random's amv's

well I am now in the amv mod so I thought I would show you what my amv's are I will link my 4 favorite ones that I made.

YouTube - Gantenbainne Mosqueda vs sado chad
This one uses a Russian song called yours by tractor bowling and it is the name of it is Gantenbainne Mosqueda vs sado chad

YouTube - Aaroniero Arruruerie and the river below
this is the fight between rukia and AA in bleach hueco mundo series the song is river below by billy talent.

YouTube - gundam 00- a hail to the begining
this one is probably the biggest fan favorite not in numbers of veiws but in response to liking it the song is fallen leaf's by billy talent the anime gundam 00.

YouTube - hellsing ultimate-Duality
this is probably my personal favorite one that I have made anime is hellsing ultimate episode 1 song is duality by slipknot.


Streetwear Is Dead
I Liked The Gundam One.

Only Thing Is, You Should Rly Take Out The Manga Scanlations At The End. If I Had The Choice Of Rating It, I Would've Rated It 5 Stars Until I Saw That Scanlation.