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  • oh it is just. i figured if a few people join in ideas. It could be a great rp. But let me finish the skeleton of the world first.
    After i am done we can check it out. You can help me with making the story interesting.
    You are really good in story writing. I ll need your help, if you ll be willing.
    I made a fantasy world for the rp. But i would need a hand to make it more interesting. If you are interested.
    I would appriciate it.
    J'ai oublie beaucoup de francais, donc j'aurai beaucoup de manques (mistakes?) quand je parle le francais. Pardonnez-moi :P
    So how are you doing?? Oh and thanks for the FR
    Yea. It is correct. lolz
    Don't worry about it ;)

    And not aproblem really. Thnx you for joinin the rp. =)
    Just remember to post at least every second day.
    Hmm, there was such a problem in the past. I think that was because the game wasn't closed properly back then. Are you sure you clicked ok/finish/done/whatever the button there was to pick cards after the game ended? If you have any open games still there should be a tab on the top with Battle or something like that. If you can't find it, try asking in the Cherry Spam thread, I remember two people had such problems, but it got fixed for them.
    The current Master has been offline for quite some days.
    But I can entertain you in replacement, although I am by no mean as strong as him.
    Rawr, in the edit signature page you have these buttons on the editor: http://prntscr.com/255y9

    So for example, if you'd like your signature to the right like I have, you'd put the whole content of your signature in [noparse][/noparse] tag like this: http://prntscr.com/255yh

    For signatures it's better to just upload it on an image hosting site, but using the forum signature uploader shouldn't show that much of a difference.
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