IRC Trivia bot (Please HELP)


Sep 27, 2006
We need questions for the bot in the IRC Chat. So we can have competitions.
Scores are updated here: (not up yet)

Anyways if you wana submit some questions please do so in the following format below:

example: Who is "Narutos" mother?*Uzumaki Kushina.

1) Put quotations around names, places, or key events.
2) Try to keep the answers small. Sentance answers will not be accepted. Generally we want between 1-4 words... 1-3 is better, and 1-2 is optimal.
3) You MUST submit it in that format. There MUST be a "?" followed by an "*" (Question mark followed by an asterisk with no spaces followed by the answer).
This is just the way the bot works.
4) Keep the topics about anime and gaming :)

here are some example ones:
'The Diary of Anne Frank' was first published in English under what title?*Diary of a Young Girl
'The girls'll go crazy for a....' what is the name of this ZZ-Top tune*Sharp
'The Shining' was the film playing at the drive-in in which film*Twister
'You get a shiver in the dark, it's raining in the park ...' What's the Dire Straits song title*Sultans of Swing