What's your favorite movies you ever seen?

The Ring is most frightening movie i've ever seen....... until now i'm so scare to be alone in any rooms in my house even the bathroom.....hehehehe:blush: so tell me which movie do you like most?:smile2:


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Favorite movie...? Hm. Well, favorite animated movie would probably be Howl's Moving Castle or Happy Feet. Favorite live-action movie would be National Treasure even though I hate Nicolas Cage.


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Erf =/ i've seen too much that i can't remember which is my favorite....But romantic movie, my choice will be for A Walk To Remember :eek:

Dun like frightening movie so....

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the Fast and the Furious series is great as is Cradle to the Grave[/b]
You're sure 100% right x]
OOH i have a few shawshank redemption, Good Fellas, Cape Fear, I agree with nori bruce almighty was REAL good comedy, the back to the future series, uhh thats about all i can think of right now, ill get back on this when i can remember more.


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yes I love that movie too, but my favourite movie is Serendipity and no i'm not gay, I just love romantic movies, :laugh: but I also love horror and hardcore action.
Mnef, I wanna watch Fritt vilt.. Norweigian horror. Almost every single person I know who watched it, loved it.
*tho' I don't know if I love it too. I just wanna watch it coz I haven't watched it, and it's Norweigian*


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If I watched that movie in Norwegian, I bet it would be more funny than scary, because I would be laughing at the Norwegian accent. lol
Awh, come on... =P

I'm more used to the norweigian language than you are, you just began learning how to write like a 3 year old kid. And I don't laugh everytime I hear the norweigian language, I just laugh everytime Nomxis says Tryna. ^.-
If you want to be surprised and got the patience to watch a movie that's not as fast as the usual lame ass shit that comes out watch Old Boy! (it's part of the Asian Screen collection) and don't read the plot before you have watched it ;p

other fav's are Unleashed, Lost Highway, Mullholland Drive, Donnie Darko :)