HSD #001 Propositions Nomination

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Kaze Araki

Libertarian Communist
Mar 3, 2011
Position: Pro


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Zero Phoenix

The Second Coming of Hazama
May 2, 2011
Position: Pro

I'm in favor of drug use being punishable by law. Fact of the matter is I'm sXe. That means no drinking, no recreational drugs. Straight Edge for life.

It's also proven that drug use, whether it be cigarettes (fags in France), marijuana, alcohol, whatever you want to snort, shoot up, or smoke is not only harmful to the person it's harmful to anyone around them. I mean my word it would be great if drunk drivers only killed themselves, but most of the time drunk drivers tend to kill husbands, wives, kids, entire families in car accidents yet they themselves somehow typically manage to survive like, WTF Death?

Big tabacco can make billions each year on a product that kills people. It's CEO's basically manufacture weapons to kill U.S. citizens on a localized scale. Anytime you engineer a product that is proven to kill people it's a weapon. If you market a gun as a fly-swatter it's still a gun. Likewise if you market a cigarette as a product that takes the edge off of life it's still an object that is going to kill you. Not just you though but the cat, the dog, the kids, your wife, and so forth.

Yes I've heard the bullshit arguments that well drugs bring governments money. Drugs stimulate the economy. :shrug: Who the hell cares? You know what else brings in money? Breakthroughs in medical technology, engineering, and so forth. If we start enforcing hardcore laws and punishments on drug trafficking that shit will stop real fast. Choke the cartels dry and there won't be a market for addicts to get their fix. Then they'll have to do something really drastic. Like get a damn job.


Mar 23, 2011
I think it depends on the drug and the surrounding situation. but YES I think that it should be punishable to some extent, depending on the situation.


I am going to assume that this debate does not include medical drugs.

If the recreational drug user is a parent, and the drug is one that hinders the ability to parent properly, or affects the child's health or well being in ANY way, then YES it should be a crime and should be punishable by law severely.

A recreational drug user should have to forfeit positions of influence. They should not be allowed government positions, teaching positions (or anything with children really), definitely not medical positions, among others. The druggie should also have to forfeit any government assistance (government monetary aid, heath care, welfare, foodstamps, all that good stuff).

I think that drugs have a purpose, even recreational ones... they are on the planet after all. And if the user chooses to accept the health risks for that small bit of euphoria feeling, then let them throw their lives away, just don't take anyone else with you (ie your kids).

I think drug abusers, who take more than the "safe" amount each day to the point where they start doing things like this:


should be placed in a mental facility ._. and given proper help.... along with some sterilzation so that their would-be kids dont come out like this:

May 3, 2011
Postion: Pro


Drug:A chemical substance, such as a narcotic or hallucinogen, that affects the central nervous system, causing changes in behavior and often addiction.

Illegal: Prohibited from use.

Punishable: Inflict a penalty or sanction on (someone) as retribution for an offense, esp. a transgression of a legal or moral code.

Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com

Secondly, I am for the opinion that drug use should be punishable by law mostly due to the fact that it has affected my life because my elder brother was a drug addict. My brother can be the most generous/kindest/nicest person on earth however when it comes to drugs he no longer cares if he sees me, he no longer cares if he has to steal from me, as long as he can get the money to buy drugs from people to help his addiction. It was never like as if he was a psycho nor was it that he tried it for a test. It was the people around him who got him into it, rather, his friend tricked him into getting addicted to drugs.(long story). In the end, he no longer lives. :(

The sad part is, that I don't want my brother to be punished as he just got addicted to it indirectly so I do not believe that he should be punished and he wasn't punished by law, never the less, he did undergo rehab but he went for it once again(I'm not so sure when,but the result was seen).

If there was any thing as drug use punishable law, at-least he would have feared from doing so again.

But I'm not going to write a whole story about my loved brother, instead I'm going to state why I initially and completely believe that drug users should be punishable by law(IMO):

- It is bad for health.

- It affects the surroundings(ie, second hand smoke, forced to use drugs(some), violence(by definition, drugs cause it's user to have a violent behavior)honestly, keep your bad smoke for yourself).

- Unemployment rate will increase.

- More money will be spent by the government(ie, lawsuit).

- More money will be wasted by the drug users on drugs and for rehab.

- The black market cannot be stopped even if they are legalized or illegalized(yet again, prevention is the solution).

- If drugs are legalized, there should be no such as legal as it will logically be unfair to legalized other crimes.(So again, this implies that there is a double standard IMO).

- More crimes.(Drugs can cause violent behavior).

- More drug users/more at risk(the next generation).(Less fear/no punishment,yes?).

- We have no right to use illegal drugs.

- I also believe that the drug users are punishing themselves by using drugs, but the difference is, punishing them by using drugs does effect the surroundings while by law, it does not effect the surrounding, so it's best to go for the latter.

This means that drug use should be punishable by law because it's logically an ASSAULT and more fear= less crimes!

All in all, the law has the complete right to take what ever steps that is necessary to maintain the society as that is the exact reason why there is such a thing.

That's probably all I could think of, anyway, I'm looking forward for the debate and good luck everyone.

Prevention is better than cure.

Prevention saves money, at least from rehab.

Prevention = Fear = Punishable by law.

Drug use also includes people who use drugs to make money even though they don't use it for themselves(body).
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