What TV shows do you watch?

Well... Like I said I live in Greece and there are plenty of shows they don't have here so I'll put what I currently watch and like only here then: Gilmore Girls (I know that it already ended in the States but here we're far behind.), John Doe (Started watching it last week), House (Gotta love him.), Grey's Anatomy (I watch it with my Mama-sama), Friends (Yeah they show re-runs all the time since they showed the whole thing like twice already. But you gotta love it, it's a classic).
There are a few greek shows that I watch too. But most of them just finished the season so we'll have to wait 'till September again to see the rest.
Not really big on TV myself.

But Scrubs is probably my favorite sitcom....type show thingy, and the only thing I try to watch on TV.

If I'm at home with nothing to do but chill, I will probably just see what's on comedy central, but if its crap like Lil Bush or Mind of mencia, I'll just turn it off.

I like to watch Boxing when it's on too.
Office - great series
Scrubs - Not as good as the office but great never the less
Seinfeld - reruns but they are still golden
Arrested Development - Such a shame they ended it
It's always sunny in philidelphia(sp?) - great sitcom, reminds me of a newer seinfeld


gossip girl(well i loved oc....)
reaper(come on is fun!)
chuck(too many drugs propably when thy wrote it)
grey's anatomy(izzie izzie izzie)

that's for now!!!!


Jared's master

You rock^^!

Yeah defenetly Dr. House M.D. :luv:
CSI (all) :luv:
Prison Break
Grey's Anatomy (not so much, but do)
24 (will start now, but not on TV)
Desperate Housewives (but since they were on later at night I missed all season 2 <.<)
and some more, I don't remember

anyway you guys and girls MUST watch Dr.House M.D., best show ever^^

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