World of Magic

World of Magic RolePlay
Created by Shashika

On a Fantasy Earth there is humans, elves, orcs and living dead. These four races fights for one thing, and that is survival, to survive everything the evil may throw on them, but not all of them are allied. The humans and elves are in an alliance, but the living dead and orcs haven't formed an alliance yet and are even fighting each other.

The noble humans is a great race, they have developed their technology and in the early ages they started training to be magicians like the mysterious elves, they succeeded and the people who can use magic is called Aristocrats. Aristocrats and noblemen who knows the arts of good or evil magic.

The ancient and mysterious Elves isn't the race you will see most often wander around in the streets of a human city, but you will find them in the forest where they have their own cities. A few Elves have moved in to the human cities to train humans about the nature or to use the magic the nature have given the Elves. Elves can be up to 200 years of age and still look like they are in their early 20's.

The Orcs is a race of their own, they have always fought against the humans to survive, they have built their large settlement in a wasteland, and that's where they love to live too. They have great skills in martial art and other battle techniques, the humans let them keep the wasteland without any war if they promised to keep out of the human and elven controlled territories, but the Orcs didn't keep their promise and attacked the human city of Keria, they have made Keria their main "settlement" and that is where the warchief is at all times when planning battles or to form new alliances.

Living Dead
It isn't much to tell about this pretty mysterious race, no-one knows how they come to existance, but they just started attacking human villages and cities from nowhere, and after they had killed everyone in the villages and cities they made them live again, they are now using these villages and cities for their own purposes, they call themself The Thuzads but the Humans, Elves and Orcs prefer to call them The Living Dead.

Vampires are actually normal humans with one exception, they suck blood from other humans to feed. There are more types of vampires than just one though, there are night vampires, who can't stand the sunlight, and we got daywalkers, who lives like a normal human and can work in the day, but they aren't so often out at the night, so they must get used to attacking human victims in the middle of the day, which is harder to do because there are more people walking around in the streets than it is at night time. To become a vampire another vampire must bite you, vampires can't have children so they are not born from anywhere. Beware, no one knows when a vampire suddenly jumps out from an alley and bites your neck sucking you empty for your precious blood!

Dark Elves
*yet to be introduced*

*yet to be introduced*


The fighters of all races, Warrior are highly trained in close combat with swords, axes, spears and other weapons. Most Warrior uses a shield when fighting but many likes to use brute strength and fights with a weapons needing both hands to be carried.

Mages/Aristocrats uses their magic which can be either fire, water, earth, wind or void, to fight enemies, they don't need to get close to their enemy and have a less chance to get killed, but, most Mages/Aristocrats needs a type of Wand or Staff to use their magic, only HIGHLY trained Mages/Aristocrats can use magic without a Wand or Staff.

These sneaky and stealthy people are trained for stealing and other small jobs like assassinating people. They use their skills of being silent and stealth to not be discovered by guards or the people they are hired to assassinate. So watch out, you might be their next victim, and you wont even know what hit you before it is too late.

Hunters is the pride of the elven race, these warriors knows how to communicate with the animals and how to tame them without getting hurt or being killed. They have trained senses to seek out different types of animals, even humans, the Hunters are the Rogues/Thieves worst enemy.

Necromancers is the same as a Mage but they perform dark magic instead of good, and normally a Necromancer believes in Satan and the dark lords of the underworld because that's where they get their power from. There is though not many Necromancers left in the world because almost all of them have done something so bad they have a high bounty at their heads (Meaning I will decide if you can be a Necromancer or not!)

Gunmen is using the newest technology invented in the middle age world, that's correct, the way to use gun powder and a type of bullet to go fast enough to penetrate through shields and armor, but of course to learn how to use these dangerous weapons you must pay a lot of money, and the guns, gunpowder and bullets itselfs costs a fortune, which is why not many normal people are gunmen, but the King and royal members like that always got a squad of gunmen who protects them.

An alchemist is a person who uses hexagrams and stars and other things like that together with the needed ingredients and material to create something, they can turn coal to gold and create items by giving what equals the item back to the nature, that is the law of equal trading, if the trade is not equal the alchemy will fail and may cost you your life. There are an own alliance for alchemists called the Royal Alchemist Army, but they have never served in battle before, and they probably never will either, because the king of the humans have told that they aren't worth putting into fight, they would just die, so the alchemists service for the military is to create guns, it is a cheaper and simpler way to create the weapons needed for the Royal Gunmen.

Shrine Maiden
*Female character only class - Yet to be introduced*


Ketiro is the capital city of the elven race. The city is built on tree tops, but of course there houses and such on the ground too. The elves lives peacefully here in the capital, but dangers does arrive, random Orc attacks from time to time, but the elves manages to hold them off every time they try to attack their precious capital.

The capital of the human kingdom, in the land of Elfos does this great city built by the human race and their king Tosiaki Mishabi. The guards in this city is heavily trained to defend their king and the important people in the city. There aren't many attacks so the guards haven't killed many, but the dangers lurks in the forests outside because the living dead are there.

Former capital of the human race but it was taken over by the Orcs, it was a bloody battle between the Orcs, Humans and the Elves. The Humans and Elves lost the battle greatly and the Orcs used the old Human capital as their own.

This is not really a city, but the Living Dead is using this as their capital, even though Dreadtown is about 1/4 the size of the Human capital Revson. There isn't much to tell, Dreadtown was abandoned after a plague and the Living Dead took it over.

Newly discovered and seems to be inhabited by the human and elven race. They seem to be living happily together with no wars or anything, but danger is luring when the Living Dead have started making their move towards this peaceful city, and they have asked for help from Revson and Ketiro.


Knights Templar
Holy warriors fighting for the cause of god and the Christian order, these men are highly trained in sword battles with claymores, long swords, short swords and daggers too even, they serve under the king itself and is often called the Holy Knights.

Royal Alchemist Army
A small army consisting of alchemists, they are royal soldiers who creates weapons for the Royal Gunmen, cheaper and simpler, the king gives them greats rewards for this. There aren't much more information about this Alliance!

Elven Archery Alliance
This Elven alliance is consisting of humans and elves fighting side by side and training their skills in archery, to serve for the Elven Moon Princess you must be skilled with a bow and arrows, if not, you will be banished from the Elven land forever, but this is of course only if you want to serve for the Moon Princess and you don't got ANY skills at all, if you know basics and knows how to use a bow you will be sent to this alliance were highly skilled archers will train you.

Vampiric Allies
There aren't much information about this special alliance, not many members of it has been found, at least not alive, but all of them seem to be vampires, which is why the authority and the king have given them the name "Vampiric Allies". They believe this is a cult for vampires who gathers in special parts of the cities a few times a year to talk about things and to choose a new Vampire leader, the last vampire from this cult which got killed bore a special emblem, meaning he was the leader, without a leader this cult is probably disbanded, since there have been no more deaths of vampires from there, but it might be they are hiding and waiting for a moment to strike against the kingdom!

Sacred places

Ketiro Shrine
This is a place you never should go without approval of a Shrine Maiden or the elven leaders. This Shrine was built by human hands but the elves was allowed to have it when the humans noticed their city. Since it was on elven territory, but the elves didn't request it, the humans just gave it to them, this was the first time the humans set their foot in an elven city and this is why it is so sacred, the place is heavily guarded with human aristocrats, gunmen, swordsmen and elven archers.