Robots or Humans?


Jan 29, 2008
Ok someone like me has watched a decent amount of animes that do relate to this subject, mainly "absolute boyfriend" and "chobits". Even the comical view of futurama has related to this subject behing the end of mad kind once. Even so what views do you guys decide to point it at, would you prefer humans or robots?

Please acknowledge this is a subject that do point to the people that do like same sex such as lesbians and gays. Since you can't "mate" with the opposite sex, people tend to aim there desires to something that neglects societies views on mating. Getting back on subject, that being said, aliens and humans both age but it might be different in how they age, with that, a robot cannot age. Are you guys satisfied with someone like that? Someone that will make society downfall. Things like gays and lesbians are becoming more and more accepted but why should it be, should people be allowed to be selfish to allow things to happen, if a "AI Robot" like chobits and absolute boyfriend were to be introduced, would people sway to robots and reject everything? We all know these robots are perfect in every way and can never disappointed you. When I see a series like these that are introduced, i get very disappointed, that people do like these types, its not the same as masturbating to pictures or videos if your lonely on a Saturday night or something like that. I want you guys to realize what kind of mistake you will take into answering to poll. If this don't convince you otherwise I have failed to help people that do turn down society and live this way. Prolly why I think Haruhi is a bad anime since she won't date anyone normal.

PS: Chobits is the guy version of this show, the guy finds a girl doll/machine in the trash, and falls in loves with it... And absolute boyfriend is a manga with a girl that falls in love with a guy robot that she brought online...