One Piece: Brand New World


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Beginning Arc

Chapter 1 – Brand New World

The sky was blurry as the young boy opened his eyes, he couldn’t remember anything that had happened to him or where he was. He groaned and saw the clear blue sky as he opened his eyes fully. “where am I?” he muttered. He sat up and saw a straw hat to his side, he grinned and placed the beaten hat on his head, as he did his memories came racing back to him. “That’s right! Damn it I’ve got to find my friends!”

Luffy spun around to view his surrounding, there was nothing but trees, he was standing in a small clearing which seamed to sparkle in the sun, the leaves blew gently in the breeze.

“I’m gonna beat them next time.’ Smiled Luffy as he picked any random direction and headed into the forest “But first I need food.”

Luffy pushed his way through the undergrowth, using his nose to guide him for any trace of food, he tripped and fell down a large hill, he then came crashing to a staop against a large boulder, or at least what he thought was a large boulder, but whatever it was started moving.

Luffy fell of the moving boulder and landed on his head, he looked up and saw that what he had assumed to be a boulder was a giant creature, it had dark green skin, thick legs like tree trunks, pure muscular arms, its body was plastered with little grey lumps that looked like stone, the beast had dark greasy hair and pitch black eyes, it had long razor sharp finger nails and it smelled like it hadn’t bathed in its life.

“Oh crap” laughed Luffy “Sorry about that.”

The creature roared in fury and swung its huge arm at Luffy who leaped over it and glared at the creature “So you wanna fight?”

The creature roared again and clasped his hands, he brought them crashing downwards towards Luffy who stepped to the side, but the creature’s blow shattered the ground on impact and Luffy stumbled as cracks tore across the ground, the creature swung its arm and slammed Luffy in the chest, he soared through the trees until he ventually smashed into one and slammed into the ground.

“That huuuuuuuuuurt!’ wailed Luffy as he slowly rose to his feet.

The giant creature leaped into the air towards Luffy who was shocked at its mobility, he leaped into the trees as the creature came crashing to the earth again tearing inro the ground.

“Wow that thing’s strong.” Grinned Luffy “But I’m gonna win!”

Luffy leaped from the trees and landed on the creatures back, he pulled back his arm and called “Gomu Gomu No” he snaped his arm forward driving it into the creature back “BULLET!!”

The creature howled in pain and began to thrash, it slammed its back into a tree, crushing Luffy in the process.

Luffy stretched and grabbed on to a tree, he began to run backwards leaving his arm trailing, the creature gave cahse.

Luffy laughed as he stopped and leaped of the ground “Gomu Gomu No Rocket!” he cried as he soared back towards the beast and slammed head first into its chest, The monsters eyes snapped open in pain as it felt its ribs snap beaneath Luffy’s blow, it roared in pain as it coughed green blood.

“Take that!” laughed Luffy as he landed on his feet a few feet back.

“KILL YOU!!” roared the monster as he thrashed towards Luffy

“You can talk!?” cried an amzed luffy who was too stunned to dodge, he was captured in a few monsterous blows from its swinging arms and sent crashing into some nearby bushes, the sunlight from above shoen down into his eyes “OWWW!” he squealed

The beast laughed as it approached Luffy and towered above him “Kill you.” It breathed.

A nearby village shook as the ground trembled, this village was made of a tavern, a large house with mayor posted on the front, a few houses and a small market place, it looked poor and some farming fields lay behind it.

“Oh no!’ cried the villager “The Jikininki is rampaging again.

“What if it destroys the village” cried a young woman.

“Damn that beast.” Said an old man “If only we had the power to stop it.”

“I’m gonna investigate.’ Said a young man with shaggy red hair, he ran out of the village and towards the forest.

Some villagers feeling braver followed him.

“What if we die?” cried the old man as he hurried to keep after the red haired man

“Then go back old man.” He answered “We live in fear of that thing, perhaps its rampage can reveal a weakness, it may be hurt from something that we can exploit.”

“Well aint you smart, Red.” Smiled the old man

a young woman and two more men followed after them.

Luffy stretched out his legs, wrapped them around the Jikininki and spun around to its back, he grabbed its shoulders, leaped into the air and called “SPEAR!”

Luffy’s clasped feet drove into the back of the creatures neck, it howled and fell face first into the ground, again causing the ground to tremble.

The village people then arrived and saw the creature fall, they stared in disbelief as the boy fighting it grabbed its legs and amazing began to swing it.

Luffy struggled with the monsters weight and threw it as far as he could, it slammed into a tree causing it to collapse, its roots tore out of the ground and one scratched the creatures back causing green blood to spray across the ground.

“How is that boy fighting it?” asked the old man in disbelief

“I’ve no idea.” Answered Red

Luffy huffed as he saw the creature rise once more “damn it.” He breathed

“The boy can’t win.” Groaned the old man “Run boy, or it’ll kill you.”

Luffy looked towards the old man and laughed “Hey old timer.” He waved.

The Jikininki stomped towards Luffy, Luffy grinned and began to pump his fists back and forwards, his fists became blurrs and rained down apon the monster. “Gomu Gomu No Gattling Gun!”

The fist pummeled every area of the creatures massive body and forced it back into a tree where the blows gained a graeter effect, the bark began to crack before eventually he was smashed right through it, the creature flew backwards and slammed into the ground.

“No way.” Cried the old man “Impossible!”

Red stared in awe at this boy who had just defeated the creature that he himself had once fought and was almost left crippled, it had taken him five years to recover from that battle.

“He won.” Laughed the old man as tears of joy ran down his face.

“See I won.” Laughed Luffy “I told you I would.”

“Boy you have done as a great favor, you have killed the beast that has destroyed our village so many times, thank you.” Smiled the old man as he grabbed and shook Luffy’s hand.

“I did?” smiled a confused Luffy “Any food?”

“Of course.” Answered the old man “I’m Bira, I own the local tavern, I shall treat you to the finest meal I can and a nice warm bed for tonight.”

Luffy left with villagers.


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Chapter 2 – Village Life​

Luffy awoke in a nice comfy room, he looked around at his surroundings, the room was small and dusty and was lit by only one window, there was a small table at the side of the bed on which his clothes and hat lay. Luffy grinned when he saw his precious hat.

There was a knocking on the door and a girl peaked in, she had long dark hair and bright green eyes, her skin was smooth and her rosey cheeks blushed at when she saw Luffy “your awake.” She smiled. She walked into the room and opened the window, she seemed to glow in the sunlight. She wore a long black skirt down to her shins and a bright yellow t-shirt.

Luffy grinned at her “Hey Ana, you’re a great cook, what’s for breakfast?”

Ana laughed “all you think about is eating. Hurry and get dressed, if you want to eat then you’ll need to go shopping for me.”

Luffy groaned and got out of bed, Ana’s face flushed red as he was wearing only his underwear, she quickly turned her back and left the room.

Luffy came downstairs where he saw Bira sitting at the table in the middle of the room, a sofa was against the wall opposite a fire place and a door in front of the stairs lead to the kitchen, Luffy could smell breakfast.

Ana poked her head out the door “Your not eating till you get my shopping.”

“What!” cried Luffy “But I’m hungry!”

Bira laughed “once my granddaughters made up her mind there’s no changing it Luffy.”

Luffy sighed and headed outside, the small market was just around the corner, he arrive fairly quick, entered the store marked with a piece of meat and met old Ruth.

Ruth was Bira’s wife and Ana’s grandmother, she was a small old woman who wore a long brown shawl and kept her short grey covered with an old scarf, her wrinkled face hid one of her eyes and her only tooth poked out of her small lips.

“Just in time Luffy.” Smiled the old woman “I’ve just finished packing Ana’s lsit.”

Luffy saw two bags of food on the counter. “Is that them?” he asked pointing to the counter.

“It is.” Smiled Ruth “say morning to Bira for me.”

“sure.” Replied Luffy as he grabbed the bags “See ya.”

Luffy arrived back at Ana’s home where he found several plates of meat on the table fo r him, Ana grabbed the bags out of Luffy’s hands just in time as he bounded towards the table and began to cram as much food as he could into his mouth, Ana laughed before heading back into the kitchen.

“That’s one monstrous appetite you have my boy.’ Laughed Biro as he grabbed his coat from a hook behind the door, “well I’m off to open me tavern be back late.”

Luffy sat back on the chair after consuming an absurd amount of food “GOOOOOOOD!” he cried.

He had been staying in this little village for a whole week, but he had things to do and knew he’d have to leave some time, the only problem was that he loved Ana’s cooking!

Ana and Bira had explained the situation to him, he was on a small island that was surrounded by four large continents, the only way to reach them was by boat, so as a thank you to Luffy for defeating the Jikininki the villagers decided to build him a small dinghy boat so he could set sail, Bira had agreed to let him stay at his home in the mean time.

A large creature stared at its fallen friend, it squealed in anger as it found its friend lying in the bushes, a fallen tree next to it, this creature would not ccept this, it would hunt down the creature that killed its friend and kill it.

Another peaceful day passed and Luffy spent his time eating and sleeping.

“Why don’t you go help out at the fields?” asked Ana

“Because they keep throwing me out cause I make a mess.’ Sighed Luffy looking downhearted.

Ana laughed as Luffy jumped to his feet, Bira came into the house with a grin on his face.

“What’re you so happy about grandpa?” asked Ana

“Luffy’s dinghy boat is finished.” Smiled Bira “I’m gonna miss you boy but I hope you find your friends.”

“Of course.” Smiled Luffy

“How many friends do you have?” asked ana

Luffy scrunched his face up in concentration and after a minute he said “Eight!” but they all flashed out of his memory as soon a she remembered them “Ow my head!”

“when will you set out?’ asked Ana her smile vanished for a second but quickly returned as she faced Luffy

“I’ll go tomorrow, for the South Continent.” He answered

“Then I’ll have to prepare a special going away meal for you.” She smiled

“Hunting sucks” scowled a young boy with short blonde hair and a grey eyes, he wore a dirty grey vest and ripped grey pants, he carried a large stick and followed after Red.

“Then you shouldn’t have tagged along brat.” Snarled Red “go bother someone else.”

“what are we hunting anyway?” asked the boy

“We’re hunting deer, Rik.” answered Red as he swung his spear and chopped some thick bushes. His spear was really just a knife tied to a long stick but he continued to call it a spear.

“But that big monster scared them all away.” Replied Rik “We’re wasting our time.”

“Luffy killed it.” Smiled Red

“But wasn’t there two monsters?” asked Rik

Red suddenly stopped how he could have forgotten, he didn’t know “Shit! We’re in so much trouble, back to the village now Rik!”

Red and Rik raced through the trees back towards the village when the ground began to shake, it had realized what had happened it it was coming.

“Shit!.” Snapped Red “Run faster boy!”

A loud roar reached their ears “we’ve gotta get back to the village and warn everyone.”

A tree suddenly flew beyond them and slammed into the ground in front of them, the two failed to stop in time and ran straight over it, they tripped and fell.

Another tree flew through the air, slammed into another tree and they collapsed.

“YOU KILLED MY FRIEND!!” roared the monsterous voice.

The two could see its shadow through the trees now.

“Rik.” Said Red “escape to the village, get everyone and take them to the underground hiding hole.”

“what are you gonna do?” asked Rik “You can’t fight that thing.”

“I don’t have much of a choice.” Laughed Red “Now get going before she reaches the village.”

Rik looked at Red then towards the monster which was now so close its, plae grey skin could be seen. He turned to look at Red one last time before sprinting back towards the village.

Red faced the beast as it emerged through the trees “Let’s do this.”

Red raised his spear and ran towards the beast.


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Chapter 3 – The Second Beast

“HIDE!!” screamed Rik as he sped into the village arriving at the market.

The people turned to look at him ‘what’s wrong?” one asked

“Its here!” breathed Rik as he stopped and began huffing.

“What is?”

“The other monster.” Cried Rik “You didn’t forget that there was two did you!”

An old woman dropped her shopping bags when she heard this, a young girl screamed and then everyone started to panic and began to run in all directions.”

“Damn idiots.” Sighed Rik

Old Ruth emerged from her shop and “CALM DOWN!” she bellowed in a mighty voice.

‘Wow.” Gaped Rik “That’s some voice for an old lady.

Ruth turned to Rik and boped him on the head. “I’m not old I’m 70 years young.”

Everyone stopped and stared at Ruth who spoke “The bunker underneath the farm lands everyone will proceed there immediately.” She turned to Rik “Where’s is red?”

Rik looked at the ground “he…” he stopped and fell to huis knees “He’s gonna die.”

Rik then found a hand on his shoulder, he turned to see a boy with messy black hair, a scar under his left aye and a straw hat.

“Lead the way.” Smiled Luffy

Rik stared at Luffy “you’re not seriously gonna fight?”

“Of course.” Laughed Luffy “this village has taken care of me, I’m not gonna let a monster destroy it.”

Rik was amzed with Luffy’s determination to help them “You’re so cool!”

“You were lucky to win last time.” Said Bira as he came around the corner

“nah.” Smiled Luffy “I was just low on strength cause i was hungry.”

Bira laughed “sounds just like you.”

“Ok!” cried Luffy “let’s go beat up the monster!”

Rik and Luffy headed out of town.

Red stared up at his opponent she was 10 feet tall, had matted black hair, brown skin that allowed her to blend in with the tree bark, she had huge arms that when swung could half a tree in two, her muscular legs allowed her to leap high into the sky and she had long sharp nails on her four thick toes, brown fur covered the back of her legs, shoulders and ran down the back of her arms, her skin was blotted with many black spots and she had long, sharp yellow teeth.

“Damn you beast.” Snarled Red “what do you want.”

“You killed my friend.” She roared “I kill you.”

Red dove to the side as she slammed her arm into the ground where he had been a second before, the ground cracked but seemed to lack the power the other beast had.

‘You’re not as strong as the other one are you monster.” Laughed Red as he swung his spear down at her arm, it punctured the skin and sent green blood spraying across the ground.

She howled in anger and grabbed the spear, She swung with all her myt and Red who failed to let go was thrown through the air, he crashed into some bushes and screamed in pain as he realized the fall had broken his arm.

“DAMN IT!” cried Red as he clutched his left arm which hung aimlessly at his side.

The creature laughed as it approached him “Kill, kill, kill” it muttered

With no other options Red turned and ran “Gotta lead it away from the village.”

The woman like monster leaped into the air and came crashing dwon in fornt of Red.

“HOW!” he cried in disbelief “you were all the way ba…”

He didn’t finish, she had swung her arm and slammed it straight into his side, Red doubled over in pain before flying of his feet and smashing against a tree, he coughed blood and slumped to the ground, unable to move he could only watch the monster approach him.

“DIE!” smiled the creature as she raised her arm.

Suddenly a very long arm came reaching out of the trees, it grabbed the monsters arm and then Luffy came soaring through the tress “Rocket!” he cried as he came crashing into the monster, they collided and toppled to the ground.

“Red.” Called rik as he crouched down beside him “you ok?”

“I’ll live.” Grunted Red “You brought the straw hat boy.”

“Yip.” Smiled Rik “he’s going to save us from that thing.”

“Glad to see someone has faith.” Smiled Red, he coughed again and leaned against the tree “Damn it.”

Luffy and the monstrous woman faced one another.

“Wow your ugly.” Smiled Luffy

The beast howled its fury and swung wildly at Luffy who dodged every blow.

Luffy jumped away from her and landed a few feet back.

“KILL!” she roared “KILL!”

Luffy swung his arm behind him and ran at the monster “Gomu Gomu No!” he stopped just in front of her, drove his feet into the ground to keep his balance and snapped his arm forward “BULLET!” his fist came slamming straight into her stomach and drove her backwards, her heels tore into the ground as she skidded back wards, she grabbed Luffy’s arm and swung him into a tree, he slammed into head first and fell to the ground.

Luffy however bounced to his feet and rubbed his head, he looked down at his straw hat to see it flattened “MY HAT!!” he screamed “WHY YOU!”

Luffy grabbed the monsters shoulders and jumped of the ground, he came racing towards her feet first and slammed them into her face, she stumbled backwards and fell, Luffy was above her “SPEAR!” he called as his feet drove down into her chest, the ground cracked beneath her.

Luffy landed on the ground and grabbed his hat, he placed it on his head and smiled.

The Monster woman was up again and glaring at Luffy, her eyes were blank with rage and she grabbed two trees, tore them out of the ground sending dirt flying, she then threw them at Luffy who was too surprised to dodge, he was crushed under the weight of the tree.

Trapped Luffy saw the monster tower above him still carrying the other tree, she raised it above her head and brought slamming down towards Luffy.

“SHIT!” cried luffy as the trees came racing towards him.

Suddenly green blood spurted outwards, the tree slammed a few feet of course away from Luffy’s head, Luffy surprised saw a spear stuck in the monsters upper arm.

“Now you owe me.” Smiled Red

Luffy grinned and summoning all of his strength he lifted the tree, he then threw it at the mountain woman who was too busy roaring in pain and anger to notice, the tree collided with her side and Luffy heard whatever bones in her body break.

“Finish this now.” Cried Red

Luffy grinned and leaped towards the monster, he grabbed its shoulder and drew himself towards it, he landed on it chest and began to spin, after several twists he stared at th creature which looked surprised.

“Gomu Gomu No Bow Gun!” cried Luffy

Luffy’s body spun wildly and the resulting snapback crashed into the creatures chin, pushing its head out of place and snapping its neck, it fell to the ground and moved no more.

Luffy landed on his feet and turned towards Red and Rik.

“You’re amazing.’ Laughed Rik

“To have defeated both of them.” Gaped Red “I can’t believe it.”

Luffy grinned before grabbing his stomach and “I’m soooo hungry.”

Red and Rik burst out laughing “Food is all you think about huh.”

Luffy grinned and helped Red to his feet, the three trudged back towards the village.


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Chapter 4 – The Deal

The tavern was silent, the chairs sat collecting dust.

Bira sat on one and held his head in his hands, he was waiting for someone and he knew it was going to be bad.

A being emerged form the shadows “The master is incredibly angry.” He sneered “that’s two of his precious children dead.”

Bira looked up, fear crippled him from speaking.

“We let you of with the first because the straw hat was an outsider who knew nothing, but you still have not told him.” Snarled the voice “He will find out eventually.”

“P-please…” begged Bira “please just one more chance.”

“ENOUGH!” snarled the being “The brat will leave tomorrow on his stupid boat.”

“Yes I know.” Sighed Bira “When he’s gone you will hand her over, if you fail then I’ll personally destroy this village and kill you all.”

Bira saw the being’s shiny white teeth through the darkness, his body began to shake “I-I understand.”

“Face it Bira.” Cackled the being “How can you hope to defy one of the four great demons.”

Tears streamed down Bira’s face “Y-You’ll pay one day.” He choked

The being vanished and Bira slammed into the wall, he was pinned.

“Watch your mouth old man.” Snarled the being “Your lucky my master is the kindest of the four.”

Bira slumped to the floor and passed out.

“I don’t know what those old fools sent straw hat here for but he’s dangerous, especially if his memory returns, we must kill him before that happens.” Pondred the being, he then vanished into the shadows.

Luffy awoke to his usual breakfast from Ana.

“So what way are you heading Luffy?” she asked

“I’m gonna go to the south continent.” Answered Luffy

“Tell me luffy, if you can’t remember who your friends are then how do you intend to find them?” she asked

“I’ll know them when I see them.’ Laughed Luffy as he crammed a several pieces of meat into his mouth and gulped them down.

“Sure.” Sighed Ana “You could just stay here you know.”

Luffy smiled at her “I really like this place, but I have to find my friends, I don’t know why but I feel that something is missing.”

“What do you mean?” asked Ana

“I don’t know.” Answered Luffy “That’s why I’m going, to find out.”

“I’ll miss you.” Sighed ana as her smile faded

“I’ll come back.” Grinned Luffy “after all your cooking’s the best!”

Ana smiled and rose from the table, clearing away the dishes.

Bira came into the room then “today’s the big day.” He smiled

“Yip.” Said Luffy

“So what direction you going?” he asked

“South.” Answered Luffy

“Be careful out there.” Said Bora his face becoming serious “This world is full of dangers, and we know almost nothing about those continents, also your friend s could be anywhere, if they’re memories are gone like yours then you may end up enemies and never know it.”

Luffy grinned and removed his hat from his head “This hat is important to me, and I feel that somehow it’s a symbol for me and my friends, I’ll definitely know them when I see them.” His face turning serious

Luffy, Bira ad Ana arrived at the beach to find Ruth, Red, Rik and a few villagers there.

“Hey guys.” Smiled Luffy as he wrapped his arm around Red and Rik’s shoulders.”

“Good luck on your journey straw hat.” Said red

“You promise to return right.” Grinned Rik

“Of course.” Laughed Luffy as he stepped into the boat

Ruth dropped a few bags of meat into the boat “try to make it last.’ She laughed

Luffy gazed at the bags hungrily “Thanks.” He said

Red grinned and shook Luffy’s hand “Even if you fail in your journey you’ll always be welcome here.”

Luffy grinned and gripped Reds hand “See ya.”

Luffy grabbed the oars, Red, with his one good arm and Rik pushed his boat into the sea and off he drifted.

Bira started to cry once more and fell to his knees “I’m sorry Ana.”

“Don’t worry grandpa.” Cried Ana as she bent down to hug him.

After a few minutes Luffy’s boat was barely visible and then a black aura appeared on the beach, and strange person who’s face was hidden by a top hat appeared.

“You said tonight.” Snarled Bira

“Change of plans.” Replied the top hat man

“Bastard!” snarled Red

“You’ve sent the boy north, Bira.” Smiled the top hat man “Good that will lead him to the snowy mountains where he will most likely die.”

Bira stared at the man in fury “He’s a kind boy, he’ll definitely figure things out and defeat you.”

The man laughed hysterically “the boy has eaten the devil fruit old man.”

“What!” gasped the gang

“And as you know a sea monster lives in the sea out there, it will most likely destroy his boat, and he can’t swim, hahahahahaha.” Laughed the man.

Red rushed the man who moved in a flash, a long strand of rope wrapped around red’s leg and he was pulled of his feet “Don’t be stupid, you can’t beat me.”

“Stop.” Cried Ana “for the death of the first monster we agreed to send Luffy north towards them. And for the second we agreed you’d have me, so don’t hurt anyone or the village.”

The man sighed and stretched out his gloved hand “Let’s go then.”

Ana took his hand and they vanished into the black aura.

“DAMN YOU!!” roared Red and Bira

Luffy remained oblivious to all that had happened on the beach, he sailed north towards an old friend and a new enemy.


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Snow Mountains Arc

Chapter 5 – The Snowy Mountains

The snowy mountains, an never ending place of cold, the people that lived there have long since left only a few villages remained but even then there population has dramatically decreased. The snow covered peaks where covered by dirty black clouds from which snow rained down.

However in this wasteland of snow a girl came skiing down, she wore brown fur pants, had a large fur cape wrapped around her and wore a strange helmet with two horns poking out the front and two large bull like horns from the sides, she carried a dagger with her, has her long dark hair tied in a plate and had icy blue eyes.

She was humming as she sped down the slope and to her amazement the snow in front her burst upwards and a man appeared, she screamed, the man turned around, they were face to face.


She collided with him head first the man barely dodged the spikes, and was knocked back down into the cold snow, the girl also toppled into the snow and rolled down the slope a few feet.

“Damn it!” she screamed as she bounced to her feet “What the fuck are you doing moron! You coulda killed me!”

“You’re too loud.” Groaned the man as he sat up clutching his head.

The man had green hair, wore a white t-shirt with dark green trousers and black boots, wrapped around his waist was a green obi sash and strapped to his side were three deadly looking swords, he had three earrings in his left ear and a strange green cloth around his arm.

“You should be more careful.” Grunted Zoro as he stood up.

“What!” laughed the girl “You came out of nowhere!”

“What are you talking about.” Grunted Zoro again “I was lying right there sleeping.”

“Moron!” cried the girl “you were buried beneath the snow and what are you doping sleeping in this kind of cold you should be dead.”

Zoro looked at her and laughed, he then turned on his heels and trudged down the slope.

“Hey I’m not finished with you.” Screamed the girl as she gave chase

“Stop following me.” Moaned Zoro

“say your sorry then.” Smiled the girl

“For what!” cried Zoro

“For making me crash.” She glared

“”I did not, you should apologize for running into me.” Screamed back Zoro

The girl glared at him and clenched her fists “That’s it!” she swung her fist at him but he caught it and pulled her towards him.

“Get lost little girl.” Said Zoro as he dropped her into the snow.

“What’s the matter?” asked the girl “scared of fighting me in case you lose to a girl?”

“Nonsense.” Grunted Zoro “there’s more to worry about than you.”

“Like what?” asked the girl

“That.’ Pointed Zoro

The girl turned and saw giant creature, its was covered in white fur, had dark red eye’s, long sharp fangs, powerful claws that looked like they could rip through stone and razor sharp nails.

“God damn another monster.’ She sighed “How many does that moron plan on making.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Zoro “Someone made that thing?”

“I’m not telling you anything till you say sorry.” Grinned the girl

“Get lost then.” Snarled Zoro

“Fine.” She laughed “But your going to die if you fight that.”

Luffy was still adrift in the ocean, his meat long gone, “I’m sooo hungry!” he cried

Then he saw a bird over head “FOOD!”

Luffy stretched his arms towards it and pulled it down towards him, it wriggled free and flew at top speed away.

“darn it.” Groaned Luffy as he slung his head back and hung his tongue out “maybe I should go back and get more food?”

Suddenly Luffy’s boat began to shake, the water around him began to bubble and then a large boat burst out from under the ocean “WHAT IS THAT!!” cried Luffy in amazement.

A huge monstrous sea creature appeared and smashed straight through the boat, the passengers who were on it toppled into the ocean.

“HELP US!!” they screamed.

The ocean shook as strange white rocks appeared in the ocean surrounding all the people.

“What’s going on?” asked a woman

“We’ve gotta escape or we’ll die.” Cried a man

The strange rocks rose up and it was revealed to be the creatures teeth and too Luffy’s horror it slammed it’s jaws shut and swallowed the people whole.

Luffy was dumb struck, then his face grew angry “BASTARD!!”

The creature dove back into the ocean with the boat slowly sinking, the people still on board screaming in terror.

“Those people, you ATE THEM!!” screamed Luffy “Get up here to I kick your ass.”

Sure enough a sif obeying his command the teeth surrounded Luffy’s boat, he grinned and jumped into thye air as the jaws slammed shut around his boat, Luffy’s spear attack smashed into the creature right between its eyes.

The creature roared and wrapped it’s long slimy taiol around Luffy.

“Shit!” cried Luffy “I’m stuck.”

The Sea creature stared at it’s prey and just as it was about to eat, a large bird came soaring by, it slashed the tip of the creatures tail right off, blue blood soared into the sky like a fountain and Luffy fell towards the sea, the bird dove towards and caught his shoulders in its talons.

The creature thrashed and slammed what was left of its tail into the bird, it soared through the air towards a massive piece of land, struggling to regain its composure, it soared above the clouds to escape the creature’s wrath.

Luffy stared at the flying creature and saw that it was a giant owl “you’re not gonna eat em are you?’ he asked

“Of course not.” Spoke the owl

“YOU CAN TALK!!” grinned a starry eyed Luffy “COOOOL!”

A dark cave somewhere in the snowy mountains

“The swordsman has awoke.” Spoke a voice

“And the straw hat boy we were warned about was rescued by that blasted fool.” Spoke a second more feminine voice

“What should we do master?” asked a third voice

“The Yeti should take care of the swordsman and the straw hat will be eliminated once he reaches that bloody birds village, our friend will make sure of that.

“The straw hat boy defeated two of his monsters, what makes you think the swordsman will fail?” asked the feminine voice

“There gap in power.” Replied the boss “The Yeti is far stronger than either of those two.”

“He still thinks he controls this land.: laughed the 1st voice “but soon you shall have enough power to overthrow him and become one of the four demon gods!”

“I will and to do that we must eliminate this new threat.” Spoke the voice “if the yeti is defeated then we’ll release its evolved form.”

“how many villages are left?” asked the third voice

“Three.” Answered the feminine voice

“Send the snow lion to the nearest village and kill everyone.”

“At once master.” She said

“my power will rise and with it I shall conquer this world.”


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Chapter 6 - Reunion

“Crap I’m running out of time.” Sighed the large owl

“What do you mean?” asked Luffy

“I’m about to transform back to normal and the we’re gonna fall.” He answered

“WHAT!” cried Luffy “Land quickly!”

“too late.” Laughed the owl as his body began to glow before bursting into smoke, Luffy and the flying creature plummeted towards whatever lay beneath the clouds.

Zoro’s sword clashed with the razor sharp nails of the Yeti and a ringing sound spread out.

The yeti roared and grabbed tightly into Zoro’s shoulder’s it’s nails puncturing his skin causing him to bleed.

Zoro swung his sword at the beast and knocked it backwards, he quickly drew a second blade and raced at the beast, he ducked under its attack and drove both swords into its abdomen, it howled in pain as blood exploded outwards covering Zoro.

Zoro dug his feet into the snow searching for grip and drove his sword upwards further into the beast which howled and slammed it’s fist into its attackers stomach, Zoro sailed through the air and fell into the snow a few feet away, his two swords sticking out of its chest.

“Good thing I’ve got one left.” He laughed and drew the sword, suddenly his head began to hurt as flashes of his childhood returned to him, he saw a young girl with short purple hair, she wielded the sword before him, he cried out and fell to his kness, the memory gone.

The Yeti had reached zoro by the time he regained his composure “What was that?” he thought as he dodged the Yeti’s mighty fist and slashed the sword down into its arm, the sword strike was clean and smooth and removed the creatures arm like a hot knife through butter.

The Yeti roared in agony as its severed arm fell into the snow dying it red, its blood poured out of its arm.

“Fights over now.” Sighed Zoro as he grabbed the hilts of his other two swords and ripped them out of the creature’s body, it howled and fell to the ground.

Zoro began walking away when the beast rose once more, he didn’t know why but he placed the Wado in his mouth and crossed his other two swords over it “Santoryu! I use Santoryu!” he exclaimed

The Yeti raced at him, Zoro grinned evilly and raced at the Yeti “ONI GIRI!!” he cried as he cut through the beast, it howled in pain and collapsed to the ground.

Zoro sheathed his swords and walked away straight into the girl.

“You won!” she exclaimed “amazing!”

“Who are you?” asked Zoro

“I’m Skadi.” She smiled

“Well Skadi.” Said Zoro “Go away.”

“Oh you’re no fun.’ She pouted

Zoro placed one hand to his face and sighed “I need some sleep.”

Zoro lay down in the snow and closed eyes

“Aren’t you cold?” asked Skadi

“What?” asked zoro as he suddenly realized he was surrounded by nothing but snow “where did all this come from!”

Skadi looked at him, she didn’t understand how he couldn’t have noticed.


“Who’s screaming?” Sighed zoro “Its giving me a headache.”

Skadi and Zoro looked around “Its coming from above.” She called

Zoro watched in surprise as Luffy and another person fell from the sky, Luffy however did not land in the snow like the other person, he crashed straight into Zoro, and they went rolling through the snow.

“Damn it Luffy!” cried Zoro as he burst out of the snow “What the hell are you doing.”

“sorry about that.” Grinned luffy as he grabbed his aht from the snow and sat up.

“How do I know your name?” thought Zoro

Zoro’s head began to hurt again but he remembered being locked up by the Marines, then he remembered a rain of bullets heading towards him and then a shadow with a straw hat appeared before him and took the bullets.

Zoro was blinded by pain but the memory of the straw hat was clear in his mind and he remembered everything about Luffy, he fell panting heavily.

Once Zoro remembered everything Luffy’s memories also somehow returned.

“Zoro.” He laughed “what happened to us?”

“I’ve no idea.” Replied Zoro “I still can’t remember anything after we left that town where Morgan was.”

“me neither.” Replied Luffy

Skadi meanwhile had pulled the owl out of the snow, he now had the body of a man, he wore green boots a strange green tribal garment over his body and legs, he also had a large green cape but the strangest thing about him was that he did not have the head of a man no he had the head of an owl.

“No doubt you wondering about my appearance.” He said as he rose to his feet “I was cursed by the demon who lives here “We should escape before he realizes we’re here.

“I’m not running away from anyone.” Said Zoro “If he tries to fight us then all we have to do is fight back.”

“Yeah.“ laughed Luffy as he patted the owl headed man on the back “As long as we don’t annoy him we’ll be fine.”

“No!” he cried “He kills anyone because it gives him greater power, right now he’s the the greatest threat to the four demon ruler of this area.

“four demons?” asked Luffy and Zoro

“You don’t know?” asked Skadi “Where did you two come from not to have heard of the four great demons.”

“We’ll beat anyone who tries to kill us.” Laughed Luffy “Stop worrying anyway, we haven’t done anything to them.”

“I’m surrounded by idiots.” Sighed Skadi “What’s your name anyway owl man.”

“I’m Pucho.” He answered

“I’m outta here before you attract the enemy, after all your dumb swordsman just killed their pet.” Laughed Skadi as she headed down the slope.

“We’ll head towards the nearest village.” Said Pucho “We’ll regain our strength and…:

“Wait a minute.” Said Luffy “Nah never mind I forgot.”

Pucho laughed and headed towards the direction where he hoped to find a village, he was followed by Luffy and Zoro.

“The swordsman defeated the Yeti.” Said the cruel feminine voice.

“And what of it.” Answered the boss “we can easily make more.”

“The snow lion seems to be having fun.” Answered a male voice “Its tearing up that village “Two left now.”

“Yes then we’ll have to head out to find more villages.” Said a third voice

“They three are headed towards our next target.” Laughed the boss “have Nagual meet them and kill them.”

“But I wanted to fight.” Sighed one of the voices

“Shut up and do it.” Said the boss

“Fine.” Said the voice and headed out of the cave into the snow “Moron, I’m gonna kill them myself. Two long green scaly wing burst from its back and took flight.”


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Chapter 7 – Rexu, The Flying Fiend

The winged villain arrived at a ruined village, wood lay scattered across the snow, houses had been toppled, blood had dyed the snow red, bodies littered the snow, most of them were almost completely buried in the snow and in the middle of all this lay a huge sparkling white Lion, its mouth red with human blood from the people it had killed as were its claws, it smelled the newcomer and opened its eyes.

“Come my pet.” He snarled “We have a straw hat brat, a swordsman and that stupid owl man to kill.”

The lion gave a mighty roar and the peak above began to tremble, snow sped down the mountain and covered the entire village.

The winged villain burst through the snow and the lion followed “Damn I hate avalanches.” He sighed.

He rose into the sky and flew, the lion gave chase,.

“We’ll destroy those other two villages while we’re at it.” He laughed

“Where the hell is Rexu?” asked the boss

“He left ages ago.” Answered a male voice

“He said he’s gonna kill them himself and destroy the two remaining villages.” Said the female voice

“That idiot.” Sighed the boss “Fools who don’t follow orders are better of dead, he won’t beat the three of them himself.”

“He’s taken the snow lion with him.” Said the female

“HE WHAT!!” snarled the boss “The lion has not recovered its energy yet, its useless to him the now.”

“Well he’ll be ok if he find Nagual.” Said the male “Nagual is stronger than him after all and it wouldn’t surprise me if he could beat all three of them.”

“Straw hat Luffy.” Sighed the bos “He defeated two of the great demons pets alone and the swordsman killed one of the pets which I enhanced with my own powers, they’re dangerous, should they find the rest of there friends then they may succeed in liberating this world.”

“They’re that strong?” asked the female with a surprised voice

“The things they accomplished before their encounter with those old fools was amazing.” Answered the male voice “They are too dangerous to let live, we shall kill them now and become the masters of this world.”

The boss burst out laughing “I like your thinking Palden, that’s why you’re my general.”

“Of course my master, you gave me all these wonderful abilities its only right that I repay you by helping you become the greatest power that ahs ever lived.”

“Even if we succeed in defeating the great demon here there are still three left.” Spoke the female

“By that time I’ll be so strong that’ll come begging to serve me.” Laughed the boss “This is so much fun, maybe we should offer the straw hat brat the chance to join us, he would be a great asset.”

“I’ll go extend an invitation then.” Smiled Palden “If he refuses?”

“Death of course.” Smiled the boss, shiny white teeth lit up the darkness.

“I’m hungry.” Moaned Luffy as he fell face first into the snow “Can’t go on.”

Zoro bent down and grabbed Luffy’s legs then began to drag him through the snow.

“We’ll find a village soon.” Said Pucho, his expression unreadable due to his animal face.

“Yeah.’ Laughed Zoro “If there’s very few villages left here then our odds of finding them aren’t good.”

Suddenly a loud roar reached there ears, it shook the ground under the snow and caused the snow to shift.

“What was that?” asked Luffy as he bounced to his feet looking around

“THE SNOW LION!!” cried Pucho “Quick we must hide!”

“hide why?” asked Zoro

“cause we’re tired and lost and have no energy to battle it with.” Said Pucho

“Luffy gripped his stomach as it rumbled “Need food!”

“Fine.” Breathed Zoro as he grabbed Luffy and ran, Pucho followed

“We must hope that no one is with it.” Said Pucho “If one of the main minions is with it then we’ll die.”

“You really underestimate me and Luffy.” Sighed Zoro

“You don’t realize their power, you fool!” snapped Pucho “I thought I was powerful but then I fought them and I lost and now look at me!”

Zoro grunted, Luffy laughed and Pucho sighed.

They heard another roar, the lion had caught their scent.

“Crap.” Groaned Pucho “Right you two, I’m going to transform then you get on my back and we fly out of here.”

“I thought you had no energy?” asked Zoro

“It’s either that or die, we’re almost freezing to death out here, we can’t possibly fight.” Cried Pucho

A large white blur sailed over their head and crashed in front of the, they stared at a snarling white beast with pure white fur and main.

The three stopped and stared.

“Son of a…” started Pucho until a second figure descended from the sky “shit.”

Rexu landed next to the lion and his great green scaly wings extended as he stretched, the green scales covered his entire body, his long scaly fingers were extended by pure long white razor sharp nails, its hissed with a lizard like tongue flicking in and out, it licked its yellow fangs adjusted its necklace of human skulls.”

“Is that people’s heads?” asked Luffy pointing to the necklace.

“It is.” Hissed Rexu “Of all the people I kill I place the strongest of them here around my neck.”

“Monster!” cried Pucho “You think killing people is fun!”

“Of course.” Hissed Rexu “Seeing human faces twist in fear and then hearing them beg for mercy before I rip out there hearts is pure joy.”

“Bastard!” cried Pucho

Luffy glared at Rexu “People are not your toys.”

“Oh but they are.” Laughed Rexu “I enjoy terrorizing them, they will always be my playthings.”

Luffy rushed at Rexu but the lion which had been standing motionless leaped towards the straw hat boy and pinned him down.

Zoro rushed towards luffy which allowed Rexu to move in behind and drive ten razor sharp claws into his back. Zoro gasped in pain as Rexu pulled the nails out of his back, zoro collapsed.”

“Monster!” cried Pucho as he rushed at Rexu who jumped of the ground and swung his foot which connected with Pucho’s head, Pucho flew backwards and landed in the snow, Rexu came crashing down on top of him and raised his razor nails hand to strike the death blow.

Luffy lay trapped beneath the weight of the lion whose jaws opened and aimed for his head.

“Well this is bad.” Said Luffy


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Chapter 8 – The Offer

Rexu’s blow stopped as he saw the Snow Lion sail through the air!

“What the fu..” he started but failed to finish as he found a knee slamming into his lizard like face.

Rexu slammed into the lions side and slumped into the snow, he grunted the glared at his attacker, he saw a young man with shoulder length blue hair a band wrapped around his forehead to keep it in place, the man had a muscular physique and wore nothing but a loin cloth/

“My name is Nagu.” He said as he flung a dangerous look at Rexu who had risen to his feet, he spread his wings and flew into the sky, the lion got up and followed him .

“We owe you one.” Laughed Pucho “I thought we were finished there.”

“No problem.” Grinned Nagu

“Isn’t cold with only that one?” asked Luffy

“My body is unnaturally hot.” Laughed Nagu

“Cool!” cried Luffy

“Hate to ruin your fun.” Sighed Zoro “But I could use a little help.”

“ZORO!” cried Luffy as he bounded towards his friend “damn them, we’ve gotta pay them back.”

“Damn straight.’ Grinned Zoro

“Come.” Said Nagu as he helped Pucho up “I live in a nearby cave, we shall rest there.”

“Thanks for helping us.” Smiled Luffy “You’re a good guy.”

“I hate those fiends ’ snarled Nagu “But I could never beat them no matter who hard I fought.”

“Don’t worry.” Laughed Luffy “I’m gonna send them all flying and save this mountain.”

“I like your enthusiasm.” Laughed Nagu as they finally reached the cave

Nagu quickly set up a fire inside the large cavern, Pucho had tended to Zoro’s wounds and they ate some animals that were caught by Nagu and cooked over the fire.

Luffy leaned against a large rock and tilted his hat over his eyes “nap time.”

But his nap didn’t last long as a loud neighing sound echoed through the cave and a dark red horse came racing in, it ran around the cave and back out.

“COOL!” cried Luffy as he chased after the horse

Zoro, Pucho and Nagu chased after him, they arrived back out into the snow which still continued to fall, so far it hadn’t stopped since Luffy had arrived.

The four then saw the horse, it was standing behind a person, no it wasn’t a person, it carried a large trident that seemed to glow with flames, again this was another green scaled reptile like creature, it had a long outstretched face with sharp pointy teeth, blazing red eyes and four horns on the side of its head, it swished a long green tail and had spiked protruding from both elbows.

“What the hell are you?” asked Zoro

“I am Palden.” He replied

“What do you want?” asked Pucho as he clenched his fists

“I am not here to fight you bird brain.” Snarled Palden “I come with an offer to the straw hat brat.”

“Yeah, what is it?” Asked Luffy

“My master is offering you and the swordsman the chance to join us and help us take over this world.” Grinned Palden, his face formed a smile that showed his deadly teeth

“No way.” Said Luffy instantly

“You refuse.” Gasped a shocked Palden “What are you thinking brat, this is your chance to live.”

“I’m not going to die.” Said Luffy his face turning serious “I’ll beat you and your master, you attacked these villages and cursed Bird-man. I’m gonna make you pay!”

Palden burst into laughter “idiot boy, you cannot match me yet alone my master.”

“We’ll find that out soon enough.” Grinned Luffy

Palden bent his knees and was gone in a flash, he reappeared behind Luffy who grabbed his head and pulled it to the side just as the trident flew by, Luffy spun around and slammed his foot into the side of Palden’s head, the only problem was that he had forgotten about Palden’s horns and his foot was torn on the sharp horn.

“OWWWWWWWWWWW!!’ cried Luffy in pain as he fell

Zoro moved next, he drew all three of his sword and slashed straight through Palden who screeched in pain as its arm flew into the air, it gritted its teeth and swung the trident at Zoro who blocked it with his swords and skidded back through the snow, Pucho moved next, he transformed and flew into the air carrying a heap of snow in his talons which he dropped down upon Palden, and with his vision blurred Zoro dove in again and cleanly cut off Palden’s remaining arm.

Palden fell to his knees laughing.

“What’s he laughing about?” asked a surprised Zoro

“I’ve no idea?” replied Pucho

“Fools.” Breathed Palden “I have been given amazing powers by my master, you cannot hurt me, I am a reptile now watch my amazing powers.”

Palden howled its fury as it’s shoulders began to pulse and movement from the scales began.

“What the hell?” said a confused Pucho

Luffy had returned to his feet, his foot bandaged with a piece of Nagu’s loin cloth

Palden screeched as two long scaly arms burst from his shoulders covered in green slime.

“WHAT!?” cried Zoro and Pucho in unison

“Regeneration is a simple ability for any lizard.” Grinned Palden “we shall continue this another day fools.”

Palden leaped on his horse and rode into the distance cackling madly.

“do we ever get some peace?” asked Zoro as he sighed heavily

“Nope.” Laughed Luffy “But then what fun is life without some adventure.”

Zoro sheathed his swords and the four returned top the cave.

“Tomorrow we head out for the village.” Said Pucho “We must get the villagers out before anyone is hurt.”

“And what if they show up with the lion?” asked nahu

“We fight obviously.” Answered Zoro

“Ok.” Grinned Luffy “We won’t let anyone get hurt.”

The gang then bunked down for the night.

“Release it.” Said the boss

“At once” smiled Rexu

“They don’t have a chance against the Wendigo.” Grinned Palden

“What about Nagual?” asked the female “Isn’t he supposed to be killing them?”

“Nagual may not strike tonight and we’d much rather have him fresh to fight should the Wendigo somehow lose.” Replied Palden

“Don’t worry Licue.” Said the boss “One way or another we will win, then we shall head east and destroy all the villages in our path and I will gain more power from the humans we kill, this world is mine for the taking and nothing is going to stop me.”


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Chapter 9 – The Nagual

“And that leaves one.” Grinned Rexu as he sat on a broken house, flames surrounded him as the village burned.

The snow lion tore through the wooden walls and killed anything it found, Rexu heard crying from behind a large rock and found a boy who stared in horror up at the demon.

“I missed one.” Smiled Rexu as he licked his lips with a devilish grin.

The boy raced away from Rexu who took flight, caught up and grabbed the boy, he soared into the sky with the boy screaming and crying.

Rexu dropped the boy and howled in a wicked laugh, with no one to help him it wasn’t long before the boys world became nothing but darkness.

Rexu soared downward, landed on the snow lion and they raced away leaving the village to burn in the snow.

“Time to wipe out the last village.” Laughed Palden as he mounted his horse, Licue the only female villain leaped up behind him.

Licue had the legs of a jaguar and a body of snakes, she had no arms but instead had huge black wings, she had two snakes, she wore a necklace of human hearts and the two snake heads hissed madly.

“Let’s cause a riot before we leave this mountain.” Hissed Licue

“I guess this’ll be fun, the straw hat brat should be dead by now, Nagual will see to that.” Grinned Palden, the horse rose on its hind legs and sped into the distance with the two reptile like villains laughing cruelly

The gang slept soundly in the cave, but someone was awake, he crawled across the floor carrying a large knife and stopped as he reached Luffy, the starw hat captain was lying with his mouth wide open and a bubble from his nose, he snored loudly.

“Foolish boy.” Grunted the newcomer “You should’ve accepted Palden’s offer while you could.”

Zoro turned in his sleep causing the newcomer to jump “Damn swordsman.” He snarled, he focused his attention back on his target and raised the knife above Luffy’s head “Time to die he whispered!”

He brought the sword down and a loud ringing echoed through the cave.

Pucho bolted upright as he heard Luffy cry out, the fire had died down to a simmer and the attacker was hard to make out, but Zoro’s sword gleamed in the light, he had managed to knock the knife of course and it had drove into the ground next to Luffy’s head, however Luffy’s check was cut and bleeding.

“You!” cried Luffy as he grabbed his attackers face “I’m gonna show you.” Luffy tightened his grip but a claw slashed out at Luffy whop was forced to let go.

The attackers landed a few feet away and howled like a wolf, he then leaped around the cavern kicking off the walls and springing around, he slashed out at Pucho who dodged and swung his fist, the attacker however easily evaded and landed on the ground.

Before he could react, Luffy’s powerful stretching fist slammed into his back and sent him soaring towards the cave entrance, the snow had finally stopped and the clouds had cleared, the moon shone down on the attacker revealing his identity.

“NAGU!” cried the gang “What the hell are you doing?”

“You idiots are too trusting.” Grinned Nagu “I am Nagual, Loyal follower of Genii!”

“He the boss?” asked Luffy

“You won’t live long enough to find out.” Smiled Nagual “It’ll be arriving soon.”

“What will?” asked Luffy

“The Wendigo!” laughed Nagual “If you thought that Yeti was bad Zoro, then you’ll piss yourself at this thing.”

“Another monster.” Sighed Luffy “They things can’t beat us.”

“Hahahaha.” Laughed Nagual “I like your confidence, but Genii has increased its power with his and it’s far stronger than those two moronic monster on that island.”

“how do you know about them?” gasped Luffy

“Simple.” Replied Nagual “My master works for the one who created them, but soon my master will be the one giving out orders.”

“And your master is this Genii guy?” asked Pucho

“It is.” Replied Nagual “Now all I have to do is stall until the Wendigo arrives then I’l join the others in raiding the final village, I look forward to terrorizing the pathetic humans, my favorite is woman and children.”

Luffy’s face twisted in anger “Bastard!”

Nagual howled and transformed into a wolf “I like you Pucho have been given the power to transform but unlike you I can retain my human form completely.”

“So your friends are attacking the last village?” asked Pucho

“Yes.” Replied Nagual

“Sorry Luffy but I’m gonna go on ahead.” And with that Pucho transformed into the giant owl and soared into the sky

“Fool.’ Grinned Nagual “He can’t possibly beat the Snow Lion, Rexu, Licue and Palden by himself.”

“Go after him zoro.” Shouted Luffy

“But what about you there’s another monster coming here!” replied zoro “You’re gonna fight both alone?”

“Don’t worry about me.” Grinned Luffy “I’ll catch up after I beat him.”

Zoro gave his captain one last look and sped off after Pucho

“You’ll regret that.” Laughed Nagual a she pounced towards Luffy

Nagual’s jaws was inches from Luffy’s face but he amazing grabbed both the beasts upper and lower jaw and pulled as hard as he could, Nagual felt his bone begin to crack and quickly reverted to human from, he had no time to recover as Luffy slammed his fist into his opponents face.

Nagual rolled backwards and came to a sudden stop against a strange fury lump, he looked up and saw a long slobbery tongue hanging above him, it hung over great big sharp yellow teeth, the beast had dazzling white fur with the tips dyed blood red, it had giant hands and again razor sharp nails that seemed more like swords, it carried a giant club and had a long white furry tail.

“Wendigo.” Whispered Nagual, his eye’s opening in surprise “damn it.” He cried as he leaped away just as the beast slammed its club into the sow where he sat before “Stupid beast can’t tell the difference between friend and foe.”

Luffy stared at the monster in awe “That thing looks freaky.” He laughed

Nagual howled and leaped beyond the Wendigo “So long straw hat.”

“Come back here!” called luffy but as he gave chase a large club rammed into his side and knocked him into the snow.

The Wendigo roared as luffy gripped his hat, tightening it on his head so it wouldn’t fall off “Darn it, gotta deal with you first.”

The Wendigo roared, its tongue waved wildly sending drool falling into the snow and melting it.

“That’s not good.” Laughed Luffy “But its so cool.”

The Wendigo smashed its club into the snow sending it flying upwards towards Luffy who had no chance to evade and the beast came running through it easily, the shocked Luffy was captured in the monsters huge hand. It glared down at its prey with its crimson red eyes and raised its tongue, drool dripped onto his shoulder and burned away his clothes and skin.

Luffy’s opened wide in shock before h cringed in pain, he tried with all his might to force himself free, but its grip was like steel “Shit…” he muttered


King of Kings
Jan 31, 2008
Chapter 10 – The Boss

Rexu, Licue, Palden, Nagual and snow Lion stood atop a large hill, the largest village in the mountain was down below, waiting for them to attack.

“I can’t wait!” laughed Rexu “When do we attack.?”

“whenever we like.” Answered Palden “But I like watching them, they have no idea that they’re all about to die, they are expecting to go bed and wake up to a peaceful morning.”

“Instead.” Cackled Licue “They’ll have a rude awakening during the night as we tear thm all limb from limb.”

“”Pucho will be around here somewhere.” Said Nagual “As will the swordsman.”

“We have nothing to fear from those two.” Snapped Rexu “In case you didn’t notice I beat all three of them before you saved them, we should’ve just let me kill them, seeing as how you nightly cave attack failed.”

“Yes.” Sighed Nagual “Well no doubt the Wendigo has slaughtered the straw hat brat by now.”

“Wish I could’ve watched.” Laughed Licue “Hearing his screams as it tore him apart would’ve been fun!”

“They look tasty.” Laughed Rexu as he spied a mother and daughter “They’re my first targets.”

“Let’s go.” Said Nagual “I’m hungry.”

“Ok, move out.” Called Palden “We attack now!”

The four demons and Lion sped down the mountain at top speed towards the final village in the mountains, they would destroy it and then go east with their master and wipe out everything in their path, they lived to kill and as long as their were humans alive they would live in fear of these monsters.

Luffy struggled against the grip of the Wendigo but it tightened its grip crushing him.

“LET GO!” cried Luffy as he flung his head backward, and unlike a normal person it stretched further and further “GOMU GOMU NO BELL!”

Luffy’s head snapped forward and slammed into the Wendigo’s crimson red eyes, it screeched and dropped luffy a sit clutched its eye, however this did not help, it instead cut itself with its sword like nails, again it howled in pain.

Luffy had began stretching his arm back, twisting it all the way “Gomu Gomu NO!” he drove his arm forward into the Wendigo “RIFILE!!” his arm began to unwind rapidly and the Wendigo began to spin around before being blasted of it feet and twirling through the sky, it crashed against the mountainside and large rocks fell upon it.

But unlucky for Luffy the rocks flew into the sky and crashed down into the snow a steh Wendigo emerged with its head covered in blood, it roared and slammed its club against the mountain causing it to shake.

“What are you doing?” asked Luffy

The Wendigo smashed its club against the mountain again and snow fell from the sky, but it was a rather large amount “no way.” Thought Luffy “This is just like that time with.” His head burst with pain, he could remember having someone strapped to his back and giant rabbits attacking him and another person who attacked with his legs “Who are they.” He muttered “Why does this keep happening to me?”

The Wendigo roared as its club snapped against the mountain but it was enough, the snow began pouring down.

Luffy realized what was about to happen and stretched out to grab the cave entrance, he rocketed forward and back into the cave as the snow came toppling down, an avalanche roared downwards and engulfed the Wendigo who vanished beneath the surface.

Luffy watched the frozen white water rush by “I really hope I don’t get trapped in here.” He laughed

But a large clawed hand burst through the snow and drove into the ground, cracking it, then another and slowly the Wendigo pulled itself into the cave.

“No way!” cried Luffy

The Wendigo roared causing the cave to tremble and the rocks to fall from the roof.

“Quiet!” snapped Luffy

But the Wendigo roared louder and the cave began to collapse

“Shit!” snapped luffy “GOMU GOMU NO!”

Luffy rushed at the creature leaped and kicked it back to the cave entrance, it was almost washed away in the rapids but it pulled its arm free of the snow and found Luffy waiting “GATTLING GUN!”

Luffy’s face rained down upon the Wendigo and sent it crashing into the snow at the entrance, once more the Wendigo was engulfed in the torrents but it drove its nails into the edge of the cavern and hung on.

“No you don’t.” smiled Luffy “Gomu Gomu No Pistol!”

Luffy stretched his fist forwards and slammed it into the beasts stomach, it roared and let go of the cavern, there was no way back its as crushed beneath the snow which buried it deep below the surface.

“I win.” Grinned Luffy

“Congratulations Luffy.” Said an eerie voice

Luffy spun around to see a robed figure, he wore a long black cloak and his face was completely hidden except for his glowing red eyes, he raised his arm and the sleeve fell revealing a bony arm.

“What are you?” asked Luffy

“I am Genii, The leader of this band.” He answered his eyes flashing “So you’re the boss.”

“I shall ask once more, Luffy join me.” He said

“No way!” grinned Luffy “I’m not going to let you hurt any more people.”

“The people should rejoice to become my power.” He laughed “I am giving their puny lives a purpose.”

Luffy stared wide eyed at Genii “What do you mean?”

“The great demon whom I ‘serve’” laughed Genii “gave me many power but I do not believe he intended to give me a certain ability, you see I when a human dies his soul remains on earth for a few moments in that time I can consume their souls, eat them so to say and my consuming them they add to my power making me stronger!”

Luffy stared at Genii in horror “N-no way….”

Genii laughed in a cruel cold voice “Eventually I shall grow stronger than all four great demons and I shall rule this world.”

“I’ll beat you!” snarled Luffy his voice cracking “Then I’ll crush those demons and save everyone.”

“There is no hope for this world.” Laughed Genii “It is fated to fall into darkness, whether by me or the four demons or someone else, no one can stop this world entering the age of demons!”

Luffy laughed “Yeah.”

“you agree with me?” asked a surprised Genii

“No way.” Laughed Luffy “You stupid demons didn’t count on having me standing in your way, I’ll defeat you know, save my friends and then get out of here, then I’ll beat those four demons, if I let you destroy the world then I can’t save my friends and become.”

Luffy gritted his teeth as his head once again hurt, he knew he had a goal but eh couldn’t remember it, every time he tried his head hurt.”

“Idiot.” Sighed genii “At my side you could’ve been amazingly strong but you see you are now trapped in this cave with no way out, farewell straw hat.” And with that he vanished into the shadows.

Luffy looked around, the cave was completely closed except for the entrance which was now covered by snow “Damn it!”