Trivia Rules

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Aug 8, 2007
Quiz time, quiz's can be on any anime or video game or movie but there are a few rules to follow

- To avoid confusion, ask 1 question at a time.

- Do not spam keep to the current question.

- Do not create a quiz if one with the same subject already exists.

- Do not 'dilute' quizs e.g. Creating a character quiz.

- Do not argue answers unless you can back them up with proof or explain why they are right or wrong.

- Do not post 'i agree' or anything like that when you think an answer is correct. Wait until the one who is asking the question has verified it.

- Do not post asking for a new question, only post to ask or answer basically.

- Do not repeat an answer that has already been said UNLESS you can back it up with evidence (evidence being a screenshot or source from a website etc.)

In the event where the question giver has gone offline
- Each question stands valid for 6 hours from the time it was posted
- Someone has given SOLID evidence to back up his answer. By solid evidence, we mean a screenshot, or a source from a website

Only when either of these conditions are met you can move on the question without the question askers permission.

Okay that's it for now, let's test our knowledge!
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