Have you commited any crimes?

Ok, you do not have to pour out your deepist and darkist secrets, sharing those storys of petty and dumb crimes are just as delightful.

One of my most petty and most stupid crimes, was when I was about 14. I went into my local store, to ask if I could have a paper-round, after giving them all my details, I left. As I was walking out, I grabbed a load of porno mags to oogle over later...Needless to say, been a dumb 14 year old I did not think about them ringing my mother using the nice slip of paper with my number on, which I had given them, to inform her that I had just napped a few "dirty birdy mags".

I learned alot about my own stupidity that day, it also hurt everytime a sat on my ass for well over a week, and I never got a paper-round there.

Yeh, I know it hardly counts as a crime but I have always found it funny.


I've done plenty of crimes, i've only ever been arrested for one though.
Long story short: i came back from a 2 week trip in Australia and the customs officer in New Zealand my home country was questioning me for about 10 minutes and not too keen on letting me in, so i said i had bombs. Big mistake apparently... haha So yeh i got arrested for that lol.
Not going to lie that was pretty stupid of you there Scribe.

As for me nothing really all that interesting the only thing I've done worth noting is
Trespassing and Evading Arrest about 7-8 times have yet to be caught. There is a good story behind a few of those times like when I was on the roof of a monastery. There are a few other things but they aren't worth noting.


Dying from moe overdose.
Assault, thievery(I was a kid... a couple of porn mags), probably something more, can't think of any : >


Meh fuck it; live and learn. Although i was tired as, and the person I went over with we got into a bit of a row over there so i was pretty pissed off i was being held up by some whore with cheap lipstick and a stick of law she was willing to shove up anyones ass because she was having a bad day.


Oderint Dum Metuant
Nope never commited any crimes, I've gotten in a handful of fights but I never started any of them never lost any of them either lol but I don't think thats a crime.

I have pulled some juvinile pranks like toilet pappering houses (really only people I knew).


Dying from moe overdose.
Too name some more;
Possession of illegal drugs(don't ask... really, don't).
Breaking a car window.
...and another assault.

That is all!
Hm... a box full of 2A's battery, a box of Dash Yankuro car (don't remember the car name), pencils... let me remember first... and never get caught, muehehe... it's a juvenile crime though. I will never and will not do it again.