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This Fanclub is dedicated to all the fans of the Awesome but extremely overlooked Gothic RPG Series Shadow Hearts. This FC will pay respects to all the titles related to the series, these titles in order include: Koudelka, Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and Shadow Hearts: From the New World.

The Official websites:
Koudelka (Too old no official site)
Shadow Hearts - (Japanese)
Shadow Hearts: Covenant -
Shadow Hearts: From the New World -

Genres: Console RPG’s

Games Plots

The time is 1899, and the place is an old monastery in Scotland. Legend has it that the monastery used to be a prison, where innocent people were tortured.
Dark rumors warn that the monastery is the home of the restless spirits of the countless victims.

Called upon by the spirits of the dead, a young girl, named Koudelka, seeks to calm the spirits, and dispel the evil haunting the holy place.
The evil beckons her... (Shadow Hearts Net)[/Spoil]

Shadow Hearts[Spoil]
A traveling English priest is brutally murdered on a rainy night. His only daughter, believed to have been traveling with him, and his possessions have vanished. She has been classified as "missing".
One month later...

A steam train blazes under the clear, starry sky. The train from Changchun is headed for Dairen. Inside the Japanese army's luxury car, located in the back of the train, sits the murdered priest's daughter. She has beautiful blond hair and eyes full of sorrow. Bored, she stares outside at the scenery.
An English gentleman approaches the girl. The next moment, a scream rips through the train. One of the Japanese bodyguards is torn like a piece of paper and falls to the ground. The English gentleman, smiling, locks his gaze onto the girl.

"Wh-who are you?!" the girl whimpers.

"I am Roger Bacon and I have come to take you away."

A great tragedy is about to begin... (Shadow Hearts Net)[/Spoil]

Shadow Hearts: Covenant[Spoil]
In 1913, guided by a mysterious voice, Yuri saves Alice from Albert Simon who tried to use Alice to aid in the destruction of the world through the "calling down of the God". Yuri is successful in defeating Simon and the "God" that was summoned. However, Alice, carrying the burden of Yuri's work, slips away into an eternal sleep on a train bound for her hometown of Zurich.

In 1915, from a single shot fired, a war erupted that encompassed the entire world. This was the beginning of World War I.

One half year after the start of World War I, the advancing Imperial German army was determined to take a small village of Domremy in Northern France. Domremy was rumored to be the home of a terrible monster. A patrol led by the Imperial German army officer, Karin Koenig, charged into an old church in the village. Inside was the figure of a dark, winged "demon".

Once inside the village, an unknown force wipes out Karin's entire patrol. Struggling to remain conscious, she manages to catch a glimpse of a dark, winged "demon", reverting to its human form... (Shadow Hearts Net)[/Spoil]

Shadow Hearts: From the New World[Spoil]
It is a violent and dark time in America. A few years ago, Johnny Garland was in a serious car crash where he lost his family and some of his memories. His father left him a large inheritance as well as a successful family business, but Johnny spurned the business and now runs his own detective agency in New York City with only his loyal servant at his side. At about the same time that Johnny regained consciousness from the accident, strange phenomena started taking place in various parts of America.

The phenomena involved beasts appearing from a green light, portals the people started referring to as "Windows".

A Native American girl named Shania travels the land as a bounty hunter, searching out the Windows and exterminating the beasts that emerge from within.

One day Johnny gets his wish; to finally receive a detective job of some substance. The request is to track down a fugitive, someone that has just jumped ball. Johnny quickly finds the fugitive...almost too easily.

But right as Johnny approaches the suspect, there is a horrific turn of events. From behind the suspect a Window suddenly opens, and a beast emerges from the green light.

The beast quickly devours the man whole and starts making its way towards Johnny when another creature breaks through the glass ceiling and drops between the two.

The creature has a body that appears to be completely engulfed in light, with a form that resembles some kind of fusion between human and bird... (Shadow Hearts Net)[/Spoil]

Owner: Shadow_Strider

Basic Information about the Shadow Hearts Series

Characters[Spoil] (Source for Character bios and Images – Shadow Hearts Net)


Koudelka Iasant (Main)
Character Image[Spoil]

Koudelka is a young witch with psychic abilities. The villagers of her home, afraid of her powers, banished her from the village. Koudelka raised herself and trained her supernatural powers. Being called on by its inhabitants, Koudelka travels to the Nemeton monastery to answer their calls.

Edward de Plunkett (Main)
Character Image[Spoil]
Edward is an American traveler and a thrill seeker. He came to the monastery to make a fortune, but finds himself trapped by the evil within the monastery.

James O'Flahtery (Main)
Character Image[Spoil]
James is a bishop sent from the Vatican to recover three lost scriptures of forbidden arts. With a few clues, James found that Patrick Heyworth had one of the stolen scriptures—the Emigre File. James seems to have another motive for coming to the monastery; one beyond the Vatican.[/Spoil]

Shadow Hearts[Spoil]

Yuri Hyuga (Main)
Character Image[Spoil]
Born in 1890 to a Japanese father and a Russian mother, Yuri’s birthplace is unknown. In his youth, he moved throughout China, going where ever his father’s military assignments took them. Both of his parents died when he was ten-years-old. Yuri’s fusion ability awakened at the moment of their death and he has been a harmonixer ever since. He is in search of the owner of the mysterious voice that guides him during the story.

Alice Elliot (Main)
Character Image[Spoil]
Raised in London, Alice began to hear supernatural voices at a young age and became an exorcist, helping her father perform exorcisms. Now, people of influence want to capture her and use her power for their own purposes. She is shy and introverted at first, but her perky personality returns as she embarks on her journey with Yuri.

Zhuzhen (Main)
Character Image[Spoil]
This wise sage is deft in the ways of Yin and Yang and Feng Shui. He hints at some past connection with Yuri and Roger Bacon.

Margarete Gertrude Zelle (Main)
Character Image[Spoil]
She is a world famous spy. She meets Yuri and Alice by chance and decides to tag along on their journey.

Note:Margaret’s character in Shadow Hearts is based on Margaretha Zelle (AKA: Mata Hari, 1876-1917) a Dutch dancer and spy who posed as Indonesian dancer in Paris. She later joined German secret service in 1907 and was eventually executed by the French in 1917.

Keith Valentine (Main)
Character Image[Spoil]
He is the lord of an eastern European castle. Bored of sleeping his life away at the castle, Keith decides to join Yuri and Alice's journey.

Halley Brancket (Main)
Character Image[Spoil]
The leader of the London Rats, Halley looks out for the other orphans like a protective older brother. He manages to take care of them all with the help of an old man named Carl.[/Spoil]

Shadow Hearts: Covenant (Coming Soon)

Shadow Hearts: From the New World (Coming Soon)[/Spoil]

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Oderint Dum Metuant
It had 2 endings but yeah if you talking about Karin, it sucks too cause we know what going to happen to her since Yuri witnesses his moms death. Also She loved Yuri and she would only feel an attachment to his father because she still had feelings for Yuri after the time placement thing and he resembles his dad.

Although I try not to think about it too much because my head starts to hurt lol.


Oderint Dum Metuant
Well I've only gotten one ending but some people have told me its just like the first shadow hearts game a good ending and a bad ending, the good one is where everyone gets sent to a time where they will be the most happy, Karin can't be with Yuri because one plot f'ed up and made her his mom, also Yuri truly loves Alice and chooses to die and be with her in the after life (we know there is an after life in the SH series), this means the next best thing for Karin is meeting Yuri's Father who Yuri greatly resembles and they share the same powers. Karin falls for Yuri's Father most likely because even though she has no memories of what happened in the other time dimension she still harbors deep feelings for Yuri which transfered over to his dad.


I am The Light
well yea i was upset a little when i saw the ending :p well i love alice but when i saw the ending to SH1 i was like o_O and on the inside T_T


Oderint Dum Metuant
Well the "True" ending for the first Shadow hearts game is really sad because Alice sacrifices herself to save Yuri's soul. The ending CG has Yuri and Alice riding a train to Alice's home town, and on the way Alice lays against Yuri and falls asleep with her head on his shoulder. When they reach their destination Yuri goes to wake Alice up but she has passed away :18:

He then spends the majority of SH II trying to bring her back using the Emagre(Sp?) Manuel, but then realizes it's not possible and his heart is shattered once again. It is pretty clear in the ending to Covenant that he reunites with Alice in the After Life and the spend the rest of eternity together :relief: