Guidelines and Regulations for all artists

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Mar 1, 2011
Welcome to the part of the forum where all your drawing/photographys comes alive.​

Here are some guidelines and regulations that you must pay attention to prior to posting your first thread or your first reply.

1. No Spamming

- necroposting (if the thread has not been updated for more than 2 months, avoid posting unless it was permitted by staffs)

- avoid one-liner replies

- no double-posting/multi-posting (exempt from a 24 hour gap before the prior post if you are the owner of the thread)

- no possession post/conversation within the thread

2. No Plagiarism

- ZERO tolerance of stealing or claiming others works as your own

- please give credits to others when it is needed

3. All Other Forums Rules Applies

- all other rules mentioned in the forum applies in this section as well, please refrain from any infraction of rules/guidelines

4. Be Alert

- as a owner of threads, it is part of your responsibilities to avoid any infraction in your thread (be alert and warn those who are breaking the rules personally before any mods have to take actions)

5. Consequences/Punishments (as listed on the official conduct rules)

1st time offence - Warning

2nd time offence - Infraction

3rd time offence - Ban

Be warned!! Punishment may vary based on the individual

6. Contact

- to be edited

7. Enjoy

- just have fun and bring life to your arts.​
Not open for further replies.