real governor of Amik Pahi Ka, only a council of wizards, lead by the Archmage. Narxes Markal is the current Archmage of Amik Pahi Ka. He works in the Arcane University in the Castle Sector. There, many students and scholars gather, mostly from Sivania, to study advanced work in the Arcane Arts. Under his formidable hand, he has outlawed the black arts of necromancy, seeing it as a corruptible and evil form of magic. He struggles in a long lasting battle against the many necromancer cults of Azadia.
The city is actually made up of the Four Sectors floating around the center, which is where all the mages of the Arcane University live. Visitors are allowed passage through, but all the facilities are restricted to mages only. One has to go to the Four Sectors for service and homes. The Four Sectors of Amik Pahi Ka, in a clockwise direction, the Civilian Sector, the Market Sector, the Military Sector, the Parell Sector.
The Civilian Sector is where all the citizens of the city live. There are many fine houses and inns in this sector. The local estate office handles all the deeds and things for people to negotiate about.
The Market Sector is where everything can be found, ranging from books, food, equipment, spells, everything in general really. All kinds of stores and shops, small and big can be found in the Market Sector.
The Military Sector is where all the training of Amik Pahi Ka's Military is handled. This sector trains the city guard and army of Amik Pahi Ka. The the dungeon is also located in this sector.
The Parell Sector is a sector still under construction, as has been for about a century or so. The problem for Amik Pahi Ka is that once when Eradians had sent them supplies to construct, since the war had started and ended, Eradia has refused to send the supplies needed.

The city upon the thunder-scorched plains, the city of Altiera is the only settlement in the thunder region of Zakaia, being as the plains was seen as near impossible to settle in. The city is layed out in four different districts shaped around the Storm Spike District, located in the center. The city is quite a marvel, its design and scheme is quite fascinating, albeit a bit dark, as the sun is never seen in the lightning plains of Zakaia. Rivers and torrents pure harmless lightning can be seen flowing around the city, in small aqueducts, straight lines in the ground and walls of buildings, and coming off many buildings. All of this is made possible by the creation and tinkering of the ingenious lightning pylon. They can also be seen in decorative and safe spots around the city to keep the citizens safe. The Storm Spike, where the city council chambers are located, is covered by statues that act the same way the lightning pylon does. In that, lightning can be seen striking the Storm Spike all the time, in an array of shining streaks.
The Citizen District is where all the houses and inns, citizens and non-citizens are based. People, of the town and out of town alike, gather in the District Center to share news and rumors, or just chat. Houses don't come cheap in the Citizn District, and lots of these buildings are really apartments.
The Market District is where all the stores and shops, merchants and peddlars are based. Everyone comes to the Market District to buy, sell, barter and trade, and sometimes, steal. Thievery is quite the quandry in Altiera, and the City Guard try their best to put a stop to the problem.
The Military District is where the city guard is based. The Training Grounds and Armory of this District produce the most formidable soldiers wielding spears and lances and tower shields. The design of Altieran Guard Armor and Weapons is quite unique and exquisite. The Altieran Dungeon is also located in this district, where criminals, be it murderers, thieves, bandits, any kind of outlaw, are thrown into the dungeon IF, they come easily.
The Temple District is where the Temple of Thunder is located. The priests and priestesses of Thunder tend to the many purified Thunder Magicite formations that litter the gardens of the Temple District. Lightning Pylons are made of purified Thunder Magicite itself, so therefore the priests and priestesses insist that the crystal formations remain as they are. Inside the temple is a great hall with conduits with blue lightning flowing through them on the surface of the walls and columns. At the end of the hall is a great statue covered in cracks filled with lightning, a statue of the thunder spirit, Empath.

Varuna City:
The great capital of Azadia, placed in the Region of Tetra, or Piras. Here, all the people of the different elemental regions of Azadia may gather, mingle, discuss and trade, and watch all the royal happenings of Azadia. However, since the fall of King Cyrus and the assimilation of Azadia to Eradia, Varuna City's glory only exists in the pages of histoy, the Capital of Azadia is but a shadow of its former greatness. Now Imperial Eradian Soldiers walk the streets, enforcing their own laws upon the city, curfews, torture as punishment and so on. Azadians are treated like common trash. This is probably no different from any other city in Azadia, but Eradia stationed most of its legion in Varuna City, to ensure that all of Azadia that goes there sees what may happen to them. Varuna City, is the face of Azadia, and that face is corrupted and cracked, like a mirror against a wall. Once it gave a clear reflection, now it only gives an illusion.
There would be much to say about this place, all good, if it were many years ago. Now save little the things that remain, all else that the Azadians cherished in this city are long gone or closed up. The Royal Palace in the center of the city is one of those things, boarded up and barren. The Eradians ensure that no one enters the forlorn halls of Varuna Palace, as is the same with other places, the Azadian University is perhaps the same as well.
Varuna City is divided into Eight Districts, all of them built around the center district, where the Varuna Palace stands. The Eight Districts are in a clockwise motion, the Market District, Civilian District, Arcane District, Military District, Craftsman District, Temple District, Gardens District and Caion's District, each unique for something in the works for the City.

Mount Cades:
Once a sacred site if pilgrimage for those of Caruda, now that Eradia has conquered Azadia, Mount Cades is one of the sacred sites scattered about Azadia, that have been abandoned due to the martial of Eradia in their attempt to convert Azadia. It was once said that pilgrims who ascended this mountain successfully were granted the strength and endurance of the stone. Mount Cades has long enough been abandoned to be infested with creatures and other manner of beasts. And another...
Zediti Caves:
The largest system of caves in Caruda, the Zediti Caves is a popular point of interest for parties of adventurers. Within the dark caves are creatures and beasts unique to Caruda. It is said that there was once an old tribe from the old ages that inhabited the caves in lost underground villages. There is plenty of their ancient treasure that remains to be found.
Cryo Caves:
Whitestrake Peak:
White Dunes:
Strix Caverns:
Another of Azadia's sacred points of pilgrimage, located in the depths beneath Shadiya in Thia Akari, abandoned long ago at the order of Eradia. A many kind of dangerous monsters and beasts infests its labyrinth-like tunnels. It is said that pilgrims who traversed the labyrinth-like caves were gifted the willpower and strength of the earth. Many are lost inside and never to return. There were once maps that the pilgrims of Thia Akari owned that helped them through the labyrinth. Those maps are long gone, and one who may find it may count themselves lucky. There is also rumors of another beast, one that knows the labyrinth like home...
Sand Worn Temple:
An ancient religious center from ages past, this sand worn temple stands evident upon the south eastern side of Thia' Akari's shifting sands. This temple is inhabited by local Thia' Akarian beasts that play tenants to the sand filled halls and corridors. Deep inside this temple is said to be the hiding place of an old sect of ancient cultists said to have existed since the old ages.
Zoran Tunnels:
Burning Grotto:
Korsch Volcano:
Deepening Forest:
Elder Oak:
Sirren Farmland:
Floating Citadel:
Mishi Caverns:
Stormhold Castle:
Temple of the Ancients:
Eradian Geography:
Base Description: Eradia is not as mixed up and scattered as Azadia and don't worship the elements of the land around them. They have more outposts than major townships in the regions. Their capital of Valanastre is quite large, almost twice as big than Varuna City. Mostly made up of forests, hills and plains, Eradia is quite the normal land.

Servian Highlands:
Vast hilly ranges and high cliffs rise to the north past the edges of Shard Forest and Carian Meadows. The Servian Highlands are known for its fertility and luscious green grass atop the beige cliffs. Tall trees dominate the unpopulated hill tops of the Servian Highlands. Within the highlands on the edge of the Thedean Bay is the port town of Servia, a fishing and apple farming town. Deeper within the highlands is the deep Servian Crags. Many creatures and beings reside within the many caves running beneath the highlands.

Shard Forests:
Deep forests of many oak trees stretch as far from the border around the Carian Meadows and to the edge of Valanastre's walls and the Stellus River. Many small villages and settlements dot the woodlands of Shard Forests. The town of Adamis on the west edge of the Shard Forests touching the Sapphire coastline lives peacefully yet scared of the supposed shadows over the borderline to Azadia. On the crossroads that touch between regions are the mighty Northshard and Southshard Fortresses, proud achievements of the Eradians. Roads snake out from their proud walls. The roads from Southshard Fortress in particulare twist and turn all over the forests to Fort Twister near Terris.

Carian Meadows:
Long fields of luscious long green grass and pristine land as far as the eastern point of Shard Forest near Valanastre to the western point near Northshard Fortress. The Carian Meadows are so peaceful one would never think war could happen here. But in truth, the pristine land is a cover for all the blood that was shed long ago. Citizens of the town of Carius nearby can perhaps remember the war that was fought, but would prefer to keep it locked away. Despite this, there are plenty of wild game to hunt out here, as well as wild beasts...

Sorillia Jungle:
Mysterious jungle undergrowth and thick wilds of Sorillia Jung;e are all one may find on the cliff island just off the mainland of Eastern Siriko. Connected to Eradia via a Great Stone Bridge built by great architects and builders, Sorrilia Jungle poses a fatal area for the unprepared. Many hidden beasts and monsters hide within the undergrowth ready to snatch the inexperienced. But deep within the misty wilds of the jungle is the treetop town of Gorrolai. Mainly inhabited by wood elves and beastmen, Gorrolai may bear some connection to Irrolai, but is yet to be explained.

Encari Wilds:
The deeper and darker parts of Eradia, the Encari Wilds are made up of lowland marshes and swamps just east of the city of Terris. Many barbarian camps are the only form of settlement dotting the wilds, and they're not known for their hospitality. Continuing down to the southeast do the wilds begin to rise to high spine-like spire mountains, towards the cliffs bordering the edge of Eradia over the Sordican Ocean. The darkest shadow of Shade Point looms over the Sordican Ocean to the south like an evil figure. The biggest spire mountain of them all is the towering Mount Eresan, marking the northern edge point of the Encari Wilds into the Ithien Woodlands. Many heretics and other shadowy beings, beasts and monsters occupy the wilds.

Ithien Woodlands:
The derelict scenery begins to melt away as one travels north through the Ithien Woodlands from the Encari Wilds along the Stellus River. The shadow of darkness still holds it clutch on this part of Eradia, leaving this are with few settlements. It is said there is a strong age-old curse upon this land, though its nature unexplainable. Though it is very well known that not far south from Valanastre's southern gates is the mysterious Ithien Hollow. Coincidentally, the three Forts Sorrow, Regret and Pain are placed beside the roads going around it. Scholars believe that this place is the centre of the supposed curse, though people always avoid the hollow. The woodlands however are filled with dark beasts and monsters, many of which come out at darkest of night.


City of Terris:
The city of Terris is a magnificent sight to behold, second only to Valanastre. Eradian architects had spent so long at work to design this grand city on the stip of land that split the Stellus River into The Fork. With natural water flowing either side of it, Terris is seen as a marvel of defense and beauty. Within its walls are many fine citizens of Eradia. Terris is also known for its grand festivals at night, once at the beginning of each month.

Capital City of Valanastre:
The grand epic point of Eradia is the huge city of Valanastre. Vast amounts of land was taken up in the construction of this marvelous city, almost three times the size of the large city of Terris. Truly the size of Valanastre cannot be matched in all of Siriko. Not only is it a huge city but also an almost impervious capital, the epilous crossroads of trade, magic and all other crafts in Eradia. Truly, the city of Valanastre is a sight to marvel at. But beneath the spectacular appearance of its architecture are many citizens, rich and poor. Many poor people of this large city have even taken to living within its vast waterway and sewer system underneath. Some have come to call it Lowtown, carving out houses from the walls of the water ways and sewers into their own grand home. It is not only the presence of poverty that hides beneath the city's appearance, but also corrupt government officials. For ever since the time of King Tidas, many politicians of Valanastre have usurped the royal line and played the kings, queens, princes and princesses of Eradia puppets to their own whim.



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Mythology, Religion and Lore Information:



The many gods of Vana Diel, known and unknown, major and minor, good and evil, are all worshipped by the many peoples of Vana Diel. They fall into many different categories, sub categories to be exact, of the bigger collections of divinity.

The major part of good divinity are the Divines, ever watching and ever ready to take action in the form of heroes against evil. The Divines are made up of Twelve Gods, each with a particular element and conscience. The Divines are worshipped widely across Vana Diel, and by Eradia.


The ancient ancestor spirits of Azadia ever so powerful, especially when united. Since Azadia was split up by the dissolution, Priests have actually claimed to feel a weak pulse from the Caieons, weaker than they did before the fall of Azadia. The Caieons are unique to Azadia, and is only worshipped there. Each one is unique to their region, with the powers and attributes of that region and its people.

Sar Aea
Alg Boliq

The major part of divine evil, proving that where ever there is light, there is a shadow, where ever there is good, there is evil. There are as many Divines as there are Daevas, twelve, each with unique elements, traits and ideals. The Daevas are worshipped by many people across Vana Diel, just not as many as there are worshipping other gods and the Divines. Each Daeva have their own plane of Zamarask, each decorated in equivalence to their sphere and personality.


Daevic Princes:
These are the lesser, yet still powerful, entities of general evil and depravity, representing some minor things that exist on the world of Vana Diel. There are quite a few of the Daevic Princes, and they are all strong enough to have a conduit to Vana Diel. Like the Daevas, each Daevic Prince has their own plane of Zamarask, each accustomed to their sphere and tastes.

Daevic Prince of Madness and Creativity, Rasemov is known as the "Madgod" of all things insane and creative. His realm of Zamarask is the Shivering Isles, the realm with twin faces for all the things there. Rasemov has actually gone far enough to lodge a portal in the face of Vana Diel to his realm. Already, people who were perfectly stable that went through the portal and came back were found to have been driven completely mad.
In his sacred book of testaments, it is stated:
Blessed be the Madmen
For they represent the essence of entertainment.
Blessed be the Phobics
For they seek the dangers that would harm them.
Blessed be the Paranoids
For they are cautious of all those around them.
Blessed be the Addicts
For the quench a thirst that does not exist.
Blessed be the Murderers
For they kill without reason and all at random.
Blessed be the Artists
For they paint what may not be seen.
Blessed be the Musicians
For they play what may not be heard.
Blessed be the Madgod
For he is within all of us, our madness and creativity!

Azadian Mythology:
There are many myths and legends of Azadia, but only fair number of them are known and remembered. Most of these known and remembered myths are written down in the history books of each region, as the remembered myths have to do with an important figure of Azadia's regions, such as the Daughter of Thalia, The Great Burning, Sky's Revelation and etc.

The Daughter of Thalia:
The countess, lady rather, of all of Sedonia is a quant, quiet, shy wood elf that is really, only 250 years old. And for an Elf, that can be compared to the Hume age of 35. It is said, known actually, that this fair maiden is blessed by Thalia herself. Myth says, that this nameless Wood Elf was sitting down sobbing in the forest, reasons unknown when the Lady of the Forest, Thalia, whom is one of the Azadian Caieons, visited this young Elf and in an act of sympathy, opened the girl's eyes to the wonders of the forests. Suddenly, the girl could speak and bond with animals easily. Even the most fearsome of beasts became the most loyal companions of the young Wood Elf. Where ever she walked, flowers and grass would grow lush. The trees would speak to her, and sometimes even move for her. This gift, lead to her adoption under the care of Thalia, leading to her title, "The Daughter of Thalia".
Happiness didn't last so much 20 years after this momentous event. When the war of Siriko began, Irrolai was ravaged by Eradian Soldiers. The forest weeped as it watched the Elder Oak be covered in flames, and the city of Irrolai burned along with it. The Daughter of Thalia could feel it too, for the tears and pain of the forest, was her tears and pain as well. She took up arms to protect what she loved, and in the end, died trying to do it. Thalia saw then that her daughter had fallen, and then began to weep as well. The animals of the forest began to sit down in silence wherever they were, whatever they were doing. Flowers that were in bloom had bent over and closed up in a sign of rememberence. And thre great trees of the forest, and the Elder Oak, began to moan and sob in memory of the young maiden. There and then, the Daeva of Death, Zarich, struck a deal with Thalia, he would bring her daughter back to life, but for a price. Thalia ook the tempting deal, and there her daughter stood again. But something was different. She was ever so weak, for such a young girl that would actually be energetic, especially since she was an elf. It was then Thalia realised, her daughter was dying on the inside. She would always feel an eternal weariness placed on her shoulders, her skin would be very cold at times, even in the warmest months. And her inside, as said, would burn with disease unknown. This was clearly the price Zarich had stated. This was not life, this was eternal death.

Vana Dielic Lore:
Generic Vana Diel Calender: The general calender of Vana Diel is a calender used by nearly all of the citizens of Vana Diel. The months of Vana Diel all have to do with their constellation. For example, Dawnfire has to do with the sign of Fire.
Lady's Seed
Steed's Thunder
Sighing Sky
Crying Ocean
Roaring Earth
Rock's Resillience
Cynos' Cry
Oberon's Solace
Saurda's Malice
Kael's End
Elven Calender: The Elven Calender is the Elven adaption of Vana Dielic Months. They follow the same cycle, number and constellation order. The only difference is that the months have ancient Elven names for their gods. All Elves follow the Elven Calender, with the exception of almost all of the Dark Elves, whom of which are mostly heretical and evil, folllowing the Daevic Calender.


Daevic Calender: The Daevic Calender is said to be handed down by the Twelve Daevas themselves, in the form of the first Daevic Calender, known as Dai Sa Infininium. The months follow the the Daevas themselves, but then the Daevas are an evil side of the same coin that the gods are on. The months are in the same quantity, same order, same constellations (with a bit of a variation), but different names and beliefs. Those who follow the Daevic Calender are probably very heretical in belief.

Soul Fire
Thorn Fury
Strife's Lightning
Merciless Wind
Unending River
Hidden Burrow
Spirit Frost
Opien's Hammer
Forgotten Light
Desolate Arcana
Revenant Darkness
Omnis' Awakening

Ancient Magicks:
The Magicks of Vana Diel exist through the use of magical essences. These magical essences are said to have flowed from the Farplanes and into the waking world, creating magic. A few beings, whom the generic calender has named a few months after them, are said to be the first users of these magicks. Cynos, the first Cleric, first used Mystirica to revive his fallen brother. Oberon the first Summoner, used Arcana to summon the spirits known as Avatars. Saurda the first Necromancer, used Nethirica to raise the first legion of undeath. And finally, Kael, the first Archmage, used Magicka to create the many different schools of magic. These four people altered the course of destiny for the world by harnessing the power of Magicks.
Mystirica was the first light to enter the world, said to be the will of the Sun, opposite to the darkness and the Moon. Mystirica was the essence of purity, used for the powers of healing and light.
Nethirica was the first shadow to enter the world, said to be the will of the Moon, opposite to the light and the Sun. Nethirica was the essence of evil, used for the powers of destruction and darkness.
Arcana was the unique essence of the arcane, the essence used to pull the ethereal and divine beings out of their planes of existence temporarily. Arcana is the essence of prayer, used to call divine beings using incantations and artifacts, such as crystals, stones, weapons, jewellery and lots others.
Magicka was the unique essence of the mystical, the essence used for the many schools of magic seen used today, such as enchanting, destruction, illusion and so on. Magicka is a necessary component when it comes to spellcraft. Magicka is the essence of all Magicks, required by all mages of all kinds. Even Necromancers need some Magicka to join their Nethiric pool.

There are many languages upon Vana Diel, living, breathing, dying and already dead. Some languages are said to open hidden doors, and some languages themselves are hidden doors. Likewise, here is a listing of a few known languages used primarily by Vana Diel's people.

Vana Dielic:
The capital language of Vana Diel, used by those who have accepted civilization and its practices. Many Argonians, Dragonians and Khajiits have forgotten their native language in exchange for this one. The few that know their own languages still strive to keep them alive. Vana Dielic is used almost everywhere by the majority of its people. It's perhaps the only kind of language, besides elven, that is heard being spoken in settlements and cities.


This is a name given to a language all elves. However, there are different kinds of elves. The most common being Wood Elves, High Elves and Dark Elves. They use the Elven Language as a base, and change it to their aspects. It is commonly used by elves, even in the today of Vana Diel.

Azadian Lore:
Phirius Workshops:
Formed near the beginning of the First Era by Cadius Phirius, Phirius Workshops focus on improving all aspects of life, first in Azadia, and hoping to spread out to Vana Diel. Phirius Workshops is mainly based in the city of Altiera in Zakaia, it's birthplace. Cadius Phirius was the esteemed inventor of the Thunder Pylon. It was he who proved many people wrong in thinking the Thunder Plains of Zakaia were absolutely inhabitable, and extremely difficult to cross. With the invention of the Thunder Pylon, people were able to travel across Zakaia, and build the city of Altiera, and Stormhold Castle. And so Cadius formed the workshop in Altiera and attracted many who had a strive for inventing. Cadius continued to invent more objects, both magical and physical, making life easier for people.

Ironically, Cadius himself was killed. He was struck by lightning whilst trying to maintain a lightning pylon away from the roads. The loss of such a man was deeply mourned. But Phirius Workshops continued to progress, remembering Cadius Phirius as they do when they invent, and make Siriko and eventually, Vana Diel, a better place.

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[FONT=&quot]Character Creation Information:[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Now to traditional Roleplaying preparation! Below are two base templates for your character and sub character, or companion. Afterwards is all the information you may use for your characters.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Companions are OPTIONAL, by the way. You may make one, but they aren't needed. They stay with the characters you allocate them to for the duration of their life, however long you deem. They can be directly, indirectly or not related to your characters stories. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Being your characters, and their fates are only as you ultimately decide them. Everyone else can influence the course of their destinies, but the final absolution is your decision. Their fates are in your hands.[/FONT]

Character Template
Name: Who are you?
Age: How old are you?
Race: What are you?
Gender: Male or Female?
Starsign: What kind of person are you?

Appearance: What do you look like? If you submit an image, you don't have to provide a description unless it's necessary to say that your character isn't wearing this or so on. If you don't submit an image, you will have to provide a detailed description.
Height: How tall are you? Measurement is ft.
Weight: How heavy are you? Measurement is lb.
Background: What is your story?
Equipment: What do you wield?

Skills: What are you good at?
Class: What do you do?
Faction: Who do you work for?
Theme: What can you hear when we see you?
Mount: Do you ride? May have a name.
Location: Where are you?

Sub-Character/Companion Template
Name: Who are they?
Age: How old are they?
Race: What are they?
Gender: Male or Female?
Starsign: What kind of person are they?

Appearance: What do they look like? If you submit an image, you don't have to provide a description unless it's necessary to say that the companion isn't wearing this or so on. If you don't submit an image, you will have to provide a detailed description.
Height: How tall are they? Measurement is ft.
Weight: How heavy are they? Measurement is lb.
Background: What is their story?
Equipment: What do they wield?

Skills: What are they good at?
Class: What do they do?
Faction: Who do they work for?
Theme: What do they hear when we see them?
Mount: Do they ride? Possible to share with the Main-Character's mount.
Location: Where are they?

The majority of the parameters can/will be changed as your character progresses In Character.
The parameters that are naturally changed are Age, Height, Weight, Background and Location. This means that as a character progresses through the roleplay, these parameters will definitely be changed unless there are special conditions.
The parameters that are physically changed are Name, Equipment, Skills, Class, Faction and Theme. This means that they, save Theme, can be changed when described at choice in the In Character.
All of the said parameters are the only parameters that may be logically changed. The rest are set, such as Race, Gender and Starsign. As the roleplay progresses, I may ask that you update Character Sheets according to the In Character.
What's unique about Chronicles of Siriko is how customizable it is. The majority of the character templates can be custom, ranging from your own skills, equipment, factions and so on! If you wish to make a custom parameter, please ask me first.
Finally, I "strongly" encourage "multiple" characters, if you are capable of doing so. They do not have to be in parties or groups, they can be individuals if you so please.
Please read through the stuff here and create your character accordingly.

The categories of races (Bold Underlined) with their different kinds and races filed beneath the categories (Bold) are what you may choose from. Please submit it into the character sheet like "Category/Race - Kind/Race".
Eg, "Hume - Imperial", "Dwarf - Underground Dwarf", "Elf - Dark Elf", "Beastman - Swamp Argonian", "Beastman - "Snow Khajiit" etc.

The most common race of Vana Diel, Humes are a race of people that are capable of many things and in many ways. Threy are quite versatile in their lives, but quite unpredictable. Primitive may be a more useful term to describe, maybe even violent. Temptation, greed, lust for power, these are the things that tempt Humes to be so. But deep inside, the Humes have the ability to make peace with the world and its creations. Humes are split into many different types, each individual type pertaining to particular traits. They are Imperials, Bretons, Redguards, Nords and many others. Overall, Humes have quite the balance in all skills in general. Their lifespan is a hundred years, and usually 2 in 3 Humes will live through this lifespan before war and sickness gets them.
Imperials are the most diplomatic of Humes. Imperials generally have good tanned to olive skin, various colours of hair and eyes and a good athletic build. Imperials are as tall as the average Hume. They boast good fighting capability and good stealth capabilities. However, they aren't very in tune with magical essences. The Imperials are good friends of the Bretons and Redguards, but aren't on good terms with the Nords. They make up about 3/8 of Vana Diel's Humes, and herald from the cosmopolitan lands of the Imperial Empire on the southern parts of the mainland.

Bretons are the most magically gifted and potent of Humes. Bretons generally have a fair olive to pale skin, soft colours of hair, various eye colours and an average build. Bretons are only a little shorter than the average Hume. They prove exceptional resistance to the elements. They also have good skills in diplomacy in stealth, but weak competency for combat. They are very good friends of the Imperials, but very much hate the Redguards and Nords for their brutish ways. They make up about 2/8 of Vana Diel's Humes. They herald from the rich highlands of Everguard in the western parts of the mainland.

Redguards are a strong and proud people who possess great talents in combat. Redguards generally have tanned to dark skin, dark colours of hair, brown or green eye and a muscular build. Redguards are as tall as the average Hume. They have good competencies for stealth, but find that magic is a weak way to do battle, and rarely become mages. Redguards make good friends with their neighboring Nords and the Imperials, but dislike Bretons for their magical profession. They make up about 1/8 of Vana Diel's Humes. They herald from the dusty mountain lands of the small province of Herefell in the north-western parts of the mainland.

Nords are a great and enduring people who have lived strong and wizened in their ancient traditions and gods. They generally have a bulky build, fair olive to pale skin, fair colours of hair colours and with various eye colours. Nords are almost a head taller than the average Hume. They have excellent formidable force in using combat weapons and skills, and have a potency for magicks in following their gods. They do not find stealth a feasible approach to anything though. Common classes amongst. Nords are good friends with Redguards in general, but dislike Imperials and Bretons for their slanderous smooth talking. They make up 2/8 of Vana Diel's Humes and herald from the cold snowy mountain headlands of Skrijaheim in the northern parts of the mainland.

A proud and formidable race who inhabit the undergrounds beneath the vast mountain scapes of Herefell and Skrijaheim, using their vast amount of Dwarven ingenuity to build grand underground fortresses and cities connected by vast systems of caves, the walls of their buildings known to be nearly impenetrable thanks to Dwarven knowledge.
The Dwarves of Vana Diel are quite sociable sometimes, but an angry dwarf is not a good one to have. They have quite good negotiation skills and sometimes make good merchants. These short beings make up in strength and resilience what they lack in height. They quite wise and have great amounts of knowledge in crafts, building and Runelore. They have strong capabilities in combat, particularly in defence, but lack all kinds of stealthy skill. Dwarves are quite able to live hundreds of years.
Herefell Dwarf:
The Dwarves of Herefell are different to their brothers of Skrijaheim. The Herefell Dwarves have dirty olive skin and black or brown. They are stronger and more formidable in offensive combat than their brothers of Skrijaheim. But they're not quite as sociable as normal. Herefell Dwarves tend to get angry quite easily, and forges Herefell Dwarven society to keep more to themselves rather than go overground. They're bloody temper makes them ignorant and even resistant to the calling of rune magicks. They have the greatest weapon forgers there though. Their talents make them good Berserkers, Barbarians and Blacksmiths. They don't exactly like their brothers in Skrijaheim, but they don't hate them either. Herefell Dwarves find that it is easy to get along with others of your calling and interests, particularly Redguards, Dragonians and Orcs. The Herefell Dwarves definitely agree with their brothers on one thing. The Shadow Elves are a clear enemy, and the Arkathis Dwarves are too perfect.

Skrijaheim Dwarf:
The Dwarves of Skrijaheim are different to their brothers of Herefell. The Skrijaheim Dwarves have fair olive skin and fair vibrant hair colours with braids. They are enduring and more formidable in defensive combat than their brothers of Herefell. They are much more sociable than normal, and their tempers are a lot more calmer than Herefell Dwarves, making Skrijaheim Dwarven society more ready to go overground and even build cities overground on the mountains near the neighboring Nord cities. They're patient and passively defensive attitude makes them more in tune to rune magicks. They have the greatest armour forgers too. Their talents make then good Guardians, Runemages and Armorers. They don't exactly get along with their brothers in Herefell, but they don't hate them either. They get along quite well with Nords, Skrijaheim Khajiit, Dragonians and Orcs. The Skrijaheim Dwarves definitely agree with their brothers on one thing. The Shadow Elves are a clear enemy, and the Arkathis Dwarves are too perfect.

Arkathis Dwarf:
The Dwarves of Arkathis are different to both their brothers of Herefell and Skrijaheim. Arkathis Dwarves live in the boiling depths of Mount Arkathis alongside the Dragonians. These Dwarves have live alongside the Dragonians for a long time, combining their skills and traits with that of the Dragonians to forge a strong civilization in the fires of Mount Arkathis. The city of Arkathis is the crown achievement of these two races combining. Arkathis Dwarves have really hardened dirty skin that was once olive. They have braided hair in vibrant and dark colours, and have tattoos to mark they're friendship with the Dragonians. The Arkathis Dwarves are a proud and regal kind of Dwarf, with a very sociable and patient demeanor. They have great capabilities in both offensive and defensive combat, and their runelore is powerful. Along with Dragonian designs, Arkathis Dwarves are able to craft great weapons and armour for both themselves and their Dragonian friends. They make the best Beserkers, Guardians, Runemages, Forgemasters and Lords. They are very good friends of Dragonians, Nord, Redguards and Orcs, but are resented by their Dwarven brothers.

An ancient race that existed long before the Humes and Beastmen, alongside the Dwarves, Orcs and Immortals in the Old Ages. These graceful beings generally inhabit the Heartlands of the mainland. The Elves were created once as a whole and united people, with near perfection in mind at the time of their birth. But their mistakes and transgressions split them all up and divided them into what they wanted to believe as individual races. The High Elves damned themselves with temptation, The Dark Elves were cursed because of an ancient ritual and the Shadow Elves followed the Shadow Goddess and the Faceless into the depths of the Underworld. The Elven Race would never be united again.
Wood Elf:
Peaceful, sociable but sometimes annoying, these beings inhabit the great forests of Irrolanna in the centrelands of the mainland. The Wood Elves are known to make safe and sometimes hidden wooden homes in the safe branches and canopy of the great trees of Irrolanna, connected by long wooden rope bridges. The Wood Elves are shorter than the average Hume, but taller than the average Dwarf. With a slim athletic build, their skin is generally fair and their hair is usually tousled and untidy. Despite being socially annoying occasionally, the precision and aim of the Wood Elves make them the greatest of Vana Diel's archers. They're cunning and seemingly lulling conversation can make them quite good rogues as well. They also have a particular affinity to the magicks of nature and healing. With their knowledge of natural sources of healing herbs and plants in the forests, they also make good mages too. They're natural affinity to nature's realm brings them closer to the callings of Rangers and Druids. Wood Elves are quite close to the Aqua Elves and the Swamp Argonians, but they strongly hate their brothers the Dark Elves and the Shadow Elves.

High Elf:
Proud, high and mighty, these elves inhabit the small isle of Shalassa in the middle of the Niberis Lake, next to the forests of Irrolanna. Their towns are pretty and quite neat, living up to the personalities of their inhabitants. The High Elves are the tallest of Elves with a slender build to match, with fair olive skin and tidy hair. Quite snobby and upper class, their great potential in all fields of magicks make the High Elves the most learned of scholars and mages. But because of the choice a minority of High Elves made to sell their souls to Daevas and Daevic Princes, this failure in their ancient history made them susceptible to the elements, making any dreams of becoming warrior mages quite pointless. Their honour and pride subsides this, and those who simply aren't satisfied with just being simple Mages, Scholars, Sorcerers and Wizards become Battlemages, Spellswords, Nightblades, Fanatics and Heretics. They aren't exactly on good speaking terms with their kin elves, but they clearly resent the Shadow Elves for their mastery of the elements, and traditionally hate the Dark Elves.

Dark Elf:
From the long dusty, barren and mistral lands of Morrowinna southerly adjacent to the lands of Herefell and Skrijaheim come dark and unloved outcasts, the Dark Elves. They live in camps and small settlements across the long dead lands. The only large settlement they have is the ruined city of Kauldur. The Dark Elves are as tall as an average Hume with generally an average build, with dark bluish skin, jet black tousled hair and blood red eyes. Godless, Rather rude, exceptionally cunning and with short patience, Dark Elves are a race of elves who were born to fight with steel and magic. Their pagan birth allows them to follow whoever they please, Daevas and Daevic Princes in particular. With these skills and traits, Dark Elves make the best as Battlemages, Spellswords, Nightblades, Sorcerers, Fanatics and Heretics. They are shunned by their elven kind, and even amongst themselves there is an aura of dissent and division between each other.

Shadow Elf:
Scattered across the abysmal caverns of the Underworld that stretch around Vana Diel's underground, these secretive and mysterious Elves are just as much as outcasts as they're Dark Elven brothers. The Shadow Elves live in deep warrens hidden in the depths of the Underworld, allying with an assortment of beasts and creatures in their attempt to survive in the shadows. As tall as the average Hume with generally a slender build, Shadow Elves have pale skin and dark hair colours in braids or tousled untouched. They were once akin to the Wood Elves on the surface, but falsified conspiracy plot pinned on the Shadow Elves cast them out and into the depths where they followed another deity, forgetting nature's caress. The Shadow Elves became cold, ruthless and fanatical to their shadowy goddess. They are more so know, boasting skill in stealth and combat, whilst attaining a pure potential in irresistible magicks, particularly elemental magicks. Divided into clans that spread across the far reaches of the Underworld, some of the Shadow Elves have forgotten the Faceless and the Shadow Goddess who saved them, and instead turning to demons, Daevas, Daevic Princes and other forsaken gods who whisper to them from the Abyss. Nonetheless, these Shadow Elves make good Assassins, Nightblades, Battlemages, Sorcerers and Warlocks. They are hated by their Wood Elven brothers, and dislike the High Elves for their disgusting pride.

Aqua Elf:
A great civilized race of underwater elves, these aqua beings live in vast underwater colonies beneath the surface of Niberis Lake and other great bodies of water. The grand cities built beneath the water's surface are thanks to an ancient metal found by the Aqua Elves known as "Atlantium", beneath the first city of Atlantis. Aqua Elves are as tall as Wood Elves with a sort of athletic swimmer's build, they have smooth aqua-coloured complexion with gills at their neck and either silver or pearl white hair, fins or neither. These Aqua Elves were once Wood Elves, but their love for nature fused with their love for the oceans, lakes and rivers, transforming them into the aquatic beings they are now. They live in peaceful harmony with their original kin and still uphold their duties to nature in the waters, protecting the marine life with their new skills. The motion of water does not allow for bows and arrows, but with their ingenuity the Aqua Elves fashioned the first underwater crossbow that fired harpoons. Beneath the waters the Aqua Elves are paralleled in their prowess with shark blades and spears and their swimming ability only by the Sea Argonians. The Aqua Elves are quite sociable and hospitable, still as kind hearted as they once were. They carry with them the power to heal wound with water. They make good Warriors, Priests, Clerics, Healers and Monks. They are good friends with the Wood Elves and Sea Argonians, and generally don't have any real enemies.

An old race of brutish men of rough environments, Orcs have existed ever since the Old Ages alongside the Elves, Dwarves and Immortals. In fact, the Orcs were the first beings to be created, just before the Dwarves. When the gods looked upon their creations though, they were disgusted and threw out the Orcs into the barren lands of the world. They expected the Orcs to die out, but they forgot that they gave Orcs the one thing they needed. The will to survive. The Orcs built up strongholds and settlements, not pretty ones, but sufficient ones. Banding up in tribes, the Orcs may be divided but unlike their successors the Elves, the Orcs are ready to band together when the time is upon them, their brotherly bonds not as broken as that of the Elves. And as each day passes, the Orcs remember in scorn the gods who abandoned them. Orcs can live up to hundreds of years, but usually their pig-headed attitude and short tempers get them killed well before then.
Mountain Orc:
Hailing from the charred Dragon Spine mountains of Herefell, these brutish strong beings are unmatched in their gargantuan strength. The Mountain Orcs live scattered across the mountains, but they gather in vast numbers in the Orcish city state of Orzammar. Mountain Orc have skin colours and complexions of dark green to a greenish gray colour, with muscular build. All Mountain Orcs have black hair that is either untouched and tousled or tied up into different kinds of war braids and knots. All Mountain Orcs also have the same bronze amber eye colour. Mountain Orcs are well known for their large size and build, towering well over the average Hume and matching to the height of the Nords. These green demi-behemoths are skilled in the use of all kinds of weapons and armour, as well as skilled in smithing them. They don't have much magical capability though and aren't very stealthy. They aren't so smart either, but their short tempers make them quite dangerous. But Mountain Orcs do believe in the essences of the sky, and all upon the forces of their "Father Sky". Mountain Orcs make good as Barbarians, Warriors, Berserkers and Shamans. As all Orcs are, Mountain Orcs are generally shunned by all other races. Only the Dwarves, Dragonians, Nords and Redguards understand them well.

Desert Orc
Hailing from the dry and warm sandy wastes of the Anecquina Deserts on the southern part of the mainland, these Orcs are equal in build and strength to their distant cousins the Mountain Orcs. These mighty brutish men of the deserts generally have a tanned olive to deep red skin colour, with a rough complexion, only black hair tied in braids or knots, blood red eyes and a muscular build, these Orcs are nearly as large as their cousins in the mountains. It is said that these Orcs were made by the fusing of demonic blood with human flesh, these fearsome Orcs have the ferocity of their demon heritage, whilst having the balanced skills of their human counterparts. These Orcs carry with them a blood oath, the blood rage they receive during their vicious fights reminds them that they are sworn to kill all who would make them slaves and destroy any demons they see. The Desert Orcs believe that magic is a form of corruption, and only believe in the ways of their "Mother Earth". Desert Orcs make good as Rebels, Barbarians, Warriors, Berserkers and Shamans. As all Orcs are, Desert Orcs are generally shunned by all other races. Only the Dragonians, Dwarves, Nords and Redguards understand them well.

Men with the characteristics of some of nature's beasts, these races came into existence at around the same time as the Humes at the beginning of the 1st Era. Although they are usually peaceful with all the other races, some civilizations such as the Dark Elves, Shadow Elves and Mountain Orcs continue to practice Slave Trade, generally using Beastmen like Argonians or Khajiit. This has lead to anger or recluse in the hearts of Beastmen. They inhabit various parts of Vana Diel, depending on their tastes.
Lizard-Like men that hail from either the many swamplands and marshes of the Southern part of the Mainland, or the vast oceans and seas that surround the continents. Like all Beastmen, the Argonians came to existence at the end of the Old Ages, the beginning of the 1st Era and at around the same time of the Humes. The Argonians are a race of people born into widespread tribes across the land or the oceans. They get along well with their own kind, but not the other. Swamp and Sea Argonians have always been at odds, believing that their own ways are better than the other. They live up to a hundred years, both types of Argonians' ages are defined by the splash of colour patterns upon their faces.
Swamp Argonian:
Deep within the foggy wilds of the swamps of Blackmarsh are the Swamp Argonians, Lizardmen who are loyal and honourable. They live in small makeshift camps or settlements, or even some of the mossy ruins that adorn the foggy swamps. Swamp Argonians are as tall as the average Hume, with a slight athletic build, vibrant orangey-brown scales for the males and pale grey and green scales for the females. All Swamp Argonians have the same orange reptilian eyes and different kinds of fins, spikes or spines adorning their head. Swamp Argonians are skilled in the ways of overland Guerilla warfare, using their speed, agility and endurance to fight their foes in various wilderness biomes, particularly wet and moist biomes. Besides having skill with spears, bows and arrows and blades, not to mention their very good sneaking capability, Swamp Argonians have a connection to the Mysticism essences that surround their swamps and use it to their advantage. They also have a wide knowledge of herbs and creatures of the swamps. They are quite naturally resistant against all kinds of diseases, illnesses and poisons. Swamp Argonians also have the capability of remaining underwater for long periods of time. Swamp Argonians are quite patient, hard to befriend but very loyal. They make good Scouts, Shamans, Warriors, Nightblades and Guerillas. Swamp Argonians are on good terms with the Wood Elves, but they strongly dislike the Elsweyr Khajiit and their other kind the Sea Argonians.
Sea Argonian:
Swimming in the depths of the seas are the Sea Argonians, sneaky and treacherous, these Lizardmen of the oceans are almost the complete opposite of their Swamp brothers, almost as unreliable as the waters they live in. The Sea Argonians live in a submerged ocean ruins beneath the sea, or small camps on the coast. Sea Argonians are as tall as the average Hume, with a slight athletic build, cool aquatic blue-green scales. All Sea Argonians have the same aqua reptilian eyes and dorsal fins on their heads. These Argonians are skilled in moving swiftly and briskly through water, accustomed to fighting beneath the waves, using their speed, agility and endurance to fight their foes underwater, using a classic tactic to lure enemies into the water. Besides having skill with spears, blades and harpoons, not to mention relatively exceptional sneaking ability, Swamp Argonians have a connection to the Restoration essences that surround their oceans and seas and use it to their advantage. They also have a wide knowledge of healing plants and herbs beneath the ocean. They are quite naturally resistant against all kinds of diseases, illnesses and poisons. Sea Argonians also have the capability of remaining underwater for as long as they wish and are quite patient. They are quite easy to befriends, but most Sea Argonians are very disloyal. They make good Sailors, Shamans, Warriors, Nightblades and Rebels. Sea Argonians aren't particularly trusted, they aren't on good terms with the Swamp Argonians, but they are good friends with the Aqua Elves.

Hailing from the deserts and jungles or snowy mountain ranges of Skrijaheim are tiger-like men known as the Khajiit. Like all Beastmen, the Khajiit came to existence at the end of the Old Ages, the beginning of the 1st Era and at around the same time of the Humes. The Khajiit, like most Beastmen, live divided in small tribes or even by themselves. They live a lifespan of a hundred years if peace is present.
Elsweyr Khajiit:
From the wild jungles and vast deserts of Elsweyr come the Elsweyr Khajiit, tiger-like men who are sly and swift. These Beastmen live in small camps and settlements amongst the trees and the dunes, acting as nomads in the desert. Elsweyr Khajiit are as tall as the average Hume, with a slight athletic build. They have orangey to soft brown striped or spotted fur, depending on whether they live in the jungle or desert. They have manes of light golden or tan hair, and sometimes earrings through their ears. They have short claws sometimes that could be filed down. All Elsweyr Khajiit have the same tiger-like amber eyes. Elsweyr Khajiit are naturally gifted with speed and agility, able to run a great distance in a few minutes, and flex and move around really easily. They are talented at sneaking around and have quite light hands. Elsweyr Khajiit have a small connection to the Illusion essences of the jungles and deserts they live in. They also have a broad knowledge of venomous creatures and insects of which to extract poison. They are also quite convincing and persuasive. Elsweyr Khajiit are quite social at times, but when they wish to be alone, it is best to acknowledge that. Elsweyr Khajiit make very good Thieves, Assassins, Nightblades, Shamans and Pirates. Elsweyr Khajiits don't have don't exactly have many friends, but they strongly dislike the Swamp Argonians and their cousins the Skrijaheim Khajiit.
Skrijaheim Khajiit:
Upon the high mountains and within the deep snowy valleys of Skrijaheim are the Skrijaheim Khajiit, snowy tiger-like men who are strong and enduring. These Beastmen live in small camps or settlements, sometimes even ancient stone ruins of Skrijaheim's snowy wastes. Skrijaheim Khajiit are almost as tall as the Nords, with generally muscular build. They have snowy white to soft greyish striped or spotted fur, depending on whether they live in the valley or on the mountains. They generally have silver white or grey manes, braids or nots of hair. They have short claws sometimes that could be filed down. All Skrijaheim Khajiit have the same snowy tiger-like silver eyes. Skrijaheim Khajiit are naturally gifted with strength and endurance, able to land great blows with any weapon, and survive the harshest of conditions and attacks. They are quite accustomed to wearing almost any kind of armour. Skrijaheim Khajiit have a small connection to the Alteration essences of the mountains and valleys they live in. They also have a broad knowledge of armouring and blacksmithing. They are also quite proud and good social friends. Skrijaheim Khajiit are noble and honourable, and make very good companions. Skrijaheim Khajiit are on good terms with the Skrijaheim Dwarves and the Nords. They strongly dislike their cousins the Elsweyr Khajiit.

Half Human, Half Dragon, said to have been created by the mixing of hume and dragon blood. From the ashes rose the Dragonians. More of Dragon than Hume, the Dragonians reside in the high mountain lofts of the Dragon Spine Mountains. With great wings to support them in flight and hard scales to protect themselves, they stand upright most of the time, regal looking. Very tall, usually 7'6" feet tall, about three heads taller than the average Nord. Their faces are of dragon heritage. Sometimes, they may go on all fours, usually in a fight, allowing for quicker and more vicious movement. They usually have a very muscular build, and very hard scales that can be of any colour. It is said that unlike all other Beastmen, Dragonians were amongst the first races of the Old Ages. These beings are normally proud, powerful beings. But with all the weakness and bad traits of Humes in their blood, their true potential is darkened. Dragonians are quite formidable, and make excellent fighters, but there are a fair few of Dragonians who live life on the high skies as sky pirates. They live up to hundreds of years if peace is present.

A Netixel is often mistaken for a fallen angel at first, but then when closer looked upon its clear that they're not. Netixels are a very rare race, but usually lives near huge cities in the nature, high in the treetops. Most common (yet still extremely rare) in Sedonia, they are on a steady move so that's a reason why they aren't that well known. Kind of like a nomad.
General appearance:
- Hight: The usual hight of a Netixel is a hight of 5'9''-6'7''. If wings are counted its 6'1''-7'0''. The male Netixel's usually stands an average foot or so taller than the female.
- Eyes: The most normal eye colors are eighter bright blue, or golden-yellow eyes. The eyes are of a cats, with a oval shaped pupil. The eyes are often bigger than a humans.
- Weight: 127.8 - 150.9 lbs (average). The weight is usually somewhat higher to the males cause of heir height.
- Features: A Netixel can be some what similar to a fallen angel. It could also be described as a crow-man/woman. They have the body build of human, except theres a few differences. Lets start with the face appearance.
The face is much like a human. But. The eyes of a Netixel are cat like and usually bigger than a human, noses are a bit flatter, kind of like an asian, and theres feathering in a line along the cheekbones under the eyes to the hair and along the nose back. These feathers go up to the hair lining, where thet then fade over to hair. On their head a Netixel have four horns, that resembles those of a dragon. Two longer, and two shorter besides the longer ones. They are usually the same color as the feathers, or the hair, but always fades into white along the hairs. So the longer on the hair u follow the whiter it becomes.
On a Netixels back theres two majestic feathered wings, used to fly with. These are most often black or gray, but in rare cases also bright gray-silver or even white. These are big and when folded they end right above the lengths of the horns. Netixels also have a medium long tail, with feathers on the tip, much like a griffins tail.
The feet aren't normal human feet. They are somewhat like a dragons claw, and is perfect for grabbing hold when landing in trees.
Oh and a Netixels skin colour are usually grayish in any tone. some are even fully black.
Essence(???): A Netixel can't be trusted. They are a thievish race who live off other peoples valuables, and food. They steal whenever they can. In their own society they leave their young at an age of 5 years (life span of 80-90 years) where the young have to prove that it should still be in the "Clan". The way to prove that is to battle. Mostly the batle is most of a display. Whoever yells the loudest/ wins the fight wins the right to stay in the "clan".
(Note: For more reference, talk to Xiga, the creator of the Netixel race. She would know more about than me.)
Original Form:Chronicles of Siriko (OOC)

From the high realms of Aeranthias, come the immortal angels, the Angeals. Angelic beings that look like ordinary humes, only with pure white wings and selfless, pure heart to match. These beings don't die, as long as they uphold the Principles of Aeranthias, they're pure souls are brought back to Aeranthias and resurrected when a deadly blow is landed upon them. Angeals that go against the Principles of Aeranthias, are said to be cast out of the heavens by Shineas himself. The Angeals that are become mortal, skin turning from a perfect complexion to a deep pale grey solemn skin, their wings also become grey and become tattered, are known as fallen Angeals. There have been cases of Angeals becoming tainted by hellish magicks who become damned Angeals...
The Principles of Aeranthias are as follows:
1. Never strike an innocent soul.
2. Never strike one another out of personal motives.
3. Never provoke a fight.
4. Never think of yourself only.
5. Never commit betrayal.
6. Never disobey Shineas, or the other Divines.
7. Always offer aid to the weak and needy.
8. Always protect the mortals.
Failure to uphold these principles results in expulsion from Aeranthias with no hope of atonement and the the limits of a mortal life.

From the twelve different planes of the Farplanes, are the demonic spirits, the Daemons. All of these beings, follow and serve their masters, the Daevas, in their own ways. Daemons are actually a variety of different kinds, depending on which Daeva they serve. Demaga:
There are the Demagae that serve Ifithus by causing hate and destruction, that look like pure demonic beings that have fire erupting from their bodies.
There are the Syllis that serve Remagha by creating pain and suffering, that look like wicked maidens with skin for bark, hair like thorns and poisonous flowers in their thorns.
There are the Aeri that serve Rixeo by clouding the judgement and making unpredictable others and themselves, that look like misty bodies with eyes that glow deep blue.
There are the Uax that serve Aeroch by creating the need for haste and foolhardy action, who look like armoured beings with stiff metal wings on their bodies.
The Ursyllis that serve Shaiya by creating a need to repeatedly work on something, that look like cyan maidens with white eyes and flowing purple hair.
The Automatons that serve Vokarna by sowing the seeds of uncertainty, doubt and secrecy, look like beings with metal for skin.
The Khasali that serve Indra by staging and commiting betrayals and murders, look like icy, crystalline people with shining diamonds for eyes.
Finally, the Opiens that serve Orthos by sending quakes and raptures through the world in the form of either physical or mental disasters, look like great giant stone golems.

All the Daemons follow the same principles that Angeals do, maintain immortality by serving their masters, or risk losing it and being cast out. Daemons, unlike Angeals, are openly unwelcome in society sometimes, as most of it worships the Divines. However, they are seen as immortal messengers to the Daevic Worshippers. All Daemons follow the same elements, traits and ideals of their Daevas. Take the ones that serve Ifithus, cruel, heartless really, and bent on causing total destruction through the means of fire. Daemons are like the Angeals, only serving the principles of their Daevas in an evil way, have their cursed spirits brought to their Daeva's plane of the Farplanes, where a new body awaits them when they are killed in battle.
But not all Daemons may be evil and serve their Daevas. If they believe they can take a shot at a mortal life and do good for the world of Vana Diel, there are cases of these Daemons, of which society openly welcomes them. This means displeasing the Daevas and their worshippers to be accepted by the Divines and society. It is said that Sadik and his son Visiroth were once servants to the Daeva Ifithus.

Not particularly a new race, more like a state of being that manifests in many other races. Vampirisim is the state of undeath that catches onto beings who aren't careful. Vampirism is obtained by allowing Vasera Drycallia to manifest itself after a week. A simple way to avoid this is to cure the disease, which is easily done by drinking the common remedy. When this state of undeath begins, the victim is greeted by a nightmare of themselves dying in their sleep and then rising as a pale form with vampiric teeth. Once this has begun, the victim must feed nightly to obtain a pure normal appearance, to disguise themselves. They may go into the sun for a short while if they feed regularly, but strong fire and sunlight is almost a second death for the Vampire. Vampires have their average skills enhanced, their agility, strength, endurance, willpower, all are strengthened, especially by feeding regularly. Vampire Hunters make a living by hunting such creatures, sleeping in the day and hunting at night. Vampires usually end up in clans of themselves, hunting in groups.

Similar to the principles of Vampirism, a state of being that is manifested into beings of different races, rise up at night to hunt, hide during the day, basically the same principles. The only few differences include not needing to feed nightly. Werewolves are more beastly and wild than usual under the sun, making most them hermits that live by themselves, even more so and uncontrollable under the midnight moon. Werewolves are much stronger and more agile, even more so under the moon.

The ethereal imprint of any dead person on a place, Ghosts are people who died unjustly or died with unfinished business, uncompleted oaths or promises. Or maybe they were even cursed. There are cases in which when people die, if they die alone without a form of funeral service, particularly a "sending" performed by a priestly character, the spirit of the deceased returns to Vana Diel, cursed to walk until they are "sent". Occasionally, the "unsent" have wishes they want to fulfil. So they walk the land to finish their tasks under their living guise and finally ask a priest for a sending when they are done. But not all ghosts are benevolent. Some are purely malicious, and a sending is not an option. In any case, there are such beings.
Basiccally, what your character is generally like. You can add your own personal traits, but they must not conflict in the slightest with the original Starsign.
Those born under this birthsign are a proud, regal kind of person. Not easy to befriend, but prove an honourable ally. Those born under the sign of the Dragon prove themselves great in battle, also have a natural pull towards the arcane arts of magic. They have natural resistance to fire. All Dragonians are born under this sign.

Those born under the sign of the Griffin show as much regality and pride as those of the Dragon. They are just as honourable, but are at first wild. Not very easy to befriend, very cautious, but make good companions. They have an excellent strength in battle, proving strength and agility, but not a strength in stealth.

Those born under the sign of the Angel are mostly selfless, ready to give life for another. Such compassionate beings are rewarded a natural affinity to the healing magicks of restoration. Ready to defend others and themselves, they also have skill with a blade in battle. Angeals are always born under this sign.

Those born under the sign of the Demon are virtually heartless, taking pleasure from toying with their foes and stepping on the weak in an excruciating way. Such cruel beings are given powers in destroying magicks of destruction. Readied with skill in heavy armour and a blade, make them almost the opposite of those born under the sign of the Angel. The Demagae of the Daemons are always born under this sign.

Born under the sign of the damned temptress, or Succubus, makes one a desirable temptation. Not hesitating to tempt others into sin makes those born under this sign as bad as those born under the demon. Strong in the powers of illusion and alteration and have potential talent in stealth make those born under this sign dangerous beings. The Syllis and Ursillis of the Daemons are always born under this sign.

The walking shadow, people born under this sign have a mysterious way of entering and picking up things that aren't theres undetected. Strong in running, jumping and landing, light armor They make excellent thieves, spies and pirates.

The Basilisk, people born under this sign have a way of giving an enemy one look and then desiring to make them disappear. Having a natural talent for murder, those born under the sign of the Basilisk have no feelings at all, only the Basilisk's Will inside their heads, ready to assassinate one that proves a problem.

Those born under the sign of the Titan are strong and headfirst at best, enduring what life throws at them. The stride across the world in search of something, using their great endurance to go the distance. They make the most formidable soldiers, strong in all points of war. The Opiens of the Daemons are always born under this sign.

With the blazing anger of the Salamander, those who are born under this sign tend to get in more fights that could be avoided easily. Quite formidable in a fight, but tends to go beserk and cause collateral damage. They make good as Beserkers.

With the thundering speed of the Steed, those who are born under this sign are gifted with extreme haste, where otheres see as incredible impatience. People born under this sign always seem to hurry about from place to place, making sure they get there early, or on time. The Uax of the Daemons are always born under this sign.

Wise and everwatching, those born under the sign of the Eagle have a sharp eye and a mind for advanced prediction. Very good in the tactical format, and they're knowledge is quite more advanced than the normal person. These people make excellent scholars, tacticians and archers. The Aerus of the Daemons are always born under this sign.

Those born under the sign of the Serpent are slippery at first, very persistent though. Traitorous at their best, they can never be trusted. They have a natural ordeal to desert their masters and friends. They make the best of outlaws and murderers. The Khasai of the Daemons are always born under this sign.

Having a natural affinity for using fire and getting burnt by it, those born under the sign of Fire learn that fire isn't as dangerous as it looks when being attacked by and using it, as long as they learn to control it. They usually have the fires they seek to befriend instilled in themselves, flaring up fights.

Knowing the way the tides turn and where the river starts and ends is the way of those born under the sign of Water. People who are tend to feel soothed by water and use it in ways of healing. They are quite calm, serene in fact, troubled by hardly anything.

Cold as the ice they know they are, those born under the sign of Ice find the frosty way to making a blizzard, and knowing who to use it on. They are quite cruel sometimes, but when they are known deeper, there is always a reason.

Quick as a flash, those born under the sign of Thunder are quick to draw the storms closer to their enemies, using it to protect themselves and destroy their foes. They are impatient, hasty, unpredictable and quite the trouble magnets.

Reclusive, underground kind of people, those born under the sign of Earth are quite sneaky and dark. They are quite hidden and secretive, burying their secrets deep under the earth.

Light on their feet, floating on the wind, those born under the sign of Wind are quite feather-like, and enjoy even the strongest of winds. They are light, swift and really annoying.

Hard as the rock they know, those born under the sign of Stone are ready to form a barrier against the hardest of blows, quite cautious but formidable against their opponents. They are quite ready, enduring and incredibly patient beings.

Soft and kind as nature's breath, those born under the sign of Nature are always aided by natures creations, bears and wolves, living trees and flora. They are quite selfless, thinking of others, seeing good in almost everyone and very patient.
The appearance and added comment of what is and what isn't there helps with the image. But then there is the ideal of armour. What kind of armour is your character wearing? What kind of weapon are they using?

The basic material for most things, particularly light armour. Leather is taken from the hides of cows and taken through a tanning process so it is ready to craft.
A cheap metal that can be used to make basic heavy armour, light armour and weapons. Copper is found abundant in mines and smelted so it is ready to smith.
Made by smelting Tin and Copper, Bronze is much more durable than cheap copper. It can be used to make heavy armour, light armour and weapons.
Made by smelting raw iron ore from common supply of the mines, Iron can be used to make heavy armour, light armour and weapons.
Made by smelting a mixture of ores in a heated furnace, Steel can be used to make heavy armour, light armour and weapons.
A unique dark metal with golden fiery veins, Vashite is a rare metal that is used to make strong heavy armour and weapons. Vashite is found commonly in hot places.
A unique black metal that seems to shimmer a lustrous shadowy hue, Shadowsteel is said to be a dark gift of the Mother of Shadows, deity to the Shadow Elves. It is quite durable and malleable, almost as strong as Vashite. It can be forged into all kinds of weapons and armour.
The most basic kind of material used in fletching, Oak Trees are common place in general forests. The wood is used to make shields, staves, bows and arrow shafts.
Another commonplace material, Willow Trees are common place in the marshes and swamps. The wood is used to make shields, staves, bows and arrow shafts.
A more uncommon kind of wood, Mahogany Trees are unique to only a few forests in the mainland. The wood is used to make shields, staves, bows and arrow shafts.
A rarer kind of wood, Yew Trees are fairly sparse in particular forests in the mainland and Eradia. The wood is used to make shields, staves, bows and arrow shafts.
Dryad Wood:
A very rare sort of wood, Dryad Trees are unique to Sedonia, and possess the best kind of wood in Vana Diel. But the Dryad Trees are well guarded and those who steal from the Dryads are cursed. Only those they deem worthy are gifted with shields, staves, bows or arrow shafts made by the Dryads themselves.
The most common kind of clutter, string is used mostly in fletching for making bows. String can be made from flax.
Spider Silk String:
An uncommon kind of string, Spider Silk string is only gained from larger spiders. But it makes a good kind of material to use in fletching bows.
Unicorn Hair String:
The most prized of all kinds of string, Unicorn Hair String is very difficult to weave, and even then it is hard to acquire enough from the sacred Unicorns who mostly run wild in the forests of Sedonia and Irrolanna. To steal or even loot from a Unicorn is sacrilegious, and the looter or thief is cursed.
A magical crystal substance found in specific places of positive magical aura, Mysticite grows in different bright colours and with a lustrous shiny hue. It is coveted for many different works, particularly making staves and enchanting items.
A magical crystal substance found in general places of magical aura, Magicite grows in a wide range of various colours and forms. It is coveted for many different works, particularly making staves and enchanting items.
A magical crystal substance found in specific places of positive magical aura, Nethicite grows in different dark colours and with a lustrous shadowy hue. It is coveted for many different works, particularly making staves and enchanting items.
A magical crystal substance found in general places of magical aura, Arcanite grows in a wide range of various colours and forms. It is coveted for many different works, particularly making staves and summoning rituals.
There are many other materials out there in Vana Diel that have yet to be discovered and used. There is no doubt they exist.

Great Sword:
Choose from
Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Vashite, Shadowsteel.
Two Handed.
Long Sword:
Choose from
Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Vashite, Shadowsteel.
One Handed or Two Handed. Dual Wield available.
Short Sword:
Choose from
Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Vashite, Shadowsteel.
One Handed or Two Handed.
Dual Wield available.
Choose from Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Vashite, Shadowsteel.
One Handed or Two Handed.
Dual Wield available.
Choose from:
Iron, Steel, Vashite, Shadowsteel.

Choose from:
Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Vashite, Shadowsteel.
Two Handed.
Choose from:
Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Vashite, Shadowsteel.
One Handed or Two Handed. Dual Wield Available.
Battle Axe:
Choose from:
Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Vashite, Shadowsteel.
Two Handed.
War Axe:
Choose from:
Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Vashite, Shadowsteel.
One Handed or Two Handed.
Dual Wield Available.

Battle Staff:
Choose from:
Oak, Willow, Mahogany, Yew, Dryad Wood, Iron, Steel, Vashite, Shadowsteel.
Two Handed.
Magic Staff:
Choose from:
Dryad Wood, Mysticite, Nethicite, Magicite, Arcanite.
Two Handed.
Describe magical abilities in character "Background".

Choose from wood:
Oak, Willow, Mahogany, Yew, Dryad Wood.
Choose from string material:
String, Spider Silk String, Unicorn Hair String.
Two Handed.
Choose from shaft material:
Oak, Willow, Mahogany, Yew, Dryad Wood.
Choose from arrowhead material:
Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Vashite.
Quiver placed on back.
Choose from:
Oak, Willow, Mahogany, Yew, Dryad Wood, Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Vashite.
Two Handed.
Choose from:
Oak, Willow, Mahogany, Yew, Dryad Wood, Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Vashite. Pack placed on hip.
Heavy Armor:
Full Helmet:
Medium Helmet:
Light Armor:
Light Helmet:

Custom materials and other things is allowed. Above materials are to show what are available. They are listings weakest to strongest.
In the interest of fair play, you can only select EIGHT skills as your main skills. Try and make them suitable for the line of work your character has. If you have EIGHT skills as main skills and you want add more, you can't. You can however, say that your character is interested in practicing it or so on.
Being skilled with all manners of swords and daggers can be a good skill to have, but not necessary. Those skilled in this practice can make better efficient use of all manners of blades.
Being able to hold an axe or mace and make good use of it is also a good skill to have, but not necessary. Those skilled in this skill can make better use with maces and axes, and other kinds of blunt weapons.
Sometimes, there's a time when a shield can be the dividing line between being alive, and being dead. Being skilled to use that shield can help too. People skilled at Block are more able to make efficient use of weapons and shields to parry and block attacks.
Anyone can hold a weapon, be it a sword, a mace, an axe or a bow. Even a staff. But sometimes that isn't enough for some people. Being skilled at wielding a staff can allow oneself to tap into the more efficient potentials of the staff, be it magical or physical.
Simple villagers and peasants can hold a bow and arrow, both of normal quality, nothing special. But those like hunters and rangers can hold a bow and arrow and perhaps even fire five arrows at once. People who are skilled at Marksman can make more efficient use of bows and arrows.
Perhaps not wielding a weapon is fine for some people. People such as the Monks, prefer the way of peace, using only fists to resolve unnecessary conflict. Using one's fists is non-lethal and can only knock someone out, unless fists are use lethally in which they can. Those skilled at Hand-To-Hand can use their fists to knock out and cause problems for opponents, such as broken limbs, deafness, etc.
Heavy Armor
Some people like to hide behind a metal shell of armour. There are people who feel quite comfortable and actually can move faster in Heavy Armor. These people are quite skilled at wearing and maintaining their heavy suits of armour.
Light Armor
Some people like the saving of free movement when in Light Armor. They still have some defence against attacks and speed to dodge some. There are people who are so skilled in light armor, they can actually avoid damage to both themselves and their armor.
People who like to run all the time, can run as fast and as long as they can. The more people that are more atuned to travelling fast can actually run everywhere without getting the least bit tired.
Mounted Combat
There's a time where riding a mount can be fun, and a time where you can battle on mountback. This is a necessary skill of Knights and Dragon Knights, along with being able to ride a mount. Some of the more skilled at battling on mountback can efficiently trample and kill many foes and avoid having any scratches on themselves and their mount.

Dabbling in the arts of Destruction can be quite dangerous, manipulating the elements and forces to cause destruction, spells like fireballs, arcane arrows, thunder storms, Destruction has it all.
Blood Magicks
An illegal and outlawed magic in Vana Diel, Blood Magick is a combination of Destuction and Alteration magicks, used to manipulate blood to run through, cause pain and sometimes trap and constrict enemies. A dangerous practice.
Light Magicks
The blessings of light, Abjuration, Blessings and Wrath, these Light Magicks are comprised of different buffs and powers that range from boosting endurance, speed and strength, to turning away evil and the undead, to extracting divine vengeance upon the sinners.
Dark Magicks
The curses of darkness, Pain, Curses and Sorrow, these Dark Magicks are comprised of different curses and spells that range from weakening endurance, speed and strength, to striking fear into the hearts of good, to bringing forth the darkness of the netherworld.
A dark kind of magic, used to damage, drain and absorb physical and magical skills and essence, until the "host" is left devoid of life. This kind of magic, is of coarse outlawed throughout all of Vana Diel and those found practicing it are sentenced to public execution by burning.
Spinning magical essence to be aid to the wounded, Restoration is a peaceful magic, including spells that restore wounds, cure poisons and diseases and providing mystical blessings, that is Restoration.
Spinning magical essence to be advantages to oneself and to alter material objects and people, including spells that grant protection from elements and damage, grant the ability to breath or walk on water and unlock doors.
Spinning magical essence to perceive events, see through illusions and to shield oneself from the dangers of the future, including spells to detect life, reflect physical and magical damage, use telekinetic ability, dispel advantages and trap souls.
Spinning magical essence to hide oneself and influence the weak minded, including spells to charm, calm, enrage, cloak and command.
Manipulating the magical essence to conjure and summon up objects, creatures and people from beyond the mortal planes. Objects and creatures that can be conjured can range from otherworldly equipment, to great Daemons and Demons.
Creating life from the magical essences in the world of Vana Diel, Shaping is practiced by a new sect of magical manipulators, the Shapers. These people use magical essences to craft shells of magical beasts before filling them with life. Another word for this is "Lifecrafting". Shaping is not illegal, but is strongly opposed by the Banishers and some other people.
A dark and outlawed art that uses the shadows of living beings to shape into dark entities, particularly armour. Shadowshaping is used primarily to quickly kill living beings, and is a very dangerous and difficult magic to master. It takes lots of energy, almost enough to kill the caster, to take the shadows of others and use them like "voodoo dolls".
The ancient arcane art of Summoning involves spinning arcane essence in a ritual to summon spirits of ancient yore. The Summoners are a rare sect of mages who keep with ancient traditions that their ancestors set before them. It is said that there are lost ccrystal spheres known as Materia that is prized amongst the summoners, which hold the souls of ancient divine beasts and creatures from the Old Ages.
An arcane magical school gifted by Nature that involves being closer to her creations, the plants and animals. The druids are a sect of mages who keep the peace and balance of the forests, alongside the Rangers. Druidism grants the power to summon forth and command the beings of the forest, from the animals to the trees and the spirits.
An evil art of magic created long ago by a group of mages curious about the ideals behind life and death. They delved into dark magicks and created the outlawed magic of Necromancy that still very much exists to the present day. Necromancers are dark mages, sometimes undead themselves, who hide under the cloak of night and raise the dead, ranging from simple skeletons and zombies to mighty undead beasts such as dragons and cyclopes.
A sort of art that is considered magic is Alchemy. This school involves combining a multitude of many different ingredients to create concoctions of healing or poison. The experimental nature of this art is very dangerous, but the Alchemists are people who believe in only gaining results, success or failure. No matter the cost.

There are people who are talented at remaining unseen and unheard. People who are able to sneak in the daylight or in the shadows. Either one, sneaky people are able to pickpocket people or deal devastating unexpected pre-emptive attacks.
There are people who are talented at unlocking doors and containers. People who are able to use various kinds of tools to pick locks. These suspicious people can do this quite well on occasion and perhaps quite quickly with good results.
Jumping isn't so much a sport as it is a skill. Some people are able to jump or fall great heights without injury or leap far distances. Some people are able to attack others in mid air, and even leap across bodies of water.

There are people who are quite good diplomats, more so than they are fighters or thieves. But despite this, Speechcraft is useful in all kinds of situations. From persuading and influencing decisions, to weeding out secrets and information. Some great speakers are able to inspire groups of people to do better than they could normally.
There are snide and sly merchants out there who prefer the sight of shiny beautiful coinage. They are rather skilled in making a living in the market, selling what they acquire in their own ways to others. Some great merchants are able to make loads of gold coins from selling the simplest of things and buy extravagant objects at low prices.
Mount Riding

Custom Skills are allowed. The above are just examples.

Just the average, "Roll around the land looking for things to kill" kind of person. Adventurers make a living from exploring dungeons and caves for loot and beasts. Rounded off with skills of their choosing, adventurers come in different kinds of skills, whether they be covered in a hard shell of armor, or a light covering of leather.
Skilled marksmen, archers are well trained to use bow and arrow or crossbow and bolt. They come well equipped and skilled in both. They usually wear light armour to allow for free movement and to be able to make a quick run if need be.
Scouts are very well trained in staying hidden and using light armour. They have skill in light one handed weaponry if they need to defend themselves. They have skills in acrobatics and athletics to allow for fast motion and jumping around the landscape.
Relatively special scouts, the rangers of Sedonia have natural talent with bows, crossbows, throwing knives and shortswords. They wear the ranger's cloak, the insignia of the oakleaf emblazoned on the back. They are skilled in staying hidden. They spy and report strange doings in their realm and if need be, will sabotage the operations.
Singing poets on their own, the bards have a voice for singing songs. These songs are not ordinary, as they strengthen allies and weaken enemies. Each bard will have a totem instrument, given to them at the start of their initiation. Bards carry either daggers or blades to protect themselves.
Thieves live off stealing from others and selling them to black market dealers. Very good at acrobatics and concealing themselves, thieves always carry a dagger and a lockpick, both coming very handy. Most thieves begin as pickpockets, taking stuff out someone's pockets is quite easy for them. Most thieves belong to the Thieves Guild or clubs of their own, the others are freelancing thieves.
Paid, Grouped or Freelance, Assassins are quite the quandry. Their skills are all used to kill each of their targets, acrobatics, athletics, sneaking around, using poisons and lockpicks, all necessary for the assassins. They carry a large arsenal of weapons, even though they don't look like they do. Crossbows, Bows, Throwing Knives, Daggers, Blades, every Assassin has atleast one of these. Some Assassins take up to their name, wearing light armour and robes as black as night, but some choose to fool their targets and wear ordinary clothing. Many Assassins are of the Black and Crimson Brotherhoods, serving death in its greatness.
Assassins that get paid by "avenging". Their pay is not the shine of gold, but the light of a better world. They are almost everything an average assassin is. Avengers are trained in the same skills, the same weaponry, the same goal. Except when they aim for a target, they make sure their death is for a greater good. They are good with speechcraft and mercantile, using both these skills for infomation gathering. They plan heavily before striking a target, making sure that if their first strike is not their last, then the next one might be. All avengers are part of the Avengers' Brotherhood.
Regal and proud, knights understand the base grounds of chivalry and honour. Skilled with a sword and shield, heavy armour as well, knights travel across Vana Diel in search of people to serve. They are formidable foes. All true knights are of noble blood. To prove though their birthright, they must go through trial by combat, where they face a lord in fight to disarmament. Honour and Chivalry must be displayed at the utmost priority, as is the duty of a knight.
Holy knights of the gods, paladins surrender their lives to their gods in return for powers of light. They display the duties and skills of a knight, along with great strength in purity and white magic. They pilgramage alongside travelling clerics, pilgrims and crusaders, protecting them with they're power. Paladins serve the many churches of Vana Diel, including the Holy Church of Eradia. They use pure Mystirica for their magicks.
Healers and saviors of the people, clerics travel around Vana Diel to offer their aid to wounded people. They're extensive skill in healing and light magicks is matched only by the healers and priests of Vana Diel. Many Clerics wear the traditional healer's robes which has the insignia of the healer on the back. They use pure Mystirica on its own for their magicks.
Providing their extensive healing magicks and potions to the people for a price, come the healers of Vana Diel. They were their traditional healer's robes with their insignia. Their healing powers is greatly unmatched in the world of Vana Diel. They use pure Mystirica for their magicks.
Bathing in the light of the divine gods, the priests appear to preach and provide their light. Usually seen with maces to protect themselves and a holy bible that has to do with the god they work for, priests belong to any faction that has to do with divine power, such as the Holy Church of Eradia. They use strong Light Magicks. They use pure Mystirica on it's own for their magicks.
The complete opposites to the Priests of Vana Diel, the Zealots bring their dark powers to the people, usually to persuade them to worship the Daevas. Seen with maces and an unholy book that preaches the word of their god, they travel across Vana Diel to spread the word of their gods. Being classed as heretical, they belong to factions such as the Daevic Worshippers or Heresy. They are skilled with Conjuration, Illusion and Dark Magicks. They use pure Nethirica with their Magicka.
People whom are obsessed with the gods, do everything in their power to serve them, be it a Daeva or some other god, these people carry swords and wear light armour. They have not much magic, but lots of skill in fighting and perhaps a bit of mystical talent from the gods. Fanatics vary, stealthy, magical, but mostly fighters, these fanatical beings belong to either Daevic Worshippers, or Heresy.
The modern heretics of Vana Diel worship the Daevas, serving them in converting others, persuading them that the Divines of Vana Diel are nothing but idols in this world, showing that the Daevas actually reward their servants. Heretics usually wear tattered robes, some with hoods. They carry staves and a dagger, just in case, and have good of a skill in Illusion and Dark magicks. All Heretics belong to either Daevic Worshippers or Heresy. They use a little bit of Nethirica with their Magicka.
Servants of Februarius, or Ashira, depending on which race you are, Hume or Elf. It seems that these two races are the only ones who become Druids. Druids walk amongst the trees and flowers, animals and bugs, spreading the love of nature. They are part of the Druidic Circle, which is based in Sedonia. Druids in Irrolai are strong in alteration, restoration and light magicks, wielding a staff to protect themselves and the forests around them. They wear the traditional druidic robes with the symbol of nature on their backs. They use pure Mystirica with their Arcana.
A student to a study or school, combat, magic, stealth, and so on. The Collegium of War and Magic has many apprentices and students in their halls, all talented and dedicated in their own way. Apprentices are a bit strong in their chosen study, but have a long way to go before they master it and may not be of any use in a battle.
Dark, evil beings, all scattered in Azadia serving various cults, one reknowned cult known as the Servants of the Ashes. Before the fall of Azadia, Necromancers were never seen out and about, as they couldn't cause trouble with a whole bunch of guards watching the cities and roads. But now, Necromancers and the raised dead can be seen walking the night in great numbers, spreading fear to minor villages. The only regions Necromancers have been seen in are Caruda and Zakaia, with Piras being a place where a traveller can't travell the night without seeing atleast five necromancers. Necromancers are skilled in necromancy, illusion and dark magicks. They are one of the few whom use pure Nethirica with their Magicka.
Death Knight
Hulking figures in midnight black armour with piercing green eyes shining from the visor of their helms, an appearance that only seems to scream evil, death, and certain despair. They are the Black Knights, soulless beings who exist to bring death to the innocent. Skilled in Necromancy and dark Magicks, they use pure Nethirica with their Magicka. Part of the Necromatic Cults, the Death Knights are the pure backbone of their military power, marching across the land to bring death. Many small settlements have fallen due to the Death Knights' existence.
The backbone of any city is thought to be its commerce or people. But really it is the guards that protect it, ensuring the law is upheld and peace is kept. The guards are trained to use a sword and shield to protect the citizens and a bow and arrow to stop fleeing criminals. They have little to use it as the criminals mostly either pay the fine or go to jail. There are the few that resist arrest and may take a fair number to stop, but the guards do their duty.
Once proud arms of the King of Azadia himself, the Azadian Magistrate of Judges has fallen along with their king. But the elite Judges still live on, from the knowledge passed on by their ancestors whom served the king. They don't announce their existence, purely afraid that doing so would end their lives. Instead, they live like vigilantes of Azadia, travelling across the land to ensure that stability and peace ensues, ridding the land of blights like the Necromancers.
Users of the arcane and magical arts, mages are scattered across Vana Diel to study and use the magicks of Vana Diel, as well as to combine and make their own. The idea of mages are split up into Wizards, Illusionists, Conjurors, Enchanters, Alchemists, Summoners, Mystics, Seers and so on. The many sub categories of the Mages are endless really, as is their magicks.
The wisest and oldest of mages become Wizards, old knowledgeable crack pots that live being popular, and mostly can't get some privacy. The Wizards generally become hermits eventually and end up living in isolated areas to put down people, giving more privacy to the wizards. If one or two people manage to brave the dangers of the wilderness that the Wizards live in, the Wizard won't hesitate to aid those people in whatever they ask for what they did to prove themselves worthy. Wizards are always good at what they do and study, but some of the greatest wizards will fall eventually.
Manipulating the essences to cloud the minds of people and create illusions, they are the Illusionists, mages who spend their time creating shadows and dominating weak minds of creatures and people. Illusionists, as they study Illusion magicks, are able to do things such as clouding or blinding minor and weak minds of others, dominating and commanding minds, calming and provoking others, making themselves invisible to others, lots of things that have to do with changing, commanding and clouding other minds to keep themselves hidden or to influence reactions.
Concentrating their minds towards reaching to planes beyond the waking world and bringing back demons, monsters, beings and objects to aid them in their endeavors, be it battle, study or their own purposes, they are the Conjurors. These mages study the art of Conjuration magic and furthermore use it to conjure creatures from beyond the real world. They can conjure things like magical beasts, magical weapons and armour, use their magic to conjure magical items to aid them or simply use it for fun, what ever that has to do with reaching beyond the real world to bring back from the ethereal planes a magical being or object.
These mages focus on projects that have to do with enchanting ordinary objects with extraordinary enchantments, be it protection from fire, reflection of spells or damage, healing wounds immediately, they can do it. They are the Enchanters, mages who are able to bind magical essence into normal objects to create enchanted, magical objects and artifacts. Their services are free for many to use, for a price, they can enchant anything, shoes, robes, rings, amulets, armor, swords, axes, bows, arrows, anything!
A mage of some sort, focused in the art of Alchemy. Alchemists create different kinds of potions and a--
Battlemages are trained as Mages to use weapons and armor to aid their magical power. They use any weapon, usually a sword, to defeat their enemies whilst using the many different magicks at their command, be it Alteration, Destruction, Restoration, Illusion, Mysticism or Conjuration.
Blood Mage
Sky Pirate
The scoundrels of the sky, the smooth talkers of the town, Sky Pirates are unique to Amik Pahi Ka because of the existence of Sky Ships and Sky Surfing. They are more smooth and neater versions of the sea based pirates. They are skilled with blades and crossbows, using smooth talking to usually avoid unnecessary combat. With the many different floating islands of Aeva Sora waiting to be discovered, the Sky Pirates will sail the skies for eras to come.

There are quite a good many factions to join in Siriko. Some of them influence the tide of Siriko's fate, Some of them merely ride the tide and stay on neutral, taking no part within the struggle.

Azadian Rebellion:
Ever since the absolute decimation of Azadia, a rebellion has brewed, created by a few high standing figures who were close to King Cyrus. Many people joined in as time progressed, getting sick of the mistreatment taken from the Eradians. The Rebellion has, over the time since the fall of Azadia, launched skirmishes against Eradia, both in and out of Azadia.
Servants of the Ashes:
The most known of all the Necromancer Cults in Azadia, showing great effects on Azadia's population through nefarious means. Legions of undeath will still walk the land as long as they exist.
Necromatic Cult*:
Many different Necromatic Cults, minor and major, are still abroad in Azadia. Some are not sure of their purpose. But everyone knows that they all worship the Silent Spinner Maiden, whom wears the faces of many and shadow.
Azadian Fighters Guild:
Hired pest killers find more jobs to do in the Azadian Fighters Guild. The work just always keeps coming for the Fighters of the Fighters Guild, but they ensure that the client's needs are fullfilled with as little damage to any civillian property as possible.
Azadian Mages Guild:
Druidic Circle:
Based in Sedonia, the Druidic Circle is dedicated to the caretaking of all fauna and flora of the forests. The druids walk among the trees and flowers, animals and insects, caring for them as they go. They will fight bravely in however way they can to protect the woods.
Rangers Brotherhood:
Spies of the forest, the Rangers Brotherhood is more or less a guild for more-than-average hunters. These spies watch the forest entrances and roads, making sure that any enemy activity is done away with to ensure peace in the forests.
Urion Cult:
Tempest Order:
Custom Faction*:
There are many different factions based only in Azadia that are quite unknown to all. Eventually, someone will come out and reveal a few of these factions...
Holy Church of Eradia:
Eradian Legion:
Heresy is a very big problem in Eradia and said forth has to do with either the Daevas or some other gods the Eradians don't appreciate. Heretics may be seen spreading blasphemous propaganda on the streets about the Eradian Gods and are a problem that the Eradians want gone.
Collegium of War and Magick:
The Collegium of War and Magick of Eradia is a school based in Valanastre, focusing on the education of war and magick to young apprentices and pupils. The school is rather tight when looking for recruits, making sure that who they grab really does have the talent, skill and dedication to be a student worthy of their expectations.
Custom Faction*:
There are many different factions based only in Eradia that are quite unknown to all. Eventually, someone will come out and reveal a few of these factions...
Assassins, they are either good or bad, freelance or part of a group. Freelance Assassins just follow a client and does what they say, like a loyal dog, only more of the reclusive sort. Paid Assassins are all over Vana Diel, ending those select targets marked by clients.
Sky Pirate Crew*:
There are a fair number of sky pirate crews that work in Aeva Sora, each with one or two sky ships in their command. Some are minor, some are major. Some are known, some are thought to have never existed.
Knights pledge themselves to a life of chivalry and servitude to lords and ladies all over Vana Diel. Some are perfect, some are utterly horrible, and some just don't know what life has in store for them.
Daevic Worshippers:
The modern heretics of Vana Diel, Daevic Worshippers serve the Daevas of Vana Diel, working in small cults at shrines and temples raised in honor of the Daevas all over Vana Diel.
Black Brotherhood:
A guild for Assassins, secretive, reclusive sort of group. They end the lives of those marked for death by people that would pay well to see them dead.
Avengers' Brotherhood:
A brotherhood of assassins that commit to jobs for neither gold nor enjoyment. The avengers instead commit assassinations upon any corrupt government official who may, if kept alive, disturb the already fragile peace in Siriko.

They have three simple tenets, one that could perhaps be compared as equal to the laws of the Angeals.
1) Firstly, stay your blade from the blood of an innocent.
2) Secondly, remain discreet. One must become a blade in the crowd.
3) Finally, Never, ever, expose the brotherhood. One's actions must never bring harm to the brotherhood, direct or indirect.
Failure to uphold these tenants lead to the execution of the violator, whether by the blade of another avenger, or by that of the Grand Master, if one chooses to surrendor peacefully.
The Grand Master is not without mercy though. If you surrendor and continue to defy the Brotherhood before death, his blade will strike true. If one pleads and wishes for a second chance, the Grand Master may grant it under one condition: The chance is rebirth, that the violator becomes a student, a novice again, and earn their way back into the brotherhood.

The Brotherhood is quite widespread across Siriko. They have bureaus in every single major city. But they do not amass in one single city. The brotherhood has a place of their own, which you could perhaps call their headquarters. In Piras, above the town of Rasym (situated on a hill in the forest, on the edge of the borderline to Thia Akari), is a fortress situated high and nestled in a small indent in the mountains that divide Piras and Thia Akari. The fortress of the Brotherhood is not so visible, as the stones that form its walls are made up of the same rock that forms the border mountains, giving it an effective camouflage.

Those who wish to join the Brotherhood must follow one of many Master Avengers who have spent their, perhaps, spare time trying to attract recruits. The Master Avenger then moves off and up onto the roof tops. Any recruits who are willing to join must follow the Master Avenger to wherever he may be going.
This is one of the tests that see if the recruits are worthy. They must be able to jump across the rooftops and keep up with the Master Avenger, who will not slow down.
If said recruits are successful, they will find themselves on a random rooftop. This is where they have a choice. They will be greeted finally by the Master Avenger they were following. The Master Avenger will simply give the recruits a choice. They can either continue on, or leave well enough alone, duly noting that if they fail the test, they will be executed. To those who accept, they will be given instructions upon which they must do next before they may enter the brotherhood. These people will all be watched closely, and silenced if they speak one word that exposes the Brotherhood.

The brotherhood has only five ranks, listed as such from highest to lowest:
Grand Master:
There is only one Grand Master at one time in the Brotherhood. All of the Brotherhood answers to the Grand Master, regardless of title. He is a shining example of many years of experience and wisdom, knowing the right way, and upholding the tenets of the Brotherhood to the fullest, and guiding the Brotherhood towards the right path. It is from he, that the orders to execute corrupt government officials, come from.
Master Avenger:
The hands of the Brotherhood, these people are the high ranking assassins of the Brotherhood, who come directly to the Grand Master for their missions. The Master Avengers have choice from all the equipment available in the Armory. Each individual Master Avenger have a choice of whether or not to be a mentor to the normal ranking Avengers of the Brotherhood, in which they may accompany the Master Avenger on some occasions. The Master Avengers are always the ones who deal with more dangerous and guarded corrupt government officials. The Master Avengers wear white robes and hood, a leather belt with red cloth and leather bindings that hold their throwing knives. All of the Brotherhood save the Grandmaster and fellow Master Avengers answer to them.
The fingers of the Brotherhood, who guard the bureaus and the fortress of the Brotherhood. They are still students, students to the Grand Master and the Master Avengers, who learn from them quite a bit before being graced with the occasional mission. They're are not as unlimited to the Armory as the Master Avengers, but are granted more of the basic equipment that is out of reach of the Seekers. The Avengers wear blue robes and hood and a leather belt with red cloth. Only the Seekers and the Informers answer to the Avengers.
The fingernails of the Brotherhood, who learn from their superiors and continue taking tests before they are finally deemed worthy of wearing the hood and robes of an Avenger. They are granted only a gauntlet with a hidden blade and a Brotherhood blade of which they keep for their whole time in the Brotherhood, which may be customized and upgraded as they advance. They wear gray robes and a leather belt with red cloth. Only the Informers answer to the Seekers.
The eyes and ears of the Brotherhood. The Informers are people who wished to join the Brotherhood, but failed at the last trial. That is when they are given the choice to enter the Brotherhood as a spy. The Informers are not given any weapons and must rely on their own skill to escape a fight. They are just as agile as the Avengers and are just as able to leap from rooftop to rooftop and so on. They wear white robes and cloth-masked hood and a leather belt. The Informers answer to all of the Brotherhood.
Shadowshapers (Either)
Banishers (Either)
Merchant* (Either)
Civilian (Either)
Vampire Clan* (Either)
Werewolf Clan* (Either)
Thieves Guild (Either)
Quite the omniscient kind of faction, the Thieves Guild is, all in all, everywhere. They have establishments hidden in nearly every settlement on Vana Diel. Made up of thieves that work solo and together to "obtain" trinkets for pay.
Custom Faction* (Either)
There are many different factions that are quite unknown to all. Eventually, someone will come out and reveal a few of these factions...

Side Note: Factions with an asterisk (*) next to it can be custom. Eg: Sky Pirate Crew: The Crimson Pearl. Add a good description of the faction though and what it does under your character's Background.

Travelling by mount is quite a luxury for people. Mounts are able to carry people and their inventories over vast distances much easier than on foot.
Not everyone is able to afford a mount, nor might they be really interested in one.

Not the sturdiest and fastest mount, but it's endurance makes up for it. And maybe its great stubbornness. The Mules of Vana Diel don't come in as much variety as the Horses, but they are common and cheap, making it the choice mount of peasants, commoners and merchants.
Color Scheme: Paint, Bay, Chestnut

Color Scheme: Paint, Bay, Chestnut, White, Black, Palomino, Snowflake

Colour Scheme: Topaz, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Gold, Silver, Bronze

Colour Scheme: Topaz, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Gold, Silver, Bronze

Colour Scheme: Pearl, Topaz, Amethyst, Diamond, Ruby, Obsidian, Sapphire, Emerald, Gold, Silver, Bronze

Colour Scheme: Pearl, Topaz, Amethyst, Diamond, Ruby, Obsidian, Sapphire, Emerald, Gold, Silver, Bronze

Colour Scheme: White, Black

Colour Scheme: Black with Flames, Black with Shadowmist

Taz' Kor
Amik Pahi Ka
Varuna City


Temporary Note: You may try starting in Eradia now, but it's still rather unfinished in my opinion. I'd encourage being in Azadia, but if you're confident you can roleplay in Eradia, be my guest.


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Still have to get the rest of the Charrie info done, otherwise the CS Template is unchanged. owo


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Name: Ser Roderick Hammersfeldt

Age: 22

Race: Imperial

Gender: Male

Starsign: Griffin

Appearance: Roderick is about six feet tall when standing on his own feet, but more often he can be found on the back of his twenty-hand-tall horse, Drytchnath. He weighs approximately two hundred pounds in full armour, which is barely registered by his massive charger. Short, unruly, dark brown hair, emotionless grey eyes, and his angular, rough features are all usually concealed beneath his full-face helmet, and his well-tanned, battle-scarred body is kept hidden by protective layers of armour, which is in turn, covered by his surplice, bearing the heraldry of the Barony of Hammersfeldt, a purple field with a gold griffon rampant, and two crossed red hammers.

Background: Roderick was born and raised on the plains of Piras, where his father ruled, and directed the greatest of the armies competing in the Errantry wars. The younger Roderick was assumed to be joining the war as soon as possible, so his father had the greatest of his men teach the boy to ride, fight, shoot, and lead. Only the last of these gave him trouble, but it was no trouble at all considering the plights of others. And after twenty years of training, the newly-knighted Roderick set off to make a name for himself. Mageblight was all the name he got in the Errantry wars, where his fearsome skill with the jezail made him the scariest man in sight, or out of sight, depending on how kind he was feeling that day. But after a year of brutal and unrelenting success, the knight felt he would never make more of a name for himself, and he left the young Hammersfeldtan nobles to fight their war, wandering off to find new things to do. Being a knight, and having no particular goal, many a weary traveller found themselves suddenly no longer accosted by highwaymen, and very grateful were they. Should he ever take a throne, the people of Piras are sure to be with him.

Equipment: Roderick wields a lance of white oak, replaced regularly as it shatters in combat, a broadsword, specially crafted for him by the smiths at his father's castle, a dirk, to match the broadsword, a shield, bearing the heraldry of hammersfeldt, and his jezail, the only one of its kind, a fearsome rifle made for long-ranged combat.

Skills: Mounted combat, one-handed weapon proficiency, paired-weapon proficiency, superior marksmanship, superior horsemanship, light-, heavy-, and mixed- armour proficiency.

Class: Knight-Errant

Faction: Knightly Order of the Hammersfeldtan Errantry


Mount: Drytchnath, a palomino charger, appears almost golden in most light.

Location: Pirasian border

Name: Jorgun Hlaftun

Age: 28

Race: Imperial

Gender: Male

Starsign: Eagle

Appearance: Jorgun, in contrast to his lord, is only just over five feet tall, and weights just barely enough to armour the man each day. How much he actually weighs is entirely debatable. Having lived a good deal longer than his lord, Jorgun is a good deal rougher around the edges, but one might not notice this at first. He looks the very image of average and unremarkable, save for his stature, though his brown eyes reveal an intelligence that seems almost hungry in nature.

Background: Jorgun wandered in to the castle at Hammersfeldt one day and was mistaken for someone else. Eventually, given his natural affinity for things intelligent, he managed to use his mistaken identity to get a job as Roderick's squire. This he put to good use, and he privately taught himself all about tactics and generalship while his charge learned other things, and it is he who aided the knight in leadership and tactics, otherwise he might not have been given a knighthood.

Equipment: Jorgun bears a shield very similar to Roderick's, along with a shortsword and spear, all gifted to him by the baron in order to better keep his son safe.

Skills: mounted combat, hand weapon and shield proficiency, horsemanship, light armour proficiency, tactical proficiency, hunting, cooking, repair.

Class: Squire

Faction: Technically neutral


Mount: Bastion, a horse almost as large as Drytchnath, though trained to be steadfast, rather than vicious, bay in colour.

Location: with Roderick.

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Chronicles of Siriko is officially back in business!
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Character Template
Name: Kardos Galas
Age: 145
Race: Dark Elf
Gender: Male
Starsign: Basilisk

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 139 lb
Background: Kardos is a Necromancer, a master of undeath, a servant of death. But it was not always so. It all began on 1st Saurda's Malice, 356 of the 1st Era.

Kardos had murdered a known and famed lord, Atolinus Carius in an act of revenge and was on the run. The date was 20th Oberon's Solace, 356. A very long run indeed, chased by the guards that he once respected in Carius when he lived with his mother. Kardos plodded on west, with no rest at all, with a black piece of cloth over his face. He then travelled to Iruit Village in Sedonia and learned of Necromancy. Somehow, Kardos' killer instincts found him a mentor to teach him Necromancy who went by the name of Sandro. Sandro asked Kardos a few questions, some personal and some rather silly for someone as dark as he. Kardos was kind of unnerved that only two green glowing specks shone amongst the darkness under a black hood, but kept a kind of persistency to become an apprentice. Finally, Sandro said good night and everything went black for Kardos.

Kardos awoke in a well lit cave. The heavy sound of mining began to grow louder into his ears. Kardos awoke to find himself with only loincloth covering himself. He was surprised that he couldn't feel any cold, as it was supposed to be cold underground at this time. It was only later that when he found Sandro (whom was a lich, all bones armed with magic), that it was revealed to Kardos that he was dead. Sandro laughed an explained when he saw Kardos' surprised, no, shocked face. Sandro had poisoned him with Shade Nectar, somehow. After that, Sandro had quickly captured Kardos' soul and placed it back into the dead corpse. It was then, three days later Kardos had awakened. Sandro then quickly got over the formalities and wanted to initiate Kardos as soon as possible. He then realised that Kardos was... bare. Sandro chuckled and for the sake of a necromancer keeping up a good appearance, gave him a set of robes, gloves and shoes. After Kardos was well dressed in the musty set of clothing he was given, he sat down in front of Sandro at his desk. Sandro wrote down on a piece of paper and finally asked Kardos to sign the paper. Not having a quill to sign the form, Sandro indicated it had to be in blood. Kardos, looking for something to cut himself with (Not goth or emo wise, thank you), then felt a burning sensation on the palm of his hand. There, on his hand, was a word placed backwards in blood. He printed it on the form and the word that he saw printed in blood, was "Dying Eternal".

Sandro then wasted no time in tutoring Kardos. He explained that within the plenty of time they had (Being eternity), Kardos may yet be as powerful as Sandro, if not stronger. Sandro explained that the true necromancers that wish to explore the secrets of undeath, become dead themselves. As Sandro says, “There’s no rest for the wicked, and no salvation for the damned”. The true necromancers are the ones that truly carry out the bidding of the Silent Father, Atrocitus. His symbol and divine avatar was the spider, ever so silent and deadly, and as such, banners and tapestries of some necromancer cults have a spider on it.
And so over the many years of endless study and tests of his apprenticeship, Kardos finally became as strong as Sandro. Along the way, Kardos had received an Ancient Shade of which he named, “Shadefall”. His companion shares a spiritual and mental link that with him, simply known as being soulbound. Should Kardos’ life be extinguished a second time, Shadefall would too disapparate into nothing. And so over the years, Shadefall would accompany and protect Kardos, invisible or visible to others.

It was then on Cyno’s Cry, 379 of the 1st Era, that Sandro was eliminated by a formidable Judge, whilst Kardos was out collecting poisons. Kardos returned to find many of the skeletal miners that his master had kept working mindlessly for so long, lying on the ground in piles of bones. He then found his old master lying on the ground, the glowing green sparks in the eye sockets of his skull had disappeared and it was there that Kardos realised, his master was truly dead. With that, Kardos had raised a small personal mausoleum in which his master was buried. Before burying him, Kardos discovered that Sandro kept a set of dark tomes for Kardos when he died, which of coarse would not be of natural cause, but of justice’s intervention. One of these tomes, had information on raising powerful divine undead, such as dragons, giants and so on.

To that end, Kardos now studies these books closely, believing there to be a message somehow. But on his way to realising what his master may have truly had in store for him, he will meet some interesting beings.
Weapons: Kardos has two weapons, both made of Shadowsteel, a quite durable and potent metal. One is a Shadowsteel Longsword with glowing blood-red runes inscribed on it, giving it a constant effect that saps the victim of life when it strikes and the second is magical battlestaff that also has glowing mystical-blue runes on it, with a constant effect that saps the victim of magical energy when struck. Both of these weapons though have limited charge, and require filled soul stones to recharge when empty.
Armour: Kardos does not wear much armour, as he is not comfortable in it. Instead, he wears midnight black robes with a hood and a cloth mask over his face (For reasons unknown), along with a pair of black gilded gloves and deep black shoes.

Skills: Once a murderer, Kardos is skilled with a blade, has a natural potential for the dark arts of Shadowshaping, Necromancy and Alchemy. Shadowshaping is an art of illegal magic where shadows can be stolen and shaped into very dark beings. What made it illegal was the fact that the shadow kept a very powerful spirit link to its original owner, therefore causing pain and in some cases, death to the owner when it is concurred. Although Kardos is naturally suited to it, he is still subject to the principles of which every other Shadowshaper is subjected to. For the average Shadowshaper, only one shadow may be controlled. In Kardos' case, two. Should that occur, when the "shadow" is destroyed, part of Kardos' soul is temporarily destroyed. It hurts more than of coarse stealing the shadow in the first place, which takes up a lot of Nethiric energy. Kardos is also skilled at Illusion and Mysticism magicks, staves and sneaking around.
Class: Necromancer
Faction: Independent
Theme: The Void
Location: Sedonia, Cantalon Barrow

Sub-Character/Companion Template
Name: Shadefall
Age: Ageless
Race: Ancient Shade
Gender: Male
Starsign: Has the same qualities that Kardos has, Basilisk

(Only, without the wings and the scythe and has mistral hands, not bony hands. If you can picture it right, you get a chocolate! Flavored Death!)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Weightless
Background: Kardos received Shadefall as a companion during one of the tests that his master Sandro gave him. The test was done and finished by the three shades of Revenge, Regret and Remorse themselves. It is said they were the whips of which Atrocitus commanded to break the souls of the newest necromancers to see if they were worthy. If not, their souls would be cast into the void with only the thoughts of Revenge, Regret and Remorse. If deemed worthy, they would be granted a gift. In Kardos' case when he survived the memory-run of their test, he was granted an ancient shade as a companion, a mere shadow of himself, no thoughts of revenge, regret or remorse at all. Only death. Kardos named it Shadefall and as soon as those words were said, his soul was bound to the Shade, and from there, Shadefall was there to protect, serve and aid Kardos, until his final death.
Weapons: None, uses dark magicks and a little bit of necromatic powers of its own, as well as the frosty stab of its hands to slowly kill an enemy.
Armour: None, unless you count the magical ability of being corpereal and ethereal, "ALMOST" untouchable. If one were to have magical, silver or vashite weaponry, it would surely land its mark.

Skills: Skilled in dark, if not weaker, versions of the areas of Illusion, Destruction, Alteration and Necromancy magicks, Shadefall utilizes an ancient mystic well that it has centred with the three shades of Revenge, Regret and Remorse, allowing it to continue using spells for as long as it wants, being the magicks are relatively weaker unless it uses its own energy, which itself is relatively low. It has a quite unique skill of which Kardos calls Nethiric Blast which allows it to erupt into a cloud of dark nethiric energy that engulfs and poisons those around it within a 0 Ft Radius. The ability is quite devastating if placed tactfully, but the energy it consumes comes out of Kardos' energy, and is always a last resort. Being soul bound to Kardos, the effects of all Shadefall's spells do not affect Kardos if collateral damage concurs, but should Kardos fall over unconscious, then Shadefall will temporarily disappear. If Shadefall was to be badly hurt by "specific" weapons, then it will temporarily (about 1 Hour) disappear, taking half of Kardos' magical energy with it.
Class: Dark Apparition
Faction: Kardos Galas (Custom)
Theme: The Void

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