Open Ended RP

Let's get it interesting, mix and match a few animes....What if...

The full moon rose over the mountainous horizon, Alucard walks calmly into town, head down, glasses glaring.

"Ahhh, what a night..." He says nonchalantly "This shouldn't take me too long..."

When suddenly a Ki blasts comes flying through the wall next to him, he deftly dodges and draws his Jackal.

Majin Vegeta (OMGWTFBBQ!?) stand with a blank look on his face, and throws another ball of energy at Alucard.

Alucard, seeing his target, begins opening fire to no avail, the exploding rounds just bounce of this creatures chest. He looks as his gun in dismay.

"Releasing Se---" a huge ki blasts rips through Alucard's body, and a faint laugh echos from Majin Vegeta.