Scarred On MTV

OMG!!! Most disturbing show I've ever seen on TV. This show is so painful to watch. It reminds when I was in in Skateboarding and Inline Skating. I use to be Skatboarder and Inline Skater. But I quite because the skatepark was fare away and there no good skating spot where I live. I never physically got hurt like breaking bones or getting stiches. But when I'm watching this show I'm kinda glade that I quite. Now I know now much pain you can feel doing these tricks. If you haven't seen this show yet. Its on MTV every tuesday at 9:30. Warning it maybe too graphic for people to watch


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YEAH I KNOW THE SHOW IS SICK <---- Forreal its sick like it hits your stomach hard sometimes,but I love it ^^ Its kinda messed up sometimes tho like this one kid had his ankle do a 180 his foot was the other way around >.< GOD that must hurt!!!!!! OOO and there was this white kid that tried to jump some stairs (about 30 or so)with his blades and he missed so his ass landed head first ....................yeah he was in a coma for like 3 days and still cant remember wat happend to him that day.